High School Gym-Style Workout

OH, hayy. Look at me in 11th grade. I still remember sweating out my hair during 1st period gym class when they made us run the track on muggy mornings at 8am. Grrr…

high school workout

But you know what? In retrospect, those high school workouts were dang effective for conditioning and fat loss. I recently took it old school and incorporated some of our favorite, grueling high school exercise moves into one sweaty workout session of awesomeness. Care to take a whack at it?


After completing a 5-minute warm up of your choice, tackle 3 rounds of this circuit:

  • 30-count wall sit
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 10 push-ups
  • 3 minutes Suicides — no cheating, make sure you touch the ground!
  • 25 old school sit ups (not crunches)
  • 50 mountain climbers

…now take it from the top and begin the circuit again. For the suicides portion of the workout, use the countdown setting on your phone’s free stopwatch app. And while you’re at it, please pull the wedgie out your gym shorts.

Free Bonus: If you thirst for an extra-truly authentic high school gym experience, I will offer you a dodge ball to the face, hurled at highest velocity. Now get ready for it. My throwing arm is strong.







  1. Simone says:

    Old school….I like it! I just don’t know what suicides are? *blushy face*
    Simone recently posted..Weigh in Monday

    • yumyucky says:

      Basketball players do suicides a lot. It’s that whole running up & down the court/field thing but a little more complicated and horrific.

  2. Allie says:

    I’m writing this from a crouching position so I don’t get blasted with that ball!!!
    What gives about not coming to FitBloggin’?? You know you were part of Andre’s rap, right?? :-)
    Allie recently posted..VITA AdVentures in Portugal – Sit and Rock

    • yumyucky says:

      My dodge ball throw and pivot corners. You ain’t safe.
      I’m hoping there’s a video of Andre’s rap. I need to be at Fitbloggin next year!

  3. Carla says:

    I was super good at getting out of gym. My hair stayed in tact. ha!
    Carla recently posted..Blogging With Intention & Purpose

  4. Love that pic! I had to do gym class swimming during 1st period. It kind of worked out though, I just wouldn’t shower before school!
    Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed recently posted..Our Wedding Recap Part 3: The Guys & Our First Look

    • yumyucky says:

      My school didn’t have swimming. But if so, it would’ve been my luck to have swimming right after lunch. Fart bubbles in the pool from the cafeteria cheeseburgers must be terrible.

  5. Tamara says:

    ha! You’re giving me nightmare flashbacks – the dodgeball too, but for me it was volleyball.
    You were so pretty in high school! And that doesn’t mean you’re any less now (not at all by FAR). It just means that I wasn’t pretty in high school at all. I was totally 90’s.
    Tamara recently posted..Are We For Real?

    • yumyucky says:

      I must admit, when the girls got pelted in the face with volleyball it was always an epic scene of comedy. I do apologize for that confession.

  6. Kita says:

    I played bball in high school so I am use to the gym it never bothered me it was once place I liked going now….I run from it smh
    Kita recently posted..The price of your wedding is how much?

  7. mimi says:

    Sheesh! And i thought my old gym coach was tough!
    mimi recently posted..Squared.

  8. Kim says:

    Cute picture of you!!
    I love workouts with the “old-school” moves!!
    When I coached (middle school VB, BB, track) – I always ran with my girls. When we did suicides, I told them if they beat me on the first set then they could sit out the rest. Not one girl ever beat me – and I was very pregnant my last year!!!
    Kim recently posted..3 Recent Scares

  9. LOVE that pic!!!! I was not a fan of high school gym & we didn’t do that stuff BUT great workout! :)
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Working My Way Back!

    • yumyucky says:

      Hey Jody! It’s never too late to discover the miseries of the 1990’s high school gym workout. ((winks))

  10. The hair was worth whatever it took as if looks FIiiiiiiine and not greedy at all!
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Speaking of Fitness (to Whoever Will Listen)

    • yumyucky says:

      My high school diet after each Cheerleading practice consisted of Gatorade and Skittles. For realz. Oh, and those packaged individual pie snacks, too.

  11. Cindy says:

    Gee high school was sooo long ago for me I’m not sure half of these exercises had been invented yet. We just had to run around the football field for half an hour and then we could play dodge ball or soccer. Of course all we had for equipment was some balls and a field.
    Cindy recently posted..Aqua Fit Shoes?

    • yumyucky says:

      At least you guys did that much in gym. It infuriates me that at our high school around here, Juniors & Seniors can opt of out gym class entirely. I think you can be finished with gym forever once your finish 10th grade. It’s ridiculous!

  12. GiGi Eats says:

    My high school work out consisted of – dryland training and snowboarding every single day until I got frost bite in my hands and feet! Yep, I used to competitively snowboard – and all we would do is SNOWBOARD. You better believe looking at snowboards now sort of gives me the shivers! LOL – pun intended?!?!
    GiGi Eats recently posted..Traversing Los Angeles with Stacy! #ChevyFitTrip

  13. That Guy... says:

    Dodge ball…? Bring it. I’ll drop you like wad of snot, and hit your legs worse than polio ever could.

    Old school is the bomb!

  14. marleen says:

    In our part of the world, they make us run 4 times around the rugby field which is about 400 meters in diameter for gym class. Then the things like Jack Knives, jumping jacks and more start. We were drilled by the gym teacher for 30 minutes solid. Those were really effective as you say.
    You looked just as stunning then in Gr 11 as now.
    marleen recently posted..Cyclists greeting each other

  15. Geosomin says:

    I’m having flashbacks to running lines in volleyball practice…they were evil.
    I was the ball to the face girl in dodgeball. Every. Time. Dang…

  16. valerie says:

    Let’s see . . 16 + (2014 – 1990) = 16 + 24 = 40 years old.
    If you can do circuits of that high school workout, you must be in A1 top shape.
    More power to y’all!
    valerie recently posted..5 Sure-Fire Tips To Lose Weight Fast

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