Deceptive Food Inflation at the Grocery Store

high prices at the grocery store

You’re paying more money at the grocery store, but look at how sneaky some food brands are getting you to do it…

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  1. Deb says:

    I agree! It is deceptive and its beyond irritating. Especially the coupon thing. I tried using coupons for 2 months. I managed to save the cost of half of the newspapers I had to get to get the coupons because of the quantity of items you had to buy or simply because they were for items we would never buy anyway. Good thing I had the paper for free those 8 weeks!
    Deb recently posted..FMM – Reasons to Be Thankful

  2. Barbara says:

    Now I want to make something with paprika this week. 😉

    The costs are ridiculous but the deception has me thinking brands think we’re stupid.
    Barbara recently posted..New Diets for 2013

  3. mimi says:

    For once, Ol’ Bessy let me watch a video.

    Yes, i’ve been noticing this for many years in varying forms. The bottle gets smaller, or the bottle stays the same size but they simply put less in it.

    Then there is the “ultra” deception regarding dish detergents, cleaners, laundry products, etc. When they start saying it is “ultra” or “concentrated” it simply means they are charging you more for less product, and it doesn’t work any better.

  4. Nellie says:

    oh my gosh lol, smh! There is a LOT of deception going on in those stores!! (I noticed the frosted flakes thing too, but that will be out lil secret LOL)

    I think couponing is all a great scam to take up our time, very much like social media.
    Nellie recently posted..Updating My Work Wardrobe!

  5. Marc says:

    Now that’s it’s just the wife and I we have cut way back on grocery shopping. When I had kids (especially sons at home) I went through a gallon of milk a day. Now, I don’t think we go through a gallon a month. We buy the half gallon size, 1 at a time and maybe get 2 in a month. But you’re right – Deceptive advertising. I gave up buying candy bars a long time ago. Around here it’s a dollar for a candy bar by the cashiers counter. I cannot justify wasting a dollar on something that cost me 10 cents as a kid.
    Marc recently posted..Physical Friday – cancelled

  6. Geosomin says:

    My peeve is a lot of things I buy are the same price, but slightly smaller volumes. I didn’t notice at first and couldn’t figure out why some of my recipes weren’t turning out the same…sneaky cheeky. Then there’s the whole “environmental” or “green” products that simply have less packaging…because there’s less of the product…which somehow makes them more environmentally friendly…um…hello? 😛
    Geosomin recently posted..Dusty…

  7. Sheila says:

    I’ve noticed the same things -it’s been awful. That said…I still love the thrill of a good coupon hunt. Luckily my paper is only $1.50 still and I’d pay it just to read the coupons. FTR – the Frosted Flakes part was my hand’s down favorite.
    Sheila recently posted..The Little Engine that Tanked

  8. I am with you!!! Also check sales as well & price per ounce or unit. Sometimes they say the larger is on sale BUT the price for the smaller might be less per ounce or unit. I always check all that crap – stinks!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted..Gratitude Monday & Hurricane Sandy

  9. Ummm, how have I not seen your YouTube videos before! Pure YumYucky awesomeness. Thank you for the fear factor reminder of brand tricks in the store and for your delicious sense of humor. (on camera and otherwise!!) you da bomb!
    Meegan (@redstar5) recently posted..What I’m Running On

  10. Coco says:

    Oh, I get so burned up at things like this. There are things I won’t buy unless they are on sale because the regular price has sky rocketed. Except Chobani. That price has gone up and down and up again. Now it’s settled at $1.29 each. ~sigh~
    Coco recently posted..Why I Love November Running

  11. Nick says:

    It irritates me when I see companies advertising as being “healthy” when it’s not! I wish everyone knew how to read an ingredient list.
    Nick recently posted..High Protein Healthy Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

  12. My question – why did you buy more paprika when you already had what looks to be a full bottle? LOL!!! But GOOD video!!! LOVE JOSIE!
    Gigi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama: Chowing Down!

  13. People buy too much stuff, even at the grocery store because it’s on sale or they have a coupon. A friend of mine once said “Every purchase that I make for an item that’s on sale is justified”. That is plainly st***d. Buy only things that you need and food that you’ll eat :)

    • Agree with you.People will always spend like porcupines whenever things are available to them cheaply.For many people, a “fat coupon” makes it impossible to buy only what they need.And yes, this is made worse where there’s a sale.Bottom line: Buy what you need and keep it healthy.

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