Can you spot what’s wrong with my grocery pics?

I didn’t buy this meat…

fly on steak

…but when I passed by the meat section at the grocery store down the street, this slab of dead cow stuck out to me. The package say it’s “Good” and “Freshness Guaranteed”, but with that dead fly chillin’ by the package, I beg to differ. Is it gross, or what? Definitely something wrong here. Where’s a food inspector when ya need him?

And next???

Shoppin’ at Trader Joe’s ya’ll. $42 worth of cereal. 16 boxes in all. You don’t even wanna know how much almond milk I have to buy to accommodate all this cereal.

traders joes cereal

I trek the 20 miles to TJ’s because they carry Envirokidz non-GMO cereal. I feel good about giving that to my child spawns instead of the chemically, GMO-enhanced Froot Loops ‘n such.

As you can see, I stock up big time. But what’s wrong with the situation and what’s downright disturbing? All that cereal won’t even last two weeks. The greedy mouths in my household are a perplexing mystery beyond explanation. It’s like the X-Files up in here.

Please commence to feeling sorry for me now. Dealing with dead flies and paying $42 for cereal is causing me to need your emotional support. Prop me up, ya’ll. Share in my pain.


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Hogzilla Epidemic

[begin Hogzilla alert]

Am I the last one to know about this? It’s a Hogzilla, ya’ll. Half wild hog, half wooly mammoth domestic pig.

According to Nat Geo, these feral beasts are growing in number, sprawling all across the States and even up into Canada. Hogzilla might even be found lurking in a backyard near you. Have you seen one yet?

I propose we put this Hogzilla epidemic to good use. This is more than bacon business. The tusks and hooves, when ground up properly, can be passed off as unicorn dust. You’ll fetch a good price for faux unicorn dust in any back alley business transaction.

As for Hogzilla’s hairy hyde, I’m thinking “throw rug”, or maybe weave the coarse hairs into a string for some homemade dental floss. The possibilities are plentiful.

[end Hogzilla alert]

Notice: Stay tuned for Natural Health Weekend tomorrow. I’ll be hitting you with a very important health warning on a product ingredient I’m willing to bet you have at home among your beauty stuff.

This Product’s Name Really Speaks To My Heart

Lazy Forever? Yes, please. Count me in. I’ll start with a ‘lil bit of couch-azzing and then work my way into some floor-napping. Then I’ll top it all off by forcing the Greedy Kids to bring me drinks and snacks so my lazy butt can stay put right where I am.

Lazy forever. I’ll take 10 boxes of that.

Warning: This Is NOT Some Random Picture Off The Interwebs

….this is a reader-friend of Yum Yucky. hahahahaaa! It’s Geosomin, everybody.

She didn’t quite get around to submitting her “after” pic for the Bikini Body Challenge. How dare her! So yeah… this is it. [insert confusion here?]

I don’t know how many people would step into the the deep, dark jungles wearing camouflage bikini and a bear mask on the cranium, but I’m proud of Geosomin for braving the antelope and Sasquatch and rabid hyenas to capture this picture out in the wild. She could have been killed bitten my mosquitoes. (gasp!)

Geosomin has more bikini-jungle pics on her blog, so go check out all of her poses.

Feel free to shoot me any of your absurdly wonderful photos anytime. I like this kinda stuff. And don’t forget about the The People of Yum Yucky. I want your pics for that, too.

Have a stellar weekend, everybody. BOOM!

I’m Only Posting This Pic Because I’m Feeling Lazy

…and yes, he was already wearing underwear, but they were too…flimsy. So I enhanced his man-panties in the photo editor to cover more (eh-em) area.

You remember this guy, right? He’s the same dude that’s right over here. I’ll call him Cletus.

So I’m feeling lazy, but it’s a good kind of lazy. After three straight days of BodyRock.Tv workouts, it’s finally caught up to me.

I need rest.

I need Yoga.

I need a moment of rejuvenation before hitting the Summer Abs Workout real hard like it owes me pimpin’ money.

So please enjoy Cletus and I’ll be right back. Just take in his image in nice and slooow. Because a quick glance at Cletus before gouging out your eyes would be so freaking rude.

Qwaneena The Black Princess Warrior

Qwaneena The Black Princess Warrior

…and do you see the cat in the background? Mr. Kittay is thinking, “This sh!t is normal ’round here. I done seen this sh!t before.”

For some reason Greedy Baby thinks that’s me in the pic. But I don’t own a two-piece yet. Or a black cat. Or a gun. Or a …eh, never mind.

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