Yum Yucky’s Guide To Taming The Sugar Beast

Coming in August 2011!  Are you tired of being controlled by the Sugar Beast with no real power to enjoy sweets in moderation? Are you freaked out by chemical sweeteners and concerned about potential hazards? Still trying to make sense of how to enjoy your favorite greedy treats while staying on track with your fitness goals?

Then it’s time to get psyched for Yum Yucky’s Guide To Taming the Sugar Beast! My upcoming e-book presents over 50 pages of spine-tingling information that will inspire you to bust out in ninja moves against the Beast and empower you to:

  • Gain more control over your sweet-eating obsessions.
  • Lose more weight, faster; increase your energy, improve your health and flaunt more fitness swagger.
  • Get the cold hard facts behind sugar and artificial sweeteners so you can start making more informed choices about what you put into your food trap.

Although the doughnuts, cakes, candies, pies, ice cream and other sweet foodstuffs are famous for making a food trap extra happy, the Sugar Beast is NOT your friend. That Beast is screwing with you in ways you don’t even realize. Weight gain is just the tip of the iceberg, yet you and that Beast can indeed find a happy medium and co-exist together while you stay on track with your fitness goals. I’m going to show you how!

Josie’s 7-Day Sugar Detox Program

One of the superstar features of the e-Book is my 7-Day Sugar Detox Program. In May 2010 I made the decision to give up sugar for 7 days. I did it as a simple experiment just to see “what would happen”, but those 7-days proved to be life-changing. My curiosity for refraining from sugar for an entire week turned out to be a powerful detox that broke the chains of my sugar addiction and empowered me to take control over when and how much sugar I enjoy. I’m calling the sugar shots now, baby! And so can YOU.

Yum Yucky’s Guide To Taming The Sugar Beast also examines:

  • The secret, bastardly ways sugar affects your physique and health.
  • The story behind artificial sweeteners; uncovering the facts and hazards of these FDA-approved toxins. (yep)
  • Alternatives to refined, white table sugar: Overview of more than 50 sweeteners derived from natural sources that are on the market right now.
  • Directory of 200+ cereals and their sugar/caloric content. Compare your favorite cereals (or those you haven’t tried yet) to determine which ones are right for you and your family.

And there’s even more sa-weet stuff in the e-Book! Yes, you CAN pimp slap your sugar addiction. I suggest you go ahead and do that, okay? This is your time to finally take control, so get ready to grab the e-Book!

Watch for it in August 2011!

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