Ladies! How To Get Chin Hairs To Stop Growing


Well, hey there. Remember awhile back when I wrote that post about the dangers of mineral oil?

Welp, I NEVER would’ve guess in a gazillion years that I’d be back telling you about my missing woman-whiskers (chin hairs). Watch the video and find out just how epic the decision to remove mineral oil products from my beauty regimen has been, because it’s news you can definitely use.

You NEED this info! If it worked for me, there’s a helluva good chance it will work for you, too. Even you young gals that don’t have whiskers (yet), you best be paying attention to this anyway!


  1. Barbara says:

    I think you are really on to something. I had purchased some cheaper makeup products recently and my acne and woman whiskers went insane! Back to natural stuff without mineral oil and things are calming down on my face. Now, I need to work on my hair….have sort of an Eddie Munster thing going on up there.
    Barbara recently posted..See You Next Year!

  2. Hollie says:

    OMG… my chin hair has been out of control for at least five years. I am going to start looking at labels. I got rid of Vaseline a while ago, but didn’t know about mineral oil. Sounds like it would be full of “minerals” or something, right? Aren’t minerals supposed to be good? SMH…
    Hollie recently posted..Measuring Progress

    • yumyucky says:

      SMH, too. I don’t know why they call it mineral oil, but it’s totally misleading. It’s a cheap ingredient, which is why it’s used to widely. Thanks for watching the video, Hollie! xo

  3. mimi says:

    Gasoline by-products have no place in or on our bodies. Nice to know the switch is working for you.

  4. Emergefit says:

    “Chin wrench” Love it!
    Emergefit recently posted..Misguided Intentions…

  5. Only you can make a video about women whiskers so entertaining. I bet your kids love sharing your vids with their school friends. Ahh haaaaaa hhhaaaa Says the mom of a daughter who was once a teen and embarrassed when I breathed.
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Walk Your Way to Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness

  6. Melinda says:

    So, what do you clean your face with now? I feel like I remember an older face about some products you bought at Target, but can’t find it.

  7. LOVE!!! I have hairs everywhere due to age hormones! Honestly – it is a rug on my face & I can see more growing every couple months. :-O

    I really did not have issues until perimenopause.. I can’t use raw shea butter on my face as I still break out. I have tried it but I use on my lips! :) Josie, what do you clean your face with at day/night & do you moisturize? GREAT INFO!!!
    Jody – Fit at 55 recently posted..New Year’s Help Guide & Motivation; Forgive & Begin!

  8. Kita says:

    This is something I needed to know my beard er I mean chin hair grows out of control. Now I know and try something different.
    Kita recently posted..Being alone

  9. Wow! I have suffered with dark hairs on my upper lip, chin and neck all my life! As a kid they put me on extremely high Estrogen to reduce the growth and that caused terrible cysts in my ovaries. Its been “waxing”, plucking and shaving all my life. I don’t use anything on my face but for Ponds Cold Cream, I am going to have to see what is it it. Lucky for me I am not a makeup wearer.
    Sheri – Motivation for Health & Fitness recently posted..The Unappreciated Race Director

  10. Geosomin says:

    Hmm…perhaps my one mutant chin hair will leave if I look into this.
    I’ve been resorting to many wierd lotions for my dry cracked hands that were so painful it hurt to type. Perhaps I need to rethink this before ol’ chinny brings her friends by…
    Geosomin recently posted..holidaze

  11. Cynthia says:

    Apart from the whiskey,what else can my female friend use?

  12. Chris says:

    What rubbish! My mother and family have never worn make up “ever ” and they get chin hair … My mother doesn’t wear moisturiser either and she has had chin hair for over 30 yrs!!! Yes plucking for 30 years and it still grows.. Such rubbish! It’s part of growing old and that’s it !

    • yumyucky says:

      Hi Chris. Despite any debate about chin hairs, mineral oil is extremely toxic and should be considered being removed from the beauty regimen. As for the chins hairs, I have experienced less growth and finer hairs (opposed to thicker hairs) since removing mineral oil-based products. This is what happened to me personally, however, I do agree that hormones play a role, depending on the individual.

      • Am says:

        Your video and blogs are interesting and entertaining. I have been struggling with facial hair for years now and it has really been a damper on my self esteem. I’m so tired of the removal processes and really want to find a way to drastically reduce the amount of time I spend trying not to look like a shemale. I am going to look through my products I use for the mineral oil. My question to you is what products do you use now aside from raw Shea butter? Is there a list of products that don’t contain mineral oil or is that some research to be done on own?

  13. Elreen says:

    Oh how I wish this were true. I don’t wear makeup I just use hot water and a wash cloth like my grandmother showed me. I have really oily skin so I don’t use any moisturizer either. I’m closer to 50 than 40 and am always mistaken for being in my 30s.

    I believe it is just old age. So I guess it is back to the tweezers for me.

  14. ishara says:

    Hey der I’m suffrin wid facial hairs groing so wild on my lower chin an my neck, I tweeze an use da machine to remove but its growing even faster,an its leaving my chin dark as eva, I’m so fed up, I use faiza beauty cream in da nyt an epimax in da day, I dno wat else to do, I went to da doc he gav me weight loss duromine 15g an I took it but nuthn helpn for da hair, pls I nEed dis to stop growing on my face an hav a better life as my face gettn so bad wid da tweezer marks, tnks

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