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This is where the magic happens, baby! Welcome to Home Workout Central, the hub for you to access my free workouts (including full instructions for each workout), plus resource links to the fitness equipment I use. Here, you’ll also find recommended workout DVDs I’ve come to love and are proven to get you results. Got any questions or special requests? Just drop me line!

Abs Makeover Workout: Focusing on abs, with legs as a secondary burn. This workout will challenge your current level of core strength and development. Push hard for the core your want!

legs1smallHot 100 Lean Legs Workout: Want an awesome leg workout with fat-burning super powers? Two rounds. 100 total reps in each round. This is a short workout, so no breaks. Push hard. Grab your stopwatch for a race against the clock. Log your time from start to finish, and see if you can beat your score the next time you do this workout.

balls3small Balls to the Wall Workout: This is a 16-minute interval workout that gets your heart pumping as your develop full body strength.


sexybacksmallGettin’ Sexy Back Workout: Bodyweight workout that comes with no lack of sweat to make the fatty parts melt. You’ll be pushing, squatting, planking and dipping. Now let’s get to it!

burnfatsmallReady to Burn Fat Workout: You’d be surprised what a medicine ball can do to burn fat and transform your body. Get ready to enter Beastmode and get this bad boy done.

bootylegssmall Daisy Dukes Legs & Booty Workout: Sexy legs and ass, anyone? C’mon! You know you wanna be like Daisy. Get ready for squatting, deadlifting and lunges. These are the essentials for great booty and legs.

pushpicsmallHow to Get Better at Push Ups: This offers is a demo of progressive push-up moves, from beginner to advanced. If you work on your push ups consistently, you’ll see fast gains in improvement, strength, and those sexy curves, of course. ((winks))



Barbell and Weighted Plates

Free Online Interval Timer

Gymboss Interval Timer (recommended)

Medicine Ball

Speed Rope

Stability ball Balls to the Wall Workout

Workout Log


Bob Harper Totally Ripped Core

Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength


Les Mills PUMP

Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home

Rodney Yee Yoga


Garmin Forerunner 305


HW #1: Hot Body Home Workout

HW #2: Planking Circuit with Cardio Intervals

HW #3: Body By Burpees

HW #4: Legs On Fire

HW #5: Oh, Shizz. I Can’t Workout Today!

HW #6: Ninja Fusion Circuit

HW #7: Lean Girls Do It

HW #8: Bangin’ Body

HW #9: Sprint Intervals To Make Your Fatty Parts

HW #10: Don’t Stop ‘Till You’re Hawt



  1. Evelyn Porter says:

    Hi Josie I came across your website while doing a search for Shakeology. I am currently doing the P90X3 program and of course the beachbody coach is pushing the stuff. I read that you had a review on it and wondered if you could send it to me. I also like your site because I have a dangerous sweet tooth and while I will/do workout consistently, I do have difficulties in food department. I am not one who will just not eat the desserts so it is nice to find a site where there is a good balance. Thanks.

  2. Amelie says:

    I think it is very useful and helpful. Thank you.

  3. Gillian Burrus says:

    what do you consider a good warm up/cool down? For some of the interval trainings, what do you recommend i should do for warming up?

  4. Lexy says:

    Wow, you’ve had 4 kids? I don’t believe it, you look incredible! I’m still completely freaked out about having my first someday, I don’t know how I’m going to handle the extra responsibility AND the extra pounds. Your workout videos are awesome, btw, I was thinking of switching up my routine, I think I’ll give yours a try! Cheers!

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