Target Practice Ab Challenge

target practice ab challenge

Ab Challenge Sidenotes: For the “plank into downward dog”, transition into the move slowly and focus on letting your abs do the work. Repeat the transition 5 times before moving on to leg scissors. For the scissors, keep your feet about 2-3 inches off the ground, but make any necessary adjustments to ensure your back is comfortable.

Enjoy your workout!

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  1. Abbie says:

    3 rounds for the ab burn :O I’ll be feeling it after the crunches lol

  2. That Guy... says:

    I’m pretty sure you just called me a fat Jew. Thanks Obama!

  3. Love it! Just pinned the workout. :)
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted..27 before 27 Bucket List Update!

  4. Jack Sh*t says:

    Wait… do I do these at Target?
    Jack Sh*t recently posted..S.A.D.

  5. Marc says:

    The 4th hole punched in the paper target farthest from the grouping is called a flyer. Either that or there is a 4th round for those who are in beast mode for this challenge :)
    Marc recently posted..P90X 30 Day update show and tell VLOG

  6. Kim says:

    This looks tough for sure!!!
    Kim recently posted..Well, the Break Is Over but There Is Still Plenty to Enjoy!!!

  7. MIZ says:

    my abs?
    my core?
    neeeeeeed some…support :-)
    MIZ recently posted..If one woman told the truth…

  8. Cassandre says:

    Ab workouts are like burpees to me, i don’t like them but i know i need them. but gotta go through the pain to get the body i want right? :-(

  9. jefferson says:

    I just tried this and made it through 1.5 rounds.

    I can tell its a great well-rounded ab workout, without a doubt.
    Also, I’m a poet and I don’t know-it.
    jefferson recently posted..A Typical Run

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