I Spotted Something Amazing During My Backyard Workout

This is pretty much non-fitness related, except for the fact that I spotted this during my backyard workout.

christclick on image to enlarge the awesomeness

“The t-stand from the clothesline cast a shadow onto the fence, but it reminded Josie of something more. Sweat dripped onto her brow with heart pounding as she cursed every burpee still to come. Yet the shadow on the fence gave her a warm & cuddly feeling inside. And in that moment…if only for a few seconds, she forgot her quads were on fire.”

If you are a follower of Christ, I’m certain you can appreciate the symbolism of the shadow on the fence.

Dang-blasted! I’m bummed that summer will be over soon. I will miss my backyard workouts. It offers so much versatility opposed to working out indoors. Good thing I’m investing in a portable squat rack to indulge in a living room squat-fest on those cold, winter mornings.

…so ya, there’s always that.







  1. Saginaw Mike says:

    Golgotha! Actually you are a very positive thinker to view the imagine in such a positive light…..

    • yumyucky says:

      It was the first thing that hit me when I saw it. So beautiful. The sun in the proper position and me there to see it right at that moment.

  2. Allie says:

    I would take that more as a sign of death if you continued to do those burpees :-) And, what’s this about exercising inside during the winter?? I want to see you in a snowsuit, out there getting it done!!!
    Allie recently posted..Reasons Why I (Don’t) Exercise

  3. mimi says:

    A sign, perhaps, that you are on the right track, taking care of the body you have been given? Such things can give us hope.
    mimi recently posted..Back to School

  4. One year I wrapped red and white christmas lights around one of our trees outside. Of course I did it in the daylight and had no idea how it was going to turn out. It turned out to look like a symbolism of Jesus on the cross. I took a picture of it. I was never able to duplicate that again. I’ll try to find it and share it with you on twitter.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..Dear Tuesday: August 26, 2014 (Illustrated by Google Earth)

  5. Blake says:

    Great post! I love cold mornings. There is nothing better than going for a long run right before it snows :)

  6. Kim says:

    I would say that I’m with Allie and you should get out there in the winter but there is no way I’m working out outside when it’s cold!!!
    Kim recently posted..One Year Ago We Became Business Owners

  7. Coco says:

    So cool! xxooxx
    Coco recently posted..Chocolate Crackle Cookies

  8. Tamara says:

    Even this non follower of Christ totally appreciates it!
    Josie, you are doing something right, I think.
    Tamara recently posted..The Cape House.

  9. CARLA says:

    Im with tamara.
    and think you’re awesome.
    CARLA recently posted..Creative cardio #wycwyc style.

  10. Cassandre says:

    I so love the symbolism in this.. he’s always with us :-)
    Cassandre recently posted..#SnackAlert: Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bar Review

  11. I love it. I read somewhere recently that only Christ could turn an object of pain and torture into such an enduring symbol of hope for so many people. :)
    Jeremy Logsdon recently posted..A “Really. Really? Really?!” Weigh-In

  12. Fit Corner says:

    That’s good omen and a sign of good things to come. I am amazed at your transformation on those pics from 3 kids to 4 kids. Hope you can share how you did it.
    Fit Corner recently posted..Hello world!

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