Whacked Out News: Mutated Mosquitoes, Incurable Gonorrhea, the Healthcare Whore and Insurance Spies

Just sounding the alarm on some bull shizzle you need to know about. Get informed and stay up to date on these nightmare stories so you can guard yourself and your family…

The FDA Wants to Poison Your Dairy Products With Aspartame: This news literally made my stomachs curdle. Alter the definition of milk? Include Aspartame as a hidden ingredient in dairy products (no labeling required)? Aspartame is a POISON. This is nothing more than another scheme to kill us slowly. We get poisoned while the healthcare whore profits mightily.

And here’s a side note: any bloggers/writers/product Ambassadors, etc who encourage their lovely readers to check out products containing Aspartame or Sucralose is just downright irresponsible. This is going on and it bothers me. If these people want to personally ingest Aspartame and Sucralose, that’s their own business. But please, don’t let anyone convince YOU to explore a product or recipe that contains these poisons. ((end sidenote))

The Gift of Gonorrhea Might Just Be For a Lifetime: Emmm…Gonorrhea is not the kinda disease you wanna have for a lifetime. Popping a pill to get cured really fast may NOT be an option in the near future. Gonorrhea is becoming antibiotic resistant. “It mutates quickly and has grown resistant to every class of antibiotics used to treat it since the meds first became available in the 1940s. In 2007, doctors turned to cephalosporins, their last antibiotic hope.”

Last hope? So what happens when the power of cephalosporins runs out? The Gonorrhea infection will be devastatingly life-changing for anyone not wise enough to protect themselves. Please educate the young peoples you know and tell your promiscuous pals to keep their panties on lockdown.

Insurance Companies Spying On You With the Help Of Your Grocer: Behavior surveillance technology disguised as grocery store discount loyalty cards? Your shopping data “is then sold off to insurance companies who use it to raise your rates by linking your grocery purchases with the risk of disease.” I don’t know how widespread this is, but I wouldn’t put it past the evil industry to pull it off.

Mosquitoes No Longer Feeling Threatened By Mainstream Repellants: Mosquitoes are obviously jealous that Gonorrhea is getting all of the “resistance” acclaim. Those insects are really showing their buggy-side as they deem DEET-based repellants as laughable. They’re  becoming resistant, ya’ll. There’s plenty of time before summer, so I’ll work on putting together a reference piece on insect repellents (particularly home concoctions), using natural ingredients.

…and how in happier news: Huh? I have no happier news today. But stay tuned for the next installment of Whacked Out News. It’s gonna be whacky, but I promise to include some “happy”, too.


  1. Jess says:

    Pretty interesting article you’ve got there.I am really bothered with mosquitoes and i am using various repellants for years now.What I noticed , especially the last couple of years,that repellants are hardly working and i couldn’t agree with you more about the ”becoming resistant” part!
    Jess recently posted..How To Start Your HCG Diet

  2. Barbara says:

    Zombies coming soon, too? 😉 Love that you keep us updated on what’s coming down the pike. You’re the one who saved us from the hot chocolate aspartame. We NEVER give our kids that stuff and wondered why they got headaches after drinking regular Swiss Miss. I tossed it all out and made my own from scratch. Keep ’em coming!
    Barbara recently posted..One Hopping Wild Month

  3. Good updates! The gonarrhea especially because so many people laugh it off like they can just pop a pill for that, SMH!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..20 Influential Women in a Tweet

  4. Marc says:

    Josie, I forwarded your link about FDA/Aspartame to my two daughter-in-laws. They are the mothers of my grandchildren.
    Marc recently posted..Ten percent of a resolution completed

    • yumyucky says:

      Hi Marc! So glad you forwarded the info to your family. This is issue is uber-serious. Right now a gallon of organic milk at the grocer is pushing $6. I’m thinking this will be my only option. I expect the price will go even higher in the near future.

  5. mimi says:

    This is why i only buy dairy products from a local farm that does not engage in shenanigans (they are insistent that they won’t, and pasture all their cattle with no gmo feed). One of the scariest parts of this is what people with phenylketonuria will do, they can’t have the main ingredient in aspartame because of genetics.

    Overuse of antibiotics and the declaration, back in the 1980s, that we had won the war against bacteria, has bred not just resistant gonorrhea, but germs that can live in pure chlorine bleach and some that are resistant to all of the last ditch antibiotics science has. These latter can spread their resistance to other germs, too, and kill half of the people they infect. It’s a scary world.

    Don’t get me started on insurance companies. And don’t use reward cards at grocery stores.

    As for the mosquitoes, i’m concerned about DEET resistant ones for my youngest daughter especially. She is highly allergic and highly attractive to mosquitoes, and will get bitten even if no one else is. If they start carrying resistant forms of things like yellow fever or malaria, we are all in deep doodoo.

    • yumyucky says:

      “resistant forms of things like yellow fever or malaria”. YIKES! You are sooo right. I hadn’t thought about that before. All they want to do is push on us more chemicals that will supposedly prevent/fix the damage that their other chemicals have done to us. I want off this merry-go-round. Too bad I don’t have the funds to buy my own private island. In the meantime, I gotta keep researching all things “au natural”.

  6. Sharon Constantineau says:

    Hey! So I’ve been looking to get myself toned & drop a few pounds as well. I wasn’t sure where else to put this but– you’re the first person/site I’ve come across that has actually motivated me to try these exercises. When watching your demonstrations, they actually seem possible & something that I would be able to stick with.

    So here’s hoping and thank you for your time and effort! What you’ve done is impressive, hopefully I’ll be able to follow in your footsteps. It’s hard to stay motivated!

    • yumyucky says:

      You can do it, Sharon! It just takes consistently, determination and a discipline that’s developed over time. It’s not all or nothing. Take small steps, get good at those small things, and then build on it!

  7. Sharlette says:

    OMG, so much going on in one post.

    My concerns not only lie with what they try to sneak into foods, but also with the methods they use to extract the individual components of nature’s creations to mesh together into their almost completely artificial ‘foods’ – a major one I am thinking of here is margarine. When you think of the chemical processes that these ‘foods’ go through it is enough to make you feel physically ill.

    On the topic of antibiotics I believe that we have severely compromised our natural immune systems by running to them at the first sign of anything amiss. And now that diseases are becoming antibiotic resistant we are going to find ourselves with no fighting power against these nastiest. We need to fill our bodies with natural produce wherever possible in order to be as healthy and disease resistant as possible.

  8. Someone is on a rampage! Why do you hate sucralose so much?
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Yoga Offers Freedom, Even From Internment Camp Hardships

    • yumyucky says:

      Ya. I had to think twice before posting my rampage-like comments, yet decided to go ahead with it. The hidden damage sucralose is doing is to people’s bodies is horrific. I’ve got full deets on the Sucralose beast coming in the near future. I’ll fill you in on it all…

  9. I’d be a fan of the insurance companies seeing my groceries… they have to be better than the majority of people in the store!

    I’m also very interested in natural bug repellants! We live so close to the woods that it’s necessary any time you’re out for a few minutes. I get eaten alive! Our store bought bug spray smells terrible and I’m ready to move on to something less nasty for my skin!
    Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed recently posted..Call Me Crazy…

  10. Sheila says:

    Eww…on all fronts. Did you know that the most effective way to prevent STD’s was documented to be showing kids actual pictures of actual STD’s? I plan to use the Google Image Search index to my advantage as they hit their teen years. Blech.
    Sheila recently posted..The Physical Exercise of the Spiritual

  11. Glenn says:

    Wow! What a way to look at grocery cards. There is definitely some validity to it. Even if you didn’t use them, if you use a credit card, I think they could still figure out what you bought. However, they can’t really prove that you ate it or ate enough of it, can they? Wow! That is all I can say.
    Glenn recently posted..Getting That Job Promotion Just By Living A Healthy Lifestyle!

  12. Geosomin says:

    I always assumed the shopping spied were using my loyalty card for that. I’ve noticed I recieve coupons targeted to what I buy in the mail now. As long as they don’t phone me at home, eh, whatever.
    As for STD prevention – I think all kids should just take a university micro course to see photos of what that stuff can do to you. Seeing pictures of that sh*t sure made me careful!
    The aspartame in milk thing is insane though. Seriously? How can they say they will do that without putting it on the label? And it boggles my mind -why can’t people just drink milk? Is it that critical in their caloric daily intake that they have a special low fat chemical milk product instead of just a glass of skim milk? Are we as a society that far gone? sheesh…
    Geosomin recently posted..hiya

  13. Sue says:

    Great post and you are so right! I was on a rant just yesterday about the stuff in our food! It’s so scary what they can do. We do a garden every summer and I can all that I can (no pun intended!) and we try and buy organic when we can afford it. I do enjoy your blog postings! Keep it up!
    Sue recently posted..Kollagen Intensiv: Is It as Good as They Say?

    • yumyucky says:

      Thank you, Sue! I’ve had terrible fortune in the past with my novice gardening attempts, but I’m more determined that ever this year. I’m also watering my house plants on a regular basis now. They’re still alive, so that right there tells you I’m improving my green thumb. hehehe

  14. Deb says:

    I read about the aspartame not being labeled in I believe its 17 different types of dairy products and was furious! They think its okay to poison us with this stuff against our knowledge and our best interest, and how many people will just sit by and let it happen? Everyone should be upset about this and taking a stand to voice concerns to the FDA. I believe we can take the time to make a stink about it here: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2013/02/20/2013-03835/flavored-milk-petition-to-amend-the-standard-of-identity-for-milk-and-17-additional-dairy-products. I know I will be and I’ll be sharing the info around as well.

    Also, that gonorrhea becoming antibiotic resistant is super scary! Makes me glad I am in a committed relationship with ONE man!
    Deb recently posted..FMM – Food Questions

  15. Erin says:

    I have an EDIT TO ADD for to this edition of whacked out news: a woman sat on her TOILET for TWO YEARS.
    Heard it on the radios this morning; googled for the story the minute I got to work.

  16. Wow! I hadn’t thought of the idea that grocery stores would stoop so low. Talk about loss of freedom. Just another reason not to fill out some “offer” at a store. Thanks for the info!


  17. David says:

    I cannot agree more on the whole topic of aspartame and splenda – it is like putting rat poison in our foods. I have also always avoided the shopping cards at stores knowing it was invading our privacy. I just do not go to stores that jack up prices on people who refuse to give up their privacy. Albertson’s for example has a consumer card, but they will always add in their private number to get you the discounts (at least the store I used to go to) if you refuse to get a card. The Safeway across the street on the other hand will charge inflated prices to people who do not give up their privacy.
    David recently posted..Rapid Weight Loss Tips: Cycle Those Calories

  18. having mosquitoes ain’t enough and now mutated mosquitoes? Wow! I just can’t imagine about all the things that we are wary of since almost all things around us are starting to mutate.
    Kelly Williams recently posted..Does Jillian Michaels Detox And Cleanse Work?

  19. merri says:

    I like splenda, but I’ve been eating less of it, cuz I realize it’s bad. I don’t encourage people to get hooked. I think it’s horrible to stick it in milk!! Why does milk need any sweetener at all?? I don’t drink cow’s milk but I do drink soy and almond milks, and always get the ones labeled unsweetened. I wonder if they will have to start selling cow’s milk labeled that as well? Ugh mosquitos…i really don’t miss those things. So glad they don’t live in SF.
    merri recently posted..Show your support for equality. Wear red today. It’s…

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