Two Important Rules to Build Sexy Muscle

I used to loathe my shoulders. But not in a self hate kind of way. It was more like, “why can I have sexy shoulders, wah-wah-wahhh” — lots of bitching & whining. My shoulders were chunky-round and without definition.

Yet things changed once I tweaked two important aspects of my workouts. My quest for sexy shoulders, and for building sexy muscle in general, fell right into place…

shoulders arms Two Important Rules to Build Sexy Muscle

So ya, these two rules apply to any part of your body when it comes to strength training to build muscle. You would think it’s rocket science since there’s tons of people who don’t apply the principles, but it’s really very simple, straightforward and uncomplicated.

RULE #1 ~ Lift Heavy: There comes a time when you have to move past the 5, 8 and even 10 pound weights. If you’re pushing weights for 12-15 reps and feeling little to no burn, it’s time to go heavier. Progress can’t be made my sticking to the same weights and same exact routine month after month. You need to challenge yourself and lift heavy with a focus on progressive overload.

Always keep it safe and with proper form, but that doesn’t mean strength training to build muscle is supposed to be a walk in the park. When done properly, it’s anything but that. If you’re feeling cool as a cucumber with barely any muscle burn, you’re doing it wrong. Lifting heavy with time under tension is downright uncomfortable. It sometimes take some serious mental fortitude just to finish the sets. Perhaps it’s the reason I dread split squats on Leg Day.

When it comes your body transformation, step away from those light ass weights. Do more. Lift heavier. Go harder.

I be lookin’ a little like a crackhead in these pics??

upper body Two Important Rules to Build Sexy Muscle

RULE #2 ~ Lift Often: I’m not talking about overtraining out of a desire to get ripped fast. That’s real damn stupid. You’ll hurt yourself that way. Lifting often means training your various muscle groups week in and week out. It means staying and consistent. It means knowing your diligence is surely changing your body, even if you don’t quite see it in the mirror yet.

If you hit biceps on a Friday but don’t hit them again until two weeks later on a Tuesday, ummm… that’s the wrong freaking way. You won’t see real results like that. A sometimey, lackadaisical approach to strength training is a waste of time.

Steady, painstaking, diligent effort. That is what’s required of you.

Although the rules are simple, the most challenging part is to actually get yo’ booty up and apply the principles to your training. Cardio may be famous for burning fat, but only strength training can give you sexy muscle definition.

If you’re not happy with the present shape of your body, then do something about it. Get up and train, dammit!

K-then. Bye bye.






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Beautiful Deception (part 2)

Need to catch up? Read PART ONE of Beautiful Deception.
deception Beautiful Deception (part 2)

“You’re supposed to be dead already.” Nina Miller was intrigued with Mary’s will to stay alive, yet annoyed that she still had a pulse….

Nina was the Attending Physician overseeing this mayhem of torture, the one accompanied by the note-taking observers still lounging in their plush chairs. Nina’s Hippocratic Oath to do no harm was pretty much bullshit.

“I see you’re a fighter, Mary Golden. It’s admirable, but let’s give it up now. Okay?” Her advice to Mary was very matter-of-fact, as if she was talking about the weather or ordering a combo meal from Burger Shack.

Nina took a drag from her cigarette, then leaned in close to exhale the smoke into Mary’s face. With already labored breathing, the smoke was suffocating to Mary. She tried hard to catch her breath, but shorts gasps with coughing was all she could manage. She was still strapped to the gurney and could lift her head maybe and inch or two, but that’s it.

“I — I need to use the bathroom… please,” muttered Mary.

“Then piss on yourself. You know the routine.” Bob snapped at her. He was losing his patience.

“Yeah, we’ll hose you down later,” chimed in Rick.

Although the hosing-down promise was true, Nina rolled her eyes at Rick’s comment. “Idiot,” she spoke under breath. In the far left corner of the room there was an industrial hose connected to a large commercial faucet. The room had a drain in the middle of the floor.

Mary’s hair was soaking wet, a combination of sweat mixed with blood from the wound on her head. Nina put on a latex glove before stroking Mary’s mangled tresses, as if wooing a child to sleep. All that was missing was a lullaby. Then suddenly, Nina grabbed Mary’s hair forcefully. You could hear her neck crack. It was like witnessing a 16th century session of chiropractic care. Barbaric.

Nina bent down again. This time, to whisper something in Mary’s ear…

Mary thrashed her body in an attempt to break free from the gurney straps. “You lie!” said Mary. “You lie… you lie…” The accusations against Nina became weaker and weaker, until you lie was nothing more than a whimper. She was crying now.

Nina wasn’t impressed with this act of distress. She took another drag, still clenching a fistful of Mary’s hair. “It’s the truth. Now get over it,” said Nina. Then she pressed her lit cigarette into Mary’s neck and held it there.

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Tasty Meatless Meal Idea for Flat Abs

Oh heyyy. So you want healthy carbs, flavorful veggies and a dose of tasty protein all in one epic meal of deliciousness? You want it to support your flat abs goals, but it must be a meatless meal, right? No unicorn meat or other animal protein allowed.

I totally understand. My stomachs can get moody like this, too. Occasionally, I don’t be wanting the meats.

What I’ve done here is simple. Take the spaghetti squash & sauteed greens recipe (sans chicken) and add roasted red peppers. Roasting peppers is gosh-darn simple once you really get down to it. Lazy people will be pleased to realize this.

roasted veggies Tasty Meatless Meal Idea for Flat Abs

Then, pare this beautiful bowl of veggies with two slices of warm & toasty cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread smathered in almond butter. This meal paring was yesterday’s lunch. Ezekiel bread is made with 100% sprouted grains.

ezekiel bread Tasty Meatless Meal Idea for Flat Abs

There is no actual flour in the bread. Ezekiel is a complete source of protein, containing 18 amino acids, including all 9 of the essential aminos your sexy body needs. That’s excellent for flat abs and muscle building, of course. You can find the bread in the health food aisle of your grocery store (and sometimes in the health food freezer section). Here’s the nutrition facts…

ezekiel bread nutrition Tasty Meatless Meal Idea for Flat Abs

…and you know how to goes with me. Eating like this during the week makes room in my stomachs for a tasty treat or two (or three, or four) when the weekend rolls around. I’m thinking French toast & sausage on Saturday and definitely some pie(s) thrown in there somewhere.

Enjoy your meals, my people. Leave a comment if you know of a meatless meal that’s downright delish. Link them, too! I wanna know about it.






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Skechers GO Fit Sneakers (you’re gonna wanna see these!)

Oh, yay. It’s my newest pair of Skechers. Aren’t they sleek & sexy?

skechers go fit11 Skechers GO Fit Sneakers (youre gonna wanna see these!)

Skechers Go Fit Skechers GO Fit Sneakers (youre gonna wanna see these!) is labeled a performance sneaker but has proven itself as a stylish work sneaker and casual walking shoe. Due to the extremely bendy-flexy mesh design with faux leather trim, you could slap a beyotch sideways and it wouldn’t hurt a bit. No injury would befall the victim. It’s a super lightweight shoe, ya’ll.

I work in these sneakers. I walk in them for miles on my lunch breaks. I shop for hours in Go Fits. Been caught in the rain, too, but they dry super fast. There’s also plenty of room for you to wiggle your toes. Roomy, yet comfortably snug. There’s not much cushioning, but you won’t feel any gravel under your feet. Somehow the sneakers manage to be super-luxurious anyway. Must be magic.

skechers go fit 2 Skechers GO Fit Sneakers (youre gonna wanna see these!)

But are there any drawbacks?

Well, yes. The shoe does best with no socks or for wearing with usually thin socks. A sock of regular thickness turns out to be too thick, which can be a minor annoyance in you’re in the mood for regular socks. There are also better shoes to wear if you’re in the mood for a serious power walk instead of casual strolling. If you’re gonna do that, try Go Walks instead.

Go Fits are much too stylish to be accidentally walking in mud or stepping in a pile of steamy poo. So please don’t do that.

skechers go fit sneakers Skechers GO Fit Sneakers (youre gonna wanna see these!)

I’ve purchased Skechers GO Walks. They are ultimate in comfort. I own their warm & snuggly Chugga Bootie Boots, too. And now I’m rockin’ the Skechers GO Fit style. If you see these in the store, put down that heavy bag of baked goods. Doesn’t your arm need a rest? Set that bag to the side and try on a pair of Go Fits.






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Beautiful Deception

beautiful deception e1398915767370 Beautiful Deception

Her vision was blurred and voices echoed as if far away, yet there they were. Her tormenters stood right beside her. She was barely conscious but still managed to recognize the familiar stab & sting of another hypodermic needle sinking into her arm. It was the third time today. Or was it the fourth?

Nothing to do now but give up. There was no fight left in her. Blurred vision and disorientation quickly became complete loss of consciousness. Her body appeared lifeless. With ankles and wrists cuffed to the gurney, they rolled her down the corridor, back to the procedure room…

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