Pineapple Watermelon Fusion: best damn juicing combo on the planet

Lawdy…lawdy. This thang sho’ is tasty. I had some initial skepticism about pairing these two fruits for a Pineapple Watermelon Fusion, but it’s turned out to be my favorite juicing concoction so far. Best damn juicing combo on the planet!

pineapple-watermelon juice

What sold me to try this combo is the benefits of watermelon (which, for all the men-folk out there, includes Viagra-ish effects!). Pineapple Watermelon Fusion also has special mood-enhancing superpowers. It brings about a refreshing, euphoric feeling as you slurp the drink down. You will be feeling something like: “Oooo.. Ahhh…Ohhhh…”


yields approximately 32 ounces of tantalizing juiciness

  • 2 cored pineapples
  • 3 cups watermelon cubes


  • Run ingredients through your Breville juicer and enjoy. It’s that dang simple.
  • Alternatively, use a blender for this recipe, but the end result will no doubt be a thick, smoothie consistency.
  • Feel free to adjust the quantities of each ingredient to your liking. Personalize it. Get loosey-goosey and make it your own!

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The natural sweetness of the recipe is perfect for dessert or a hot day when you need to cool off. You can even use it as a meal replacement for slurping on-the-go. If you’re not yet sold on the benefits of juicing, please watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead as it follows [Joe Cross on his juicing journey and jaw-dropping body transformation.


My next move it to take this here juicing recipe and freeze it for popsicles. The dang greedy kids all over the world would love it.

Enjoy your juice! And stay sexy, my friend.







  1. GiGi Eats says:

    OH HELL YES! This is the BOMB DOT commmmmm!
    GiGi Eats recently posted..Clamming Around With My Dad

  2. Coco says:

    Yum! But really, the world can’t handle you any sexier!

    My new thing is fresh ginger. I bet that would add a nice sexy bite to this combination.
    Coco recently posted..The Boulder Flatirons

  3. mimi says:

    Ooooh, yes!!!
    mimi recently posted..Kids These Days

  4. LuckyMama says:

    Love, love, LOVE the sexy photo!! I think you could make a mint with a watermelon head dress.

  5. Valerie says:

    The headgear is most fashionable.
    Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is on Netflix. I’ll eat popcorn and drink THE JUICE during the viewing.
    Valerie recently posted..Are You Over 30 Years Old? This 90-minute-per-WEEK Workout Is For You!

  6. Haneefa says:

    This sounds delicious! Gonna have to try this combo.

  7. Simone says:

    LMAO @ the head gear!! You crack me up!

    That juice looks so good…pity I don’t have a juicer. A blender??? May have to add some water.
    Simone recently posted..Eat.All.The.Chocolate. NOT

  8. Carla says:

    Carla recently posted..What’s born from boredom?

  9. So if you juice with a banana, can we dare hope for a banana hat?
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..I Spa. Do You? A Visit to the International Spa Association Media Event at the Beverly Wilshire

  10. Carla says:

    I love both fruits so I imagine it might be awesome.

    Love the pics at the end. :)

  11. Tamara says:

    Viagra-ish effects, eh?
    Assuming the photos are real and not Photoshopped, did you smell like watermelon for hours after?
    Tamara recently posted..Love is a Battlefield.

  12. Geosomin says:

    You’d fit in right here in Saskatchewan where crazy fans of our home football team wear watermelons on their heads at games.:)
    That sounds insanely tasty. I’m gonna try it out.

  13. Can’t wait to try!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..Weekly Wednesday Workout: Bear Crawls

  14. Tony says:

    Yummy. Sounds so refreshing. Mmmmmmmm!
    Tony recently posted..Omega VRT350HD Juicer Review

  15. I am not a juicer BUT I will eat both fruits as is – yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The juice sounds great too!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Thermo Heat Maximum Strength Fat Burner

  16. Sonya says:

    This juice sounds really yummy. I love watermelon and pineapple :) I loved the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, it was really eye opening.
    Sonya recently posted..Crazy 8 Markdowns $3.99 & Under

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