3 Food Apps for a Slimmer Waistline

As I peer into your cranium through the use of patented scientific technology personally created with my bare hands, I can already see you are a very bright person. But today your intelligence will skyrocket past the atmosphere. Brainwave activity will increase by 500% as your temporal lobe soaks in the nifty data I’m about to lay on ya.

Make sure your smart phone or tablet is nearby. It’s time to feast on these food apps to get a healthy body and slimmer waistline the smart way.

CHEMICAL CUISINE (iTunes & Android market, free)

Mmmm… chemicals in our food! I wish it was a bunch of malarkey. Too bad it’s not. That’s where Chemical Cuisine steps in. The app empowers you to learn more about what the heck is in your food as you explore the library of food additives in A to Z order, or by keyword search.

chemical cuisine screen shot 3 Food Apps for a Slimmer Waistline

Want to know about ammonium compounds, tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), or other ghoulish additives you can’t pronounce? Chemical Cuisine gives you an in-depth background on over 130 food additives with ratings on which are safe (according to Federal regulations), which require caution, and which should be avoided completely. The frame formatting on the app can get a little wonky. Hopefully that bug will be corrected in a updated version, but that minor issue should in no way deter you from using the app again and again. The information is way too valuable.

WINE DICTIONARY (Android market, free)

I don’t aspire to become a wine or champagne connoisseur, but I do desire to end my reign as the village idiot when it comes to ordering wine at a restaurant. If you’re anything like me (not knowing your head from your butt cheeks when it comes to wine), then you need to download the Wine Dictionary.

wine dictionary app 3 Food Apps for a Slimmer Waistline

This free app provides you with a wine-o-mania of info ranging from wine terminology, proper pronunciations and taste profiles, including the identification of dry wines to sweet wines, which is mighty helpful if you’re watching sugar consumption. Browse the Wine Dictionary in alphabetical order or do a keyword search. Your life just got smarter, baby.

FOODUCATE (iTunes & Android market, free), FOODUCATE Plus $4.99, FOODUCATE Gluten & Allergy $9.99

Fooducate has so much swag. I’m not sure where to begin. There’s an avalanche of apps out there that will help you lose weight through food logging and tracking progress. Fooducate can do that. But the app goes above & beyond.

fooducate 3 Food Apps for a Slimmer Waistline

It’s drippin’ with awesome with its ability to scan a food package’s bar code to give you instantaneous deets on nutritionals, a Fooducate health grade, thorough explanation on why it received that grade, plus product suggestions on healthier alternatives. Fooducate also has a newsfeed of food news you’ll actually wanna read and a community of active users who chime in with their 2-cents on why a product is awesome or just plain sucks. You can upgrade to Fooducate Plus to go ad-free and get GMO alerts. There’s also Fooducate Gluten & Allergy for people who need to avoid those foods.

Thanks to fancy technology, there’s a smorgasbord of good info to help you get foodie-smart and stay lean, so try out these food apps! As for my patented technology I told you about, you will not gain that knowledge. Not gonna show you the blueprints.

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  1. mimi says:

    If i ever get a smart phone (right now i have teens, so i don’t need something else in the house that’s smarter than i am), the third one looks amazing. Sweetie is a wine connoisseur, so he needs that one.

  2. Barbara says:

    Oooh, I want to get that Chemical Cuisine app. That way my kids can understand exactly why I’m not buying food with more added colors than Rainbow Brite.
    Barbara recently posted..Weathering Winter Storm Cleon

  3. Geosomin says:

    That fooducate app looks wicked….I will have to pick it up. It’s tricky buying GF DF for some of my family who need it (especially with holidays and the foods that come with them) and being able to just scan the code and know is nifty.

  4. Jack Sh*t says:

    I’m still looking for an app that’ll tell you how much you WON’T gain if you DON’T eat pie once per hour…

    • yumyucky says:

      I can develop that app for you. My service fee is $1 + $499,999 extra for pie-eating expense account. Please send the funds to my super secret Nigerian Paypal account. If you don’t hear back from me after you send the money, then I probably never got it.

  5. I shall make a stir fry of yellow number 5 and BTH. Care to come over for dinner this evening?
    Gigi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Evil Weight Gain Doesn’t Stand a Chance!

  6. Kita says:

    I have the foodeducate one yippeee and I actually use it too. I like to see just what kind of choices I am truly making and some of them I have to second guess these days.
    Kita recently posted..How do you handle death?

  7. You have proven once again how smarticle you are by noticing how smarticle we are. Got all that? As for the wine app, what if I am totally at peace, love, and oneness with not knowing my behind from a wine cork? Will you be reviewing the “I still don’t care a hoot about any wine.” app? Now to go get that free fooducate app. That looks smarter than my winey brain.
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Offbeat Holiday Fitness Gifts Under $30

  8. Very cool Josie as always! You share great stuff!!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Barbra Streisand, Healthy Recipes & a GIVEAWAY, Underwear Again – Warning – Random Post Ahead!

  9. Chloe Baker says:

    Chemical Cuisine!!! That sounds like just the app for me! There’s always some random names in my foods ingredient list and it always makes me wonder if this is even healthy or not! Or at least makes me wonder what on earth it is and what it does to my food. Problem solved? I think so!

    Thanks a bunch!
    Chloe Baker recently posted..Eat Stop Eat: Will It Work For You? My Comprehensive Investigation.

  10. blackhuff says:

    This is some cool apps
    blackhuff recently posted..Farmers Walk

  11. That Fooducate app seems like its worth checking out. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Carla says:

    That chemical cuisine app is so awesome! I’m going to look at it right now. I feel myself getting smarter.
    Carla recently posted..12/7: The Skinny

  13. Cassandre says:

    i love fooducate. really helpful to have when food shopping. when i first started using it, i was obsessed and scanning everything at home to see what grade they would get lol

  14. Deb says:

    Gonna look up Chemical Cuisine right now. Thanks!
    Deb recently posted..Saturday Day 884 Getting It Back

  15. The Fooducate app is awesome! Thanks for the info.
    Aqiyl Aniys @ Plant Based Diet recently posted..Spartan Race On NBC Sports December 7th – Win A Free Race Code To Participate In Your Own Spartan Race

  16. I need these apps!! I didn’t even know they existed!! I’m SO glad I read this post!! I’m heading to the app store right this second!! Woot!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #327: The 2013 Holiday Style Guide

  17. Paula says:

    I’m a Fooducate fan, certainly. But, that Chemical Cuisine one has piqued my interest. I’m almost afraid to explore, ’cause I know it’s going to get ugly, lol. Thanks for sharing.
    Paula recently posted..Make Way for the Queen, Sirs! WEIGH-IN + WEEKLY RE-CAP!


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