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  1. Hey Josie,

    Thanks once again for participating in my expert roundup post on new years resolutions. The post just went live at

    Let me know if there are any corrections you’d like me to make and I’ll take care of it.

    If you like the article, I’d love it if you’d share it with your audience.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  2. Pam says:

    I wanted to know if you found any green tea safe to drink???
    thanks, Pam

  3. LaRoy says:

    Hello, I am very interested in advertising on you beautiful website. Do you allow banner advertising or email blast to go out to you audience ? Looking forward to hearing from you,

    LaRoy R :-)

  4. S. says:

    Hi Yum Yucky !

    My name is Sadie and I have SUFFERED with unwanted facial hair growth for 5 years very badly now that I am 45 years old . I prayed, I received prayers from the church Elders. I have had countless blood work and urine work done to see if my hormones were in balance and they are. So I didn`t know what was causing my feminine body to produce these embarrassing hairs. Getting ready took extra time because I would always have to brush my teeth and then pluck then jump in the shower!
    Before I reached my destination I would park somewhere discreet and see if there was any hairs that I missed with the help of natural daylight….

    Then there was the $100 every 3 weeks for a small tube of Vaniqua topical cream , I didn`t want to live my life as a financial hostage to this“ band aide“ solution to make the drug companies rich off of my pain.
    I am not married but do look forward to being married one day but wondered which man would like their beautiful wife to have this!!!

    So I kept on persevering in prayer and about 1 week ago I was looking up foods that would help in fighting Hirsutism and came across your video, I believed what you were saying and stopped using my body lotions and I purchased a Propelene Glycol free deodarant also. I am in college right now and studying Anatomy and know that the armpits is a hormonal hot spot and did not want mineral oil poison seeping in to my body there either. Right now my chin is as smooth as a baby`s botttomEmoji

    My natural femininity is able to flourish without being hijacked by the TOXIC MINERAL aka CRUDE OIL aka GASOLINE.

    God is FAITHFUL, JESUS IS AMAZING He led me to you who held the knowledge of this injustice!

    Jesus knew that it was not my body that needed healing He knew that it is what I was putting on my body…… WOW I am FREEEEEEEEE

    Ms. Yummy you are a BLESSING! I Thank you my Sister.
    Sadie Blackwood

    • yumyucky says:

      Hi Sadie. Your story is AMAZING! I read it several times because it just made me so happy. I’m glad you were able to find this information through me and very encouraged to hear it’s been a blessing to you. I felt strongly about publishing this info and it’s confirmation that I need to continue putting out pieces like this related to our health. God bless you! xo! ~ Josie

      • Laryssa says:

        This post REALLY inspired me. Thank you for sharing your story and Josie, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

        You name it, I’ve tried it…plucking, epilator, waxing, threading, laser removal and nothing has worked. I will be making the change to mineral free!!! Josie, you mentioned that you used raw shea butter on your face to reduce the appearance of facial hair. I’m wondering exactly how you applied it and what before/after application techniques you used to achieve the best results.

        THANK YOU!!! <3

  5. Jeffrey Adam says:

    I would like to send you some free samples of our ionic silver product. We developed a new process that creates a stable silver ion. Our product does not get effected by stomach acid or sunlight.
    We are getting some amazing stories.

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