Fit Holiday begins on Monday!

fit holiday kettlebell Fit Holiday begins on Monday!

If the holiday hungries are a threat to your waistline, there’s no need to fret. Fit Holiday is here to help! I put together Fit Holiday for the both of us – you and me — because it ain’t easy staying in shape during the month of December. It might even seem impossible, but it can still be done! Care for a little motivation that won’t put a damper on your indulgent festivities?

WHAT IS FIT HOLIDAY? Fit Holiday is a non-stressful, easy way to stay movin’ and calorie-burnin’ through the holiday season through small, daily challenges that only take a few minutes of your time. This empowers you to get festive and holiday-happy while staying in shape. Fit Holiday is a personal commitment YOU make to yourself to stay active, combined with making other smart decisions to keep you holiday-healthy.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Each Monday, visit the blog for the week’s list of daily challenges. Remember, these challenges are small, yet effective, and won’t take up much of your time, so no crawling into a hole — get ready to accept the challenge!

More good stuff…

  • Throughout the month of December, brand new Yum Yucky videos will be released with a focus on super-short, effective workout ideas you can squeeze in any time of day.  These workouts are multifunctional to build muscle and burn fat.
  • Flat belly eating tips to help you stay lean through the holidays and beyond.

WHEN DOES IT START? Fit Holiday begins on Monday, November 30th and runs for 5 weeks, through Friday, January 2nd.

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? It’s easy ya’ll. No agonizing workouts or starving yourself with a lettuce diet is required.

1. Take the Fit Holiday Pledge (see printable below)

2. Complete each Daily Challenge, or customize your plans by challenging yourself in other ways every day.

3. Join @YumYucky and the #FitHoliday hashtag by tweeting and following along with the rest of us to stay motivated.

4. Drop in on YumYucky’s Facebook page for Fit Holiday inspiration.

Fit Holiday Pledge – click image to enlarge/print

Fit holiday pledge 2014 Fit Holiday begins on Monday!

I encourage you to stay in control and show this holiday season who’s the boss. YOU are running the show! The entire month of December is going to be awesome for you. Are you ready to take the pledge?






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Battle Armor Cardio Burn Workout

cardio burn workout Battle Armor Cardio Burn Workout

Holla! This cardio burn workout does double-time as muscle builder for the booty and upper body. Fat burning comes into play by moving from exercise to exercise, with no rest until each round is complete.

after a thorough warm-up


  • 15 Push-Ups
  • 25 Half-jacks (keep arms over head, stabilize core)
  • 30-second Frozen Squat (get low into squat position & hold)

Complete 3 rounds with best effort to rest only after each round is finished.

Enjoy your workout!






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Best Natural Lotions to Relieve Dry Skin, Winter Itch and Eczema

Have you decided to grow your claws long to accommodate all the itching ‘n scratching from winter itch and maybe even eczema? Welp, stop sharpening your claws because I have good news for you.
winter itch eczema Best Natural Lotions to Relieve Dry Skin, Winter Itch and Eczema

Throw away that toxic Vaseline and forget about sinking your hard earned cash into countless drug store lotions that disappoint. I am a self-proclaimed expert in the tragic field skin-itchology.

Winter itch plagued me for years. I relied on Vaseline as my only hope, but after learning about harm to our bodies caused by mineral oil found in petroleum jelly, popular lotions and other beauty products, it was an easy decision to throw that stuff in the trash.

Be sure to read my post on Mineral Oil: A Toxic Evil Lurking in Your Beauty Products to get informed. Do NOT put that stuff on yourself, and definitely don’t put it on your kids.


The best lotions technically aren’t lotions at all — they are not blends or concoctions with a long list of ingredients on a label. Here’s why and how I use Fractionated Coconut Oil and 100% Shea Butter on myself and my family:

Continue reading…

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Pork Loin Sandwich with Peppers and Onions. Oh My!

Talk about a lovely creation to send down to the innermost depths of the stomach. It is the pork loin sandwich. You must do this.

pork loin sandwich Pork Loin Sandwich with Peppers and Onions. Oh My!

You can serve this to a house full of hungry peoples, or cook it early in the week as part of your bulk food prep for several days of noshing.


prep time: 10-15 minutes; cooking time: 15-20 minutes

serves 7-10 greedy people

  • 1 pork loin
  • 1 large white onion
  • 1 cup sliced mushrooms
  • 1 large tomato
  • 2 large, colorful peppers
  • Salt, pepper and garlic to taste
  • Olive oil
  • Kaiser rolls
  • Smatherings of mayo (optional)


  • Prepare peppers and onions by cutting into slices (do not dice)
  • Slice tomatoes and set aside.
  • In a large pan, add a bit of olive oil and begin to stir fry the peppers, onions and mushrooms. Add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste.
  • While veggies are cooking, prepare pork loin by cutting into thin slices.
  • If your pan is big enough, once veggies are partially cooked, add pork loin slices to the pan and continue cooking. If your pan is not big enough to add the loin, add a bit of olive oil to another pan and cook loin slices separately. The loin will create a juicy liquid in the pan – do not get rid of the juices as it helps to keep the loin slices nice and tender.
  • Once all is cooked thoroughly, prepare your kaiser bread by smathering on a light layer of mayo and adding tomato slices, then fill your roll with the loin and veggie mixture.
  • Now CHEW.

pork loin Pork Loin Sandwich with Peppers and Onions. Oh My!

If a piece of kaiser bread isn’t quite right for your tummy, this beautiful ‘n tasty creation also goes well over a brown rice. Optionally, this meal is equally splendid if you go Paleo and eat it without bread or rice.

Hugs and love to my Greedy Kid #1 for making this meal while visiting us with her own shiny new family. Happy noshing!






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Let’s Go!! Weekend Push Ups Challenge

weekend push ups challenge Lets Go!! Weekend Push Ups Challenge

Do you accept the Weekend Challenge? It’s push ups time, ya’ll! Let’s do this together this. We’re going to firm and strengthen the upper bod while darn near working every muscle in the body. Remember to engage your core!


  • Level 1: Never done push-ups or it’s been way too long.
  • Level 2: Beginner: you do push-ups occasionally; less than 4x’s per month
  • Level 3: Intermediate: you do push-ups less than 3 times per week
  • Level 4: Advanced: you do push-ups 4 or more times per week.

push ups Lets Go!! Weekend Push Ups Challenge


Your goal is to complete total reps for your level this weekend. You can complete all reps in one session, or spread them out over the entire 2-day weekend. Your goal is to simply finish all reps before the weekend is over. I know you can do it!

  • Level 1 Goal: 10 push-ups on your knees or leaning forward on a wall
  • Level 2 Goal: 20 push-ups on your knees
  • Level 3 Goal: 35 push-ups: complete as many full body pushups as possible, then drop to your knees to complete the rest.
  • Level 4 Goal: 75 full body pushups


Beginners: How to Become a Push-ups Powerhouse

Intermediate to Advance: Moving Plank Push-up video…






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Disclaimer: Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Neither Josie,, nor anyone else associated with this website will be responsible or liable for any injury you sustain while exercising.