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free online interval timer

….so I was about to do my speed rope intervals in the family room on my new foam interlocking floor mats (woohoo!), but I can’t find my damn interval timer. There’s no doubt one of the gremlin-children put their paws on that timer. I predict I won’t find it again until mid-Spring of year 2019.

With every second I bitched/searched for the timer, it was precious minutes I was losing for my workout.

I couldn’t let that happen.

Now because my brain is only partially melty and still shows sporadic signs of quick thinking, I did a Google search for “online interval timer” and found a basic, simple straightforward timer to use in place of my missing Gymboss.

Here’s the link to the online timer: http://www.beach-fitness.com/tabata/

There are fancier timers out there, plus some decent smartphone apps, but this beach-fitness timer is simple, free, and did the job just fine. You can also download this timer for offline use, but I haven’t tested that out yet.

Get your interval timer and other workout tools together. Keep them handy and on standby for frequent use, because you’re about to get extra-sexy and uber-fit. Riiight?

Foam Interlocking Mats and Speed Rope

rubber floor mats speed rope

I’ve got an awesome workout comin’ at ya on Monday. It’s perfect for some last minute fat burning before you indulge in those greedy Christmas goodies.  ((burp))


  1. Barbara says:

    Look at you speed roping in the house. Get it!!!
    Barbara recently posted..Tuesdays With Princess Sparkle – Our Elf On The Shelf

  2. Emergefit says:

    Emergefit recently posted..Mayans Shmayans: Ushering In A New Era…

  3. You show that gym who’s boss! The challenge is to get in two burps for every jump twirl.
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Boomer Time and Anytime – Double Time!

  4. mimi says:

    Since my only timer is on the microwave, or my phone, i’ll take a look here. Good work, too, not letting the kids’ thievery derail you (my sympathy — my kids have walked off with the flashlight yet again).

  5. Very cool!!! Hey, no reason to not do that workout AFTER the goodies.. well, the next day so you don’t puke! 😉
    Jody – Fit at 55 recently posted..More Weight Lifting Tricks; Moment of Silence; HAPPY BDAY!

  6. Geosomin says:

    Nice! the only one I could find before this turns off when you are using your screen for something else (I have my workout steps listed on my phone too…). This looks nifty indeed. I’ll be using this at home next week to burn off all that cookie dough I’ve been cramming down my throat :)
    Geosomin recently posted..My message this holiday season

  7. @somerskys says:

    Did u look in the MAN CAVE for ur interval trainer maybe ur hubs accidentally borrowed it and forgot to put it back in its proper place.;’)

  8. thomas says:

    Good work yumyucky
    thomas recently posted..Can Fish Oil Pills Be Used For Weight loss? Find Out!


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