Yum Yucky Style Files

Yup. I’ve finally entered into the realm of actually wanting to look sorta sassy when I venture out the house. No more mom jeans for me. This was my 4th of July style…


And ya, the elastic waist on this outfit made it ohhh-so-easy to transition into and out of my holiday food coma with ease. I laid a blanket on the grass and took a nap in this ensemble. Relaxation to the max.

The romper can be dressed up or down simply by changing out your shoes. The bracelet is also stunning. I love it!

Getting fit can totally boost your confidence. Two years ago I would not have dared to even try on this outfit. I’ll never be a fashionista and don’t put any stock in the superficial to define me, yet it’s still awesome how a new outfit and pretty piece of jewelry can make you feel extra beautiful.

How about you do something nice for yourself sometime soon? — something that’s not of necessity. Get yourself a new outfit or maybe a manicure? Go see a movie or give yourself some “me” time to read a book. Heck, you could even take a much-needed vacation day to slave away in the kitchen to bake me some homemade snacks. Just sayin’.






New Hair-do and Nutso-Batshit Stuff

I dunno. I guess it’s (sorta) new-looking?


I asked for a trim, but the woman cut my hair much shorter than expected. I’ve had 5 compliments in the last 24-hours. That’s NEVER happened to me before. I didn’t think my hair looked much different than before, but now the hubs is all like, “Heyyy baby. How you doin?”


So I think I might keep it this way. I’ll just gonna grow the bangs longer but maintain the short-do.

And this is my serious-face. For when I’m feeling all….serious.


So anyways, I was looking through my YouTube vids when I stumbled upon my old Scale Ninja video. I had a bit more weight on me at the time, but the vid made me realize that no matter my weight or the cut of my hair, I’m still that same nutso, bat-shit woman on the inside… don’t you agree?

If nutso & bat-shit is your cup of tea, go on and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

I expect you take the same stance against your own scale? Let it know who’s boss.

I’m a Gangsta Beyotch

gansta beyotch smoking a cigar

This past Friday night. After damn near 40-years of livin’. I can now cross “try a cigar while doing a gangsta beyotch pose” off my bucket list.

But do not be alarmed. The cigar industry has not gained another customer.

However, my good friend that snapped these pics has alleged that the Hungry Husband and I are the future poster children for “Pimp and Ho Couple of the Year”.

Hmmm…. she may have a point there.

pimp and ho couple smoking cigars

Fanny Pack Patrol (you know you wanna)

fanny packs are awesome

Greedy Baby Style Set: It’s All About The Bling

girls shoes and earring fashion

Greedy Baby is definitely her own person. She’s confident. She’s sassy. And she luurves to be blinged out. The child owns everything pictured here (except for earrings). If you’re a mom, dad, auntie, uncle, godmother, godfather, or just a darn good friend, the little princess in your life would no doubt love these blinged-out fashions.

Crystal Swarovski Stud Kitty Earrings: Although Greedy Baby hasn’t taken the plunge into pierced ears yet (I’m leaving that decision up to her), she’s a huge admirer of all kinds of jewelry. Whenever she’s ready for earrings, these Kitty studs will be hers in a heartbeat.    

Skechers Kids Shuffles-Triple Up Lighted Sneakers: These sneaks give Greedy Baby the ability to bling with ease due to the velcro closure. They’re “twinkle toes” shoes, so you can expect shining lights with every step. I love the multi-colors, because it gives a fashionable little girl the ability to pair it with many different outfits.   

Hello Kitty Print Fleece Zip Hoodie: This sequin-adorned zipper hoodie is perfect for a mildly-brisk day. The jacket has good quality construction, but choose one size up as it tends to run on the small side. Both the waistband and wrists are lightly elasticized with stretchiness for a nice, comfortable fit.

Stevie’s J-Alexa Fold Over Ankle Boots: saaa-mokin’! I love these boots. Why can’t they come in MY size? Totally not fair. The child dances in the mirror with a little hip shake everytime she puts on these boots. But I don’t know if I approve of all that hip-shakin’. Ehhh.

Skechers Shuffle Ups Slip-On: Just like momma loves her Skechers slip-ons, Greedy Baby has hers slip-ons, too. The little princess in your life can wear these with or without socks.   

And, HOORAY!! Greedy Baby is turning 4-years-old on Monday! I started the blog when she was only 3-months old. Time sure does fly. The “Greedy Baby” name has always been appropriate. This early photo is proof:

Question: If I could hurl you back in time — if you were a little girl again — which of Greedy Baby’s fashions from the Style Set would you love the best? My top choices would be the earrings and slip-on shoes. Squeeee!

Yum Yucky Style: Do What You Love

New feature, everybody! The more fit I get, the more awesome and confident I feel on the inside & out. Don’t you feel the same? This new-found freedom makes me wanna get all swaggerrific ‘n stuff. Here’s the first of many-to-come Style Sets for your viewing pleasure. The theme is “Do What You Love”.

Nike 6.0 Legacy Bikini Swim Top: I’ve been shopping for swim tops recently. I have 2 so far, but this one right here is the sexiest I’ve seen yet. I put in a demand to get it as one of my mother’s day gifts. Oh yeah! I’m gonna have it! 

K-Swiss Women’s Tubes Run 100: These were on my feet and felt delicious. I was *this close* to owning them, but they didn’t have my perfect size. Maybe you’ll have better luck? There’s different colors to suit your style. Go try a pair.

Gymboss Interval Timer: It’s an important part of my every workout and has been pivotal in my weight loss. It challenges me, keeps me from slacking, and pushes me to not quit until the interval sets are done. Life without my Gymboss would be like life without large slices of chocolate cake. I require both, of course.

Danskin Now Women’s Mesh Shorts: Stylish booty shorts for less than $10. ‘Nuff said.

Hemp Rope & Leather Bracelet: This style of bracelet has flexible material, and you can easily adjust for looseness while you’re doing those burpees and squat jacks. Right? Say it with me one time: “Burpeeees and Squat Jaaaacks”  

Here’s one of my favorite high energy tunes to pair with my workouts. It’s called, “I Gotta Get Through This”, which is major inspiration when I’m going hard on those speed rope intervals. Take a listen to the clip:


Now get on out there and Do What You Love!! xo

Disclaimer: Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Neither Josie, YumYucky.com, nor anyone else associated with this website will be responsible or liable for any injury you sustain while exercising.