The Brain Condom (why you might need one)

Lapses in confidence. Negative self-talk. Not measuring up. Feeling like you aren’t capable. Never really strong enough? You have goals in mind but aren’t 100% invested in the idea that you’ll actually achieve them — maybe you could, but you might not.

These are infectious-diseases-of-thought that sometimes have their origins in outside influences. How can we thwart the possibility of infected thoughts with all the images floating around of beautiful people in their perfect little worlds? They’ve got flat abs, a lifted booty, impeccable habits, a good job and the most perfect significant other (who has great hair, by the way). Oh ya, and they have awesome sex — the hot, sweaty kind you see in movies.

Perhaps you’ve never tried living up to these standards. That’s good. But have you felt even an inkling of inadequacy after coming across one of these freaks of nature on TV, internet, or magazines?

Maybe it’s time for the Brain Condom. Protect & preserve your precious thoughts so you can get on with your life and be awesome.

Dealing with infectious people you personally know also makes you a good candidate for the Brain Condom. Those suckers can bring you down. Their negative talk, lack of wanting anything good for their life (or yours), venomous darts of criticism shot at you… whatever it is about these people that potentially jeopardizes your self confidence, you have to shield yourself.

So long as you live on this planet, craptastic influences are infecting people daily. We’ve gotta deal with these jokers — completely shut ‘em down. Yet it doesn’t stop there. If you look in the mirror and spew non-constructive criticism towards self, you need this condom.


The Brain Condom is a DIY tool; an invisibility cloak for the noggin with protective thought-shielding properties that require voluntary self-installation. When you are exposed to an infection of negative words, concepts or opinions, the condom prevents that disease from settling into the cranium and altering your mindset for the worst.

The condom is totally NOT see-able to the bare eyeballs, so you won’t look like this when you wear it:

condom The Brain Condom (why you might need one)

The more you activate the Brain Condom, the more effective it becomes. The secret to the condom’s success is rooted in self love, calling bullshit on negative talk that just ain’t true about you, understanding that perfection is a pipe dream, and pushing hard to make things happen when outward appearances seem to the contrary.

So tell me: Can you get down with this? It’s the Brain Condom. Wrap it up, my friend.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Here Here! No negative self talk in 2014. Good resolution idea.
    Barbara recently posted..OSU vs. OU Bedlam 2013

  2. Cindy says:

    I have been using the more old fashioned version of this for years. Mirrored sunglasses and headphones.
    Cindy recently posted..Anxiety

  3. Hope says:

    LOL. So glad they aren’t “see-able”. lol You are so right though. It’s so important to filter out the negativity that’s constantly being spewed out. You have to protect what’s absorbed… garbage in garbage out. Love your fun spin on it… brain condoms. lol
    Hope recently posted..The Space Race Recap

  4. mimi says:

    Still working on my version, and it’s getting better and better at what it’s supposed to do. It helps, perhaps, that i don’t buy fashion mags and don’t watch tv.
    mimi recently posted..Feline Friday: Face of a Stray

  5. Joi says:

    I love this concept! It is much needed to deal with the harshness of this world!
    Joi recently posted..Fitness In The Spirit

  6. Kim says:

    Love the idea of a brain condom – necessary every day along with a muzzle of some type to keep the negative talk quiet!!!
    Kim recently posted..Today Is a Big Big Day!!!

  7. umapuma says:

    That is just what I need right now. Does it come in XL? Because I have some issues.

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