I’m a Gangsta Beyotch

gansta beyotch smoking a cigar

This past Friday night. After damn near 40-years of livin’. I can now cross “try a cigar while doing a gangsta beyotch pose” off my bucket list.

But do not be alarmed. The cigar industry has not gained another customer.

However, my good friend that snapped these pics has alleged that the Hungry Husband and I are the future poster children for “Pimp and Ho Couple of the Year”.

Hmmm…. she may have a point there.

pimp and ho couple smoking cigars


  1. MHA says:

    Ha! You are my kinda gal!! I smoked a cigarillo (small cigar) in my youth, so THAT one has been crossed off my list for a while! I inhaled, turned green and never looked at a cigar again! I have to admit I like the smell of a cigar, as long as it isn’t too close up on me, stifling me.

    I really do appreciate your acknowledgement of greediness. Some health & fitness blogs make it sound like you’re a slovenly larda$$ if you want a cupcake now & then.

    XXOO Very merry Christmas to you & the Greedy Family!!

  2. Barbara says:

    That pic is hilarious! Merry Christmas to you and your Greedy Gangstas!
    Barbara recently posted..Plugging In…..A Different Outlet

  3. TooBIG says:

    Is this that new HBO special you were telling me about…lmao
    TooBIG recently posted..Finding Ways to Hit Your Goals

  4. Sheila says:

    That. was. awesome.

  5. Emergefit says:

    Currently hiding under my desk in hopes you two don’t come to “collect”….
    Emergefit recently posted..The Mother Of Reinvention…

  6. Patrick says:

    Hmm, keep that pose handy, the Amish Mafia is rumored to be muscling in on your turf. Stay Gangsta!
    Patrick recently posted..My Friday Wasn’t So Tough

  7. Geosomin says:

    hee hee hee
    Awesome :)
    Geosomin recently posted..Pick me doc

  8. mimi says:

    Before my Sweetie had so much trouble with his ears, he and i used to share a good cigar about once every six months.

    Great pics.

  9. quix says:

    Uh oh! I better make sure to not run into you in a dark alley anywhere! Scary stuff! :)
    quix recently posted..2012 Finish Line! (Vern’s 5k, Trail of Lights 5k)

  10. Lisa says:

    Is that photo your Christmas card for this year??? :)
    Lisa recently posted..Lovely Lebanese

  11. Nellie says:

    I feel like there should be dmx playing in the background of this post!
    Nellie recently posted..Mommy = Inventory Control Manager

  12. That is quite a pic – you guys scare me! 😉
    Jody – Fit at 55 recently posted..Gratitude Monday & Family; HAPPY BDAY!!!!

  13. bee says:

    love your blog!!!!!

  14. amal says:

    Age du Fer pas en déclin, mais le maréchal daze,Chut! Maison fant?me à se réveiller,L’ère électrique ne sont plus un état d’hébétude,L’ère du moteur à vapeur se sent étourdi,L’age d’or de la dévisser table d’opération

  15. Coco says:

    You either need a shorter coat to show off that beyotch booty or no jeans to complete the ho look! 😉
    Coco recently posted..Happy Merry Joy!

  16. Patty says:

    I loved that song back in the day! Great pic! :)
    Patty recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: When Pennies Add Up

  17. Lia says:

    I LOVE this! I am a big cigar fan as well but do the small Macanudos. I can’t hang like you!
    Lia recently posted..Just-Be-Me-Mantra for 2013

  18. This really made me laugh out loud. You are hilarious!
    Mary (A Merry Life) recently posted..Merry Christmas!

    • yumyucky says:

      woohoo! It’s MARY! So good to see you here. I’ve been silently stalking you on the social media Interwebs. hehe. Lurved your cute little Christmas tree. :)

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