BCAA’s: Branched Chained Amino Acids for Intermittent Fasting, and Other Supplements I Use

This is a follow up to my post on Intermittent Fasting Results. Check that out if you haven’t already.

Isn’t supplementation for the muscle head dudes at the gym? Definitely not for girls. An absolute a no-no. Taking pills and powders to boost your fitness, nutrition and athletic performance is wrong… isn’t it?


First things first. There are supplements on the market that are well known and rooted in science to be effective when used as directed. We’re not talking about some of the craptastic stuff that Dr. Ozzy shills on TV. Here’s my advice: Anytime someone suggests a product/supplement/idea to you (including me), I encourage you to play the sleuth, do your own research and decide if it’s right for you before jumping in head first.

Why I Supplement


Supplementation helps me perform at a higher level during my workouts (higher level = greater results) and also aids in muscle recovery and muscle growth. It prevents my body from breaking down, especially on the days that I might not get the ideal amount of nutrition through food. In an epic nutshell, it supports my fitness efforts to the max. Supplementation wasn’t necessary back in the day when a whole bunch of too-much-cardio filled my workouts. However, with my dedication to strength training as a way of life, supplementation has been needed.

Sidenote: I don’t take a pre-workout supplement or eat a pre-workout meal. Even before Intermittent Fasting I always chose to train in a fasted since I’m an early riser. My workouts begin at around 6am each day.

BCAA’s: Branched Chain Amino Acids


Holy guacamole. This is a must for me. BCAA’s are essential nutrients found in protein-rich foods. The BCAA’s leucine, isoleucine, and valine are “essential” because they cannot be synthesized by the body. They must be obtained through food. BCAA’s are primarily metabolized in the muscle tissue, opposed to other amino acids that are metabolized in the liver.

bcaa powder BCAAs: Branched Chained Amino Acids for Intermittent Fasting, and Other Supplements I Use

Intake of BCAA’s during fasted training provides a quick and most direct source to feed muscles, providing energy while preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue. Unlike health shakes and other foods, you do not need to wait 30 minutes to an hour for BCAA’s to digest and “activate” before you begin your training. BCAA’s absorption takes place quickly, within 10-15 minutes of ingestion. This is why BCAA’s are a vital tool for training during Intermittent Fasting. I suggest you read How to Use BCAAs for Optimal Results for more info. It’s a great article, including an explanation on how it aids in fat loss.

My BCAA of Choice: NOW Sports Branched Chain Amino Acid Powder


I do not take BCAA’s on my rest days — only on the days that I strength train, which is typically 5 days per week. After a ton of research into if BCAA’s were right for me, I then began to read up on which particular product would be best. I learned that BCAA in pill form meant taking a lot. Way too many. Most of the powder forms I came across (the kind you mix with water in a blender bottle) turned out to have artificial flavors & artificial sweeteners to mask the taste.

Prior to receiving my first shipment of NOW Foods Branched Chain Amino Powder BCAAs: Branched Chained Amino Acids for Intermittent Fasting, and Other Supplements I Use (100% pure, no additives), I read that the stuff is super nasty, but I didn’t believe. How bad could it be?

Ohhh my freaking GAWWWD! The stuff is butt-ugly-nasty. But after playing the mad scientist, including a few failed experiments, I came up with a concoction that masks the taste without artificial crap, while “costing” me only 5 calories to ingest.

True Lemon BCAAs: Branched Chained Amino Acids for Intermittent Fasting, and Other Supplements I Use

A packet of 100% natural True Lemon is the answer. Find it at your grocery store in the Kool-Aid aisle. It’s got no artificial crap in it. True Lemon contains crystallized lemon juice, 1g sugar, 1g carb, Vitamin C and Stevia. It masks the tastes wonderfully. Although it technically contains 5 calories, I don’t count this as “eating” while on my fast, because 5 calories is so darn insignificant. The True product line has a bunch of other flavors BCAAs: Branched Chained Amino Acids for Intermittent Fasting, and Other Supplements I Use as well.

How I Mix My BCAA’s

  • approximately 17 ounces of water in blender bottle
  • 1 packet True Lemon
  • 3 teaspoons NOW Sports BCAA Powder

Shake all in blender bottle BCAAs: Branched Chained Amino Acids for Intermittent Fasting, and Other Supplements I Use. Then shake some more. Do a dance while you’re at it. That’ll shake it extra. Okay…now shake again. The stuff is hard to dissolve, but if you wait a few minutes it works out fine. There may be some BCAA residue at the bottom of your bottle with your last gulp. Always shake before drinking. It helps. This mixing suggestion ends up tasting like lemonade. There may be a very faint taste of the BCAA, but it’s not even worth complaining about.

I start sipping my BCAAs during warm up and I’m ready to re-fill my blender bottle by mid-workout. So that makes two full bottles of BCAA lemonade that gets slurped throughout my workout. It’s suggested by other BCAA users who fast to drink a 3rd helping around mid-morning, but I stop at 2 bottles, then have hot tea for the remaining duration of my fast. It’s just a preference.

Full list of supplements that I take on the days I strength train:

I did all my research and compared various brands before deciding on these specific products. All of this may seem like overkill, but I train hard. This is what I do to support my training.

Daily vitamins I supplement with include Vitamin C (a total of 6,000 mg daily), Biotin for my hair, skin & nails, Vitamin D and B12. I use Nature Made vitamins. It’s a top notch brand.

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I’ll be posting more Intermittent Fasting progress pics in the near future, so stay tuned for that. And as always, please leave me your wonderful comments and inquisitive questions that I appreciate so very much. You can also send me tasty desserts if you dang well please. That would be fantastic.






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Lower Body Burnout Set

Leg day accomplished? Excuse me, but you ain’t finished yet. Tack this burnout set onto the end of your leg day routine. It’ll only take a few minutes. A burnout set will put the Oooo in your Ahhhh and keep you on the fast(er) track to transforming ‘dem legs and ‘dat booty.

LOWER BODY BURNOUT SET (complete one round)

  • 10 slow, deep squats with 2-second pause on the low end
  • 20 alternating curtsey lunges
  • 15 static lunge low-end pulses (left leg)
  • 15 static lunge low-end pulses (right leg)

Time under tension and proper form is key. Don’t perform these exercises too fast or rely on momentum. Keep it slow, controlled, and focus on the tension on the low end.

  • For more of a challenge: Add a dumbbell or kettelbell.
  • To make it a full workout: Complete 3 rounds instead of one.
  • To make it a hybrid workout: Add 20 pushups onto the end of each round, or use this burnout set as a mini leg workout before hitting upper body.

Good Reading: 9 Steps to Building Beautiful Female Muscle

…and don’t forget to S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!!

stretching Lower Body Burnout Set






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Greedy Recipe! Easy Mashed Fake-tatoes

Why should breast implants, hair weaves and Monopoly money have all the fun? In world of imitators, this is a damn good bowl of Fake-tatoes. You’re gonna go wild for the stuff. I promise.

cauliflower mashed potatoes Greedy Recipe! Easy Mashed Fake tatoesclick on image to enlarge the tastiness 


serves 3-4 hungry stomachs

  • 1 large head cauliflower
  • coconut oil (amount will vary)
  • white cooking wine
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • pepper
  • sea salt


  • Cut cauliflower into large florets and boil all until tender.
  • Transfer strained florets to large bowl for mashing.
  • Substitute coconut oil for the same amount of butter you would normally use in a regular mashed potato recipe.
  • Generously sprinkle in onion powder, garlic powder, pepper and sea salt.
  • Splash in a tiny amount of white wine (about 1 tablespoon) and continue mashing.
  • Any watery-ness at the bottom of the bowl? Carefully tilt bowl to drain additional liquid.
  • Allow mashed florets to cool down to warm (approximately 10 minutes).
  • Transfer mashed concoction to blender in 2 separate batches.
  • Puree each batch until smooth and silky in appearance, then transfer to serving bowl.
  • If you haven’t been greedy and ate most of the Fake-tatoes during the preparation process, you are now ready to enjoy this bowl of tastiness. ((burp))

You might say it’s a plate of cauliflower mashed potatoes, but I simply call it a bowl of low carb Wonderful. It’s great for dinner or packing in a container as part of your lunchtime feeding — real tasty ‘n stuff. Even though these “potatoes” are technically a fake imposter, I know that YOU, my friend, are seriously legit… too legit to quit.






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Colloidal Silver Gel: Non-Toxic Deodorant Alternative

First, I first gave you the facts, benefits and risks of Colloidal Silver. Yup. And now comes a true story that’s straight from the pits… the armpits, that is.

colloidal silver gel Colloidal Silver Gel: Non Toxic Deodorant Alternative

Out of nowhere, my armpits started itching on a Tuesday. Oh yes they wuz. And by Thursday? The itching was so intense I almost clawed my pits raw. Trust me when I tell you I was just about ready to go completely mental over the situation. I was extremely agitated and highly uncomfortable.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d have blamed it on Cat Scratch Fever (look it up). Just imagine walking around for several days with itchy, clawed-up armpits. That was me.


  • Doesn’t colloidal silver soothe and heal? Yes. It’s been used on burn victims.
  • Doesn’t colloidal silver kill bacteria? Double yes. Bacteria makes things smelly, so if the bacteria that causes armpit odor is killed until dead, there would be no smell, right?

Colloidal silver deodorant. BINGO!

My entire family has been using colloidal silver for a long while now, but I never applied it to my clean, fresh armpits until now. I used it to both to soothe my itchy skin AND to double as a deodorant.

The soothing, cooling sensation was instantaneous and lasted for many hours. Ahhhh….

Using the gel as a deodorant was kind of iffy. I was skeptical, but took a risk and ventured out into my workday with only the gel under my pits. This scenario could’ve went terribly wrong. Had my pits gone sour and ended up smelling like musty ass chips, I could’ve been fired from my job.

But ya know what? IT FREAKING WORKED!! The colloidal silver gel did what I desperately needed it to do.


My theory that the natural anti-bacterial properties of colloidal silver gel Colloidal Silver Gel: Non Toxic Deodorant Alternative can kill armpit odor proved to be true through my own self-inflicted guinea pig experiment. I’ve performed multiple sniff tests to be certain.

Do you know how painstakingly hard it is to flare your nostrils to 200% enlargement for the sake of repeatedly shoving your bare face into the armpit to take a huge whiff? That’s what I did for the sake of science. The science of colloidal silver stood up to the sniff test.

But I took it a step further by forcing recruiting family members to smell my armpits. These courageous people confirmed that my pits did not stink.

((excuse me… gonna sniff my pits again right now…. nope, they still don’t stink))


  • I used a pea-sized amount of silver under each armpit. It will temporarily feel wet at first.
  • Silver gel could prove be a fantastic alternative for those who are allergic to mainstream deodorants due to the pore-clogging toxins they contain. But even if you aren’t allergic, who the hell wants toxins under their armpits? Before the silver gel experiment, I was using Crystal (salt rock) deodorant Colloidal Silver Gel: Non Toxic Deodorant Alternative — it’s about 95% effective and I still keep it around. I haven’t used mainstream deodorants like Dove, Degree, and Lady Speed Stick for over a year now — those deodorants have been linked to breast cancer. I’ll write a separate post about that.
  • My armpit itchiness did returned about 9 hours after the initial morning application of the silver gel, but that’s a dang good long time compared to the constant itchy I was experiencing beforehnd. After thinking about it some more, I’ve pinpointed the itchiness to a jacked-up razor I used on my armpits that caused major irritation. Blame it on me for buying a cheap razor and then using it 15,000 times.
  • My lack of armpit odor was even better than what had ever been achieved when I used mainstream deodorant. My pits are going to stick with colloidal silver gel Colloidal Silver Gel: Non Toxic Deodorant Alternative for now. There’s no reason not to.
  • Considering the other health benefits of colloidal silver, applying under the arms may prove to have other positive affects. Silver, in and of itself, has healing properties. Through daily absorption of silver into the skin in small amounts, it could be doing all kinds of wonderful, health-inducing thangs you don’t even realize.

Armpit Aroma Disclaimer: Not all armpits are created equal — some are just more funky than others. Try the experiment for yourself, but you may need to smather on more or less silver gel (and maybe even re-apply throughout the day) to get the same benefits I did. Or perhaps your armpit funk way is too much for colloidal silver gel to handle??? I dunno.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and read my post on Colloidal Silver Facts, Benefits and Risks for complete info on what colloidal silver can potentially do you for you medically. The stuff already healed Greedy Baby’s ear and eye infections without needing to see a doctor. Find out what else it can do for you and your family.

Oh ya, this post is for information purposes only. It’s not medical advice, yada yada yada…






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Muscle Building Bento Box

Bento-boxing can be fun. Making VIP compartments for your favorite muscle-building snacks goes a long way towards achieving sexy muscle and flat abs.

Sidenote: Do not be alarmed by the lettuce in the video. It is merely there for decoration…

Click here to watch in YouTube.

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  • 2 slices bacon
  • Eggland’s Best hard boiled egg
  • Marcona Almonds

Can you say, “hell yeah!”?

How would YOU pack your own Muscle Building Bento Box?






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