josie maurerHey guys! I’m a wife and mom to four kids, ages 6 to 21 years-old. My highest weight was 186 pounds while pushing a size 14 (with my formerly melting leg). My lowest weight (after birthing all the gremlin-children) is 143 pounds.

I love to feed my greedy side about 15% of the time. It want pie, cake, pizza, fresh hot rolls with melted buttery goodness, and other foods offensive to the “perfect people”. So feed me! M’kay?

Yet I balance this greedy-fest with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising 5 days a week and gnawing mostly on whole foods instead of the processed/packaged stuff. I’m also a hot tea freak! It’s so much easier for me to hydrate with tea rather than plain water.

Do I screw up sometimes? Hell yes. I fall off the wagon occasionally, perhaps with too many extra large slices of chocolate cake, but the key is to push through the tough spots and continue on the journey.

Fitness ‘n Stuff

I’m a fan of high intensity interval training, plyometrics and strength training. For pure cardio, I prefer speed rope and sprint intervals over jogging.

I’m not a certified trainer or nutritionist, but my passion for heath & fitness has taken me around the block a few times through personal experience and a ton of ongoing research. I’m also big time on all things natural health (juicing, alternative medicine, natural beauty products, etc). Fitness, healthy eating and natural health has truly put me in control. I feel empowered!

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  1. Kiara says:

    I love how you are interested in natural medicine as i am currently 3/4 way through my naturopathic course :) Its so incredible but ensure avoiding the use of herbs to prescribe as they can be VERY dangerous

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