Colloidal Silver for Pink Eye: Yep, it worked for my family AGAIN!

One day before the start of school, the 9-year-old gremlin decides to get pink eye. Perfect timing, right?


I don’t freak out about this stuff anymore. Missed days of work, prescription antibiotics and excess money out of my pocket are no longer serious factors, because colloidal silver continues to serve my family well.

No pharma drugs required. No doctor. No copay.

I treated my gremlin-son’s eye infection at home with a few drops of silver in the eyes each night. The infection was gone in two days. I talked about colloidal silver for eye infections in detail when Greedy Baby had it about a year ago.

colloidal silver

You can learn more about colloidal silver through my previous write-ups:

Colloidal Silver Facts, Benefits and Risks: This provides a history of colloidal silver’s use and why it’s effective, including reference links for you to do more reading. I also describe potential risks and side effects, which pretty much comes from not using the product properly.

Colloidal Silver for Ear & Eye Infections: This provides details on how I treat my children’s ear and eye infections naturally using silver, including dosage information and supporting references.

NOTE: If you are suffering from a sinus infection I highly recommend using colloidal silver in your ears in addition to your normal sinus treatment. This will accelerate the healing process and get you back to being happy much faster.

MORE GOOD STUFF TO COME: With cold & flu season just around the corner, I’ll soon be posting a reference page listing natural remedies you can use at home to battle back and win against common fall/winter sicknesses. Everything to be listed is stuff I purchase with my own money (no freebies from companies) and have experience using on the entire Greedy Family.

Look out for that post soon!

If you have any questions about colloidal silver, I encourage you to leave a comment or contact me. You can also send me a Cinnabon ’cause I’m in the mood for one. For realz.







  1. Blake says:

    hahaha…I love the “OMG! No Way!” face!

    • yumyucky says:

      True story: The reason I had that OMG face is because my kid had just stepped on my foot. Lucky and hilarious that the moment was captured on camera.

  2. Was the pink eye perhaps a way to stay home from the start of school! Just kidding! That’s amazing that the product worked so quickly and effectively. I have not heard of colloidal silver before but I will keep it in mind. Also, looking forward to your flu season post!
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted..Blogfest 2014: What I Learned

  3. SkippyMom says:

    You make a very convincing face for the advertisement. I laughed! :)

    And you have the most amazingly beautiful kids, pink eye or not, but he looks so happy now da’ Mommas.

    I have never had to deal with pink eye [go figure] but if lice ever rears it’s ugly head again [thank you ex husband and your nasty girlfriend] I will firebomb my house. Unless you have a better remedy than the crap they sell over the counter. Drove me nutz.

  4. mimi says:

    Well, i’m stuck at work, so i can’t go get you a Cinnabon, but i do keep colloidal silver around, and you’ve made me glad i do!
    mimi recently posted..Nothing Rhymes with Purple

  5. KalleyC says:

    I love how it works like a charm. I need to pick some up for sure. I’m really getting convinced. I have used breastmilk on pink eye before too, and surprisingly it DOES work. (now you’re going to think I”m crazy) hahaha.
    KalleyC recently posted..LTML34: Making New Foods

  6. Sophie says:

    wow…thanks for info…i’m gonna use it for my family too!

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