We Wish You A Greedy Christmas!

Let there be no shame on yo’ Christmas-eatin’ game. It’s only one day. Only comes ’round once a year ‘n stuff. So how greedy you gonna be? Not at all? A little bit? Or a lot? Perhaps a little bit of greedy video propaganda will help you decide…


  1. Chrystal says:

    I’m cooking! I’ll be extra greedy!

  2. Toby Edge says:

    Love it!
    There really is a very simple answer to being greedy over Christmas….’cheating’!
    Here’s what I tell my clients to do:
    Make sure you are as strict as possible the week leading up to Christmas day. Then, indulge to your hearts content and just enjoy yourself as much as you like. Its absolutely no good ruining your day by being overly cautious with your diet. No good at all.
    In any case, if you’re ‘good’ leading into the day, your leptin levels (important hormone!) should have decreased significantly. We need high leptin levels to lose fat effectively and do you know what the best way of raising them back up is? You got it – eat loads!

    So of you’re good, you can eat as much as you like on xmas day and actually benefit your fat loss! Do be careful not to keep overindulging through the rest of the holiday season though!
    Toby Edge recently posted..What Does It Take To Lose Weight For Good – Part 3

  3. mimi says:

    Remember to indulge in the treats of the season, not the stuff you can get any time. Egg nog, yes. Nachos, no.

    • MHA says:

      Very good point, eating what is a seasonal treat. I’m planning on eating more than usual, and richer stuff than usual, and not feeling a bit guilty about it! AND I am planning on being a very good girl the week before Christmas!

  4. 444 says:

    Toby and Mimi have good ideas. Also, if you’re “good” leading up to a holiday, your stomach will be shrunken enough that you won’t be able to cram damage-level quantities of no-nos in on Christmas, anyway. It’ll seem like a lot since you’ve been used to eating very moderately, but it’ll be a blip on the radar if you get back on the wagon soon.

    I think you’re the only blogger who posts pics of yourself in your underwear all over your blog. Do you have to fend off perverted stalkers? :o/ ;o)
    444 recently posted..Getting December started

    • yumyucky says:

      My stomachs were shrunken like that on Thanksgiving. I tried to cram in extra foodstuffs, but it didn’t work out too good. I sob that I ate only 6 slices of pie over Thanksgiving weekend. I wanted to eat sooo much more, yet my shrunken stomachs failed me.

  5. Barbara says:

    I’m being so strict until Christmas, then look out Loretta…enchilada time. It’s like Hammer time….with more cheese and salsa.
    Barbara recently posted..EatSmart Precision Getfit Body Fat Scale Giveaway

  6. Geosomin says:

    On the day, I just enjoy myself. It’s only one day :)
    Geosomin recently posted..Monday already?

  7. misszippy says:

    Killing me, as always!
    misszippy recently posted..Must you hit a wall?

  8. TooBIG says:

    That was awesome.
    TooBIG recently posted..Let’s be honest Part 2

  9. Lisa says:

    LOVE IT! That was me this Saturday. OOOOPS
    Lisa recently posted..Healthier Holiday Snacking

    • yumyucky says:

      Eh, don’t worry about it. Saturday was just a test run for practicing your Greediness. You don’t wanna screw up and be non-Greedy on Christmas. This is some important shit right here.

  10. Marc says:

    You should have your own channel…oh wait a minute…you already do:)
    Marc recently posted..Wintertime workouts with the family

  11. Coco says:

    I can’t wait to be greedy with the Peppermint Bark.
    Coco recently posted..My Classic Christmas Cookie Recipes

  12. You are so cute! Love the video and yes, be greedy!!
    Cathy @ Noble Pig recently posted..Holiday Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

  13. Patty says:

    Seriously LOVE YOU! Awesome video :)

  14. You have way too much fun making videos!! I love it. I’d make videos, but they would be so boring that I couldn’t even watch them myself!

  15. Cassie says:

    this video is hysterical. This Christmas, I am hosting and cooking which usually means i will be to busy playing host to eat, but come Dec 26, i am going in with the leftovers.
    Cassie recently posted..It’s Friday and I’m Happy…

  16. merri says:

    ooh i miss my mother’s yummy christmas dinners!! since she can’t send those to me through skype, i’ll most likely be eating really healthy and sparsely this christmas like usual. but if it were in front of me, i’d def take advantage yum.
    merri recently posted..There’s Some New Tea in Town

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