Dr. Oz wanted to bring me on TV and lie to his viewers.

You’re gonna be shaking your head over this one. On the heels of Dr. Oz being called to testify before a US Senate subcommittee over false and deceptive advertising practices, I have something to tell you…

I was asked to lie on national TV to support the shilling of Dr. Oz’s lip balm product. This is the sequence of events on how it all when down, from beginning to end…

1. In August 2012 I wrote a post about Natural Cures & Home Remedies For Cold Sores And Fever Blisters (HSV1). Then, in November 2012, I followed it up with this video on the same topic (warning ~ beginning of video is loud, turn down your volume):

2. In August 2013, Dr. Oz’s producers discovered my video on Youtube and contacted me to be on their show. The whole thing was very rush-rush. I had to make a quick decision about agreeing to be on the show. It would require me to rearrange my schedule. There was some fuss when I asked them to pay my travel expenses, but after some back & forth, they finally agreed to it.

Here’s their initial contact email to me:

dr oz emailclick on image to enlarge

I was thrilled at the opportunity to discuss natural and effective ways to battle back and win against cold sores and fever blisters. Or so I thought. After all, that’s what my video is about, so wouldn’t that be what I was to discuss on TV?

3. And here’s the kicker: After their producers asked me repeatedly for a picture of myself with a cold sore, I repeatedly answered that I did not have one. I was getting irritated, because why ask me 50,000 times? If I had a pic I would’ve given it when they first requested it. Their solution to this problem was to find a picture of a person’s mouth with a nasty cold sore on their lip. When they flashed the picture on the TV screen, their plan was for me to lie on national TV and tell everyone that it was me in the pic.


After I lied to all the unsuspecting viewers, the plan, as it was all described to me over the telephone, was for Dr. Oz to then segue into a product-pimping session for his new lip balm.

So not only was their plan for me to be deceptive, the whole reason I was really there was to be used as a tool for Dr. Oz to sell stuff. I was disgusted over the whole matter.

I thought I was contacted by their producers to give a hopeful voice to the masses about home remedy alternatives that are truly effective. But nope. I whined about it on Facebook…

dr ozclick on image to enlarge

Here’s the video of Dr. Oz being questioned by the Senate subcommittee. What do you think of his shady practices?







  1. Saginaw Mikem says:

    Is the dude another Oprah protege? If so, she should be ashamed too.

    • yumyucky says:

      I believe he used to be on the Oprah show as a regular before he got his own show. Oprah needs to be slapped, too.

  2. Kita says:

    Say what now? I rarely watch him and this further begs the question what is real on tv and what’s not.
    Kita recently posted..If you don’t like where you are move you are not a tree

    • yumyucky says:

      I remember when I used to watch that car repossession show. Thought it was all real until the absurd Michael Jackson look-a-like episode. His Delorean was being repossessed. Googled some stuff and nope, the whole show was fake. I’m a such a dumbass. LOL!

  3. Saginaw Mike says:

    Have yiu ever discussed with the folks at Proctor & Gamble?

  4. mimi says:

    Just goes to show you can trust most doctors until they get a monetary interest in some product or procedure. Ugh!
    mimi recently posted..Awww Monday: Caught!

  5. CindyB says:

    Every third sentence out of his mouth is “This MAY help”, “That COULD work” and this or that is “POSSIBLE”. It’s POSSIBLE I MAY be abducted by aliens today! I am not putting any money on it or his crap!
    CindyB recently posted..Broccoliscious!

    • yumyucky says:

      I suppose the MAY and POSSIBLE is supposed to be the disclaimer that keeps him out of trouble. Hopefully this guy will be off the air soon. His scheme is surely unraveling.

  6. Margo says:

    I remember this! You have integrity and I respect you so much.


  7. Good for you Josie…I can’t believe they asked you to do that!! Yikes…makes you wonder what else they are asking people to do………..
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..What Would You Do? The Case Of The See Through Shorts

    • yumyucky says:

      Exactly! What they asked me to do is probably small potatoes compared to what others actually agreed to.

  8. *virtual high five* to you for standing up for yourself. So many people would be tempted to go along with it just to get 5 seconds of fame and name drop their site. Good for you, girlie. xo
    Kimberly (Manifest Yourself) recently posted..Journey to Wellness

    • yumyucky says:

      Gotta be honest, I was very much looking forward to name dropping my site, but not at the cost of agreeing to lie. No way.

  9. Julie says:

    Wow, good for you! I have a lot of respect for what you did! Couldn’t have been easy but you did the right thing! Your day will come…karma baby! Don’t forget how much you motivate and inspire others already AND you do it with a truthful heart!

  10. Jbiggerss says:

    ONE of many reasons you rock. Like a cradle…

  11. Are we missing the obvious? When is the Senate subcommittee contacting to you testify? I hear they pay travel expenses — one way.
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..I’m Only Losing 1 1/2 Pounds Per Week on my Diet; Is that Enough?

  12. Patty says:

    There was always something about him that I did not trust. I had researched some of the products he’s mentioned and they always seem like a gimmick. Thank goodness I never bought anything based on what he said. Can’t believe they wanted you to lie. Shame on them!
    Patty recently posted..Getting Gorgeous with VO5

    • yumyucky says:

      …and the thing is, their suggestion for me to lie was done so casually and matter-of-fact, as if they do it all the time. Which I believe they do.

  13. UGH that’s so annoying! Glad you let the opportunity pass by… I’m not sure being shown on TV with a big cold sore on your mouth was the fame you were looking for anyway 😉 I also used to get them and now that I mostly follow the Paleo Diet principles (sugar is evil haha) I haven’t had any. Yay for natural cures :)
    Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed recently posted..Our Wedding Recap Part 2: The Ladies Get Dolled Up

  14. Kim says:

    Good for you for standing your ground!! Who wants to be part of something like that anyway?! Something much better will be your debut on National TV!!
    Kim recently posted..What Right Does Anyone Have to Judge Us?

  15. Renee says:

    High fives as Kudos to you for refusing! I’ve never watched these show but enjoyed the senate hearing blurbs! SO not ok! Good for you!
    Renee recently posted..Welcome Summer Wedding Season

  16. I was also contacted to be on the Dr Oz show, but only if I pretended to still be “actively binging,” and have Dr Oz come to the rescue with some miracle solution. Surprisingly, they were not interested in hearing about my recovery work or progress. DUMB.

    Kudos to you for turning them down! It’s hard to get your hopes up about a cool opportunity and then realize it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
    Emily (@FitandFreeEmily) recently posted..30 days gluten-free: I did it! (#LivingNowFoods)

  17. Musu says:

    Wow, I always knew there was something shady about him. I never really watched his show, but people would always tell me about the products he would promote and I would just serve a side eye. For a so-called doctor to go on a national stage and push products like that is just tacky to me. Hats off to you for sticking to your principles!

  18. Kimberley says:

    That ain’t right.

  19. Carla says:

    Never watched Dr. Oz. Nothing in all of the glimpses that I caught seemed like anything I would be interested in. I don’t like shows that re really just infomercials in disguise.
    Carla recently posted..Go To Breakfast: Banana Blueberry Smoothie

  20. Allie says:

    Holy OMG and WTH???? I cannot believe that happened to you!!! Kudos to you my friend for sticking to your guns and not being won over by the lights and glamour of National TV and the Wizard of…um, I mean Dr. Oz!
    PS – I also just wrote a story about the whole thing on fitbie…not good for the ol’ doc.
    Allie recently posted..VITA AdVentures: The Race of A Lifetime

  21. Geosomin says:

    Good for you.
    I have no respect for that man. He is using his reputation to peddle all kinds of snake oil…and even when he has legitimate things to peddle he does stuff like this? Not interested in anything he has to say.

  22. GiGi Eats says:

    OMFGGGG my volume on my computer was on SOOOOOO HIGH when I turned on your video! LMFAOOO scared the crap out of me!!! WORSE THAN COLD SORES!
    GiGi Eats recently posted..Have Some Balls on Your Birthday!

  23. Oh my gosh that is so deceptive! I can’t believe they would do that. Actually I can but it is still disgusting. I hate how people can’t just be authentic.
    Britt@MyOwnBalance recently posted..Maternity Fashion

  24. Tamara says:

    I did not heed your warning and turn down the volume. Luckily my four-year-old thought you were funny! Which you are.
    This is nauseating. Good for you for spreading these lies.
    Tamara recently posted..The Passing of a Centenarian.

  25. Sonya says:

    Oh no! I actually enjoy watching Dr. Oz when I get a chance to watch it. I never thought that there were people on the show who were being asked to lie about their situation. Glad that you did not participate in the show and thanks for sharing your story.
    Sonya recently posted..Weekly Goals for 6/22 to 6/28

  26. YOU ROCK JOSIE!!!!!! I have no respect for this guy! Way back when maybe but not in the past few years. I so respect you for not going on!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Thermo Heat Maximum Strength Fat Burner

  27. Carla says:

    ahh fame.
    I guess he was the same person on OPRAH we just didnt see it yet
    Carla recently posted..Importance of Self-Care: why others first isn’t always best (post response).

  28. Marc says:

    You remind me of Frank Sinatra. He also sang…I did it my way. Josie principals, guidelines to live by. :)

  29. AmyB says:

    Well – can’t say I’m surprised but I am disappointed. I’d always thought Dr. Oz was credible. Don’t want to watch him anymore – which is fine because it gives me more time to read blogs. Blogs from people who have something helpful to contribute, thanks.
    AmyB recently posted..What Is the 10 Day Cleanse?

  30. That is crazy! Dr. Wizard of Oz is more like it… 😛

  31. Cassandre says:

    and this right here is why I so respect you. perfect example of why you can’t always believe the hype. the internet is a beautiful thing and i wish more people would use it to do research on products and brands before deciding to purchase it . Dr.Oz fooled many people..
    Cassandre recently posted..At Home with T25

  32. marleen says:

    Oh my! I had so much respect for Dr Oz. And to see this makes me sad :(
    I am so happy that you stuck to your guns and not lie. That’s just not honest. You know what? It makes me furious that they wanted to use you like this.
    marleen recently posted..Dotting down the numbers

  33. LIsa says:

    My daughter’s boss was on Dr. Oz. It sounds like her experience was the same as yours. They asked her to be on the show she had to insist on having a car pick her up to bring her to the studio. Then they expected her to say what they wanted her to say on the subject. Every time my daughter hears the name Dr. Oz she says he is a quack. Daughter and Boss Dr’s.

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