Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver Facts, Benefits and Risks

My experience and self-education on the use of Silver products began after I suffered a 2nd degree burn to my leg. It was slow-healing, painful ordeal. Later on I was advised by a friend that I could have used a silver product applied externally to the skin to avoid infection in the wound, encourage quick healing and less scarring. This is what piqued my interest into learning more about silver as a natural remedy. Treating burn wounds is just the tip of the iceberg.


Silver has a centuries-old medicinal history dating back to the time of the Phoenicians, Hippocrates (460 BC – c. 370 BC), the glory days of the Greek and Romans, and the age of royal European families. During the era of plague, many aristocrats were spared the Black Death through their use of silver plates, utensils and drinking containers.

Silver’s use continued into the 1800’s for prevention and treatment of infection, and finally into first half of the 1900’s with widespread use by physicians as an antibiotic treatment for patients. After the 1940’s, silver’s use dwindled with the introduction of pharmaceutical antibiotics. Regardless of modern day nay-sayers (many medical professionals, government, and big Pharma) who aim to discredit silver through mis-information, omitted information and scare tactics, silver’s overwhelming track record as a natural remedy throughout history is virtually impossible to dispute.

You will notice that most medical and government health websites generally focus negatively on the topic of silver as quackery, in contrast to personal testimonies around the web which speak positively of individuals’ use and experiences.

Historic Perspectives on Clinical Use and Efficacy of Silver


It is a suspension of silver nano particles in distilled water. The higher the PPM (part per million), the stronger the silver product is (but stronger is not always better). It can be applied topically or ingested internally and is safe for humans, animals and plants. Your body will not develop silver-resistant bacteria. Use only quality silver products from a trusted, reliable manufacturer. Your silver should be clear as plain water. A dark or cloudy silver suspension indicates impurities are present, which can lead to undesireable side effects.


Ionic is considered the next step in silver technology. It is used in the same manner as colloidal, yet ionic silver consist of atoms instead of particles.


It is a germicide and disinfectant. It is antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic. Silver is also used in NASA space missions to preserve their drinking water.

Medical Uses of Silver

Silver is widely credited by individual users with combating over 650 diseases, pathogens and other conditions, including:

  • Arthritis (Rheumatoid)
  • Cancers
  • Viruses (including herpes, flu, HIV)
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Gastrointestinal conditions (including stomach bug and colitis)
  • Click here for extended list of illnesses and diseases

“By 1978, silver was shown to kill syphilis and malaria. In an interesting demonstration, swimming pool water was contaminated with 50 gallons of raw sewage that had been flushed through silver electrodes. When the water was tested there was no living E. coli.” ~ source

“Dr. Henry Crookes is credited for the wide use of silver in the early 1900s. He used it for subduing gonorrhea, tuberculosis and staphylococcus, as well as many other infectious organisms. His scientific reports concluded that there was no known microbe that could not be killed in the laboratory with colloidal silver within six minutes.” ~ source


Anything in large doses can be potentially harmful or deadly. I remember feeding a gazillion carrots to Greedy Kid #1 as a toddler (she wanted them…ooops). The palms of her hands turned dark orange from ingesting too many carrots over a period of several weeks. Anything in excess is bad for you, including colloidal silver, so please use it safely and responsibly as directed.

1. With excessive doses of colloidal silver, there are rare reports of “Argyria”, a permanent blue/gray discoloration of the skin. Ingesting poor quality silver products containing impurities may also cause Argyria. Silver is frowned upon and its use discouraged by medical and pharmaceutical powers that be for this reason. However, the true underlying reason for this opposition is obvious when you considering silver’s natural effectiveness, lack of toxic side effects, and low cost compared to prescription medication. Silver’s effectiveness is threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

Colloidal Silver “Blue Man”: Why His Story Is Public Relations Fraud

“There is no risk of a person developing this condition unless they took colloidal silver every day for up to ten years or more. Anyone with agryia has seriously misused the product they have been using. Once again, providing you use it correctly, colloidal silver is perfectly safe, irrespective of whether you use it topically or orally.” ~ source

2. There are conflicting reports that silver may or may not mildly affect gut flora, diminishing friendly bacteria (but not at the harmful level caused by pharma antibiotics). Silver should be taken only in recommended daily doses or in larger doses during times of sickness only for the time period recommended to avoid the potential of gut flora disturbance. Ingest pro-biotics, such as those found in yogurt, to avoid/correct any disturbance.


I have purchased colloidal silver and take it several times per week as an immune booster (1 Tsp/day). It is also safe for gremlin children at proper dosages (1/2 Tsp/day). The silver suspension has no odor and the appearance of plain water. It has a slight metallic aftertaste that diminishes quickly. Our first medicinal use of silver (taken orally) was for a family member’s treatment of a urinary tract infection. A quick online search led us to recommended silver dosages to treat a UTI (1 teaspoon 3 times day for 7-10 days). By day three, all UTI symptoms had disappeared. Silver intake was therefore reduced to 1X per day for the remaining days prescribed. No doctor’s visits or antibiotics were necessary. Hooray!!

We don’t look forward to illness in the future (God forbid!), but we’re ready to do battle with Silver in our natural remedies arsenal.


Consider these assessments of tops brands by to determine which brand might be right for you. I current have a supply ASAP Silver Solution (this is what cleared my family member’s UTI symptoms). My next silver purchase will be Sovereign Silver due to its glass packaging, which is the recommend packaging for silver products. I also look forward to trying ionic silver (Opti-Silver) in the future.

1. Natural Immunogenics – Silver Hydrosol (Sovereign): “…after 16 years of trying different colloidal silver products, Sovereign Silver from Natural-Immunogenics Corp is certainly one of the best of the major commercial brands out there. Sovereign Silver is manufactured in the company’s own private manufacturing facility, under their direct supervision, to their precise specifications, and batch tested for uniformity and quality control before it’s bottled, labeled and sold to the public.”

2. Invision – Silver 100 (Opti-Silver): Ionic. “Opti-Silver from Invision International is also a high-quality, privately-manufactured product that’s quite effective.”

3. ASAP Silver Solution: “ASAP is also privately manufactured, and to date has the most impressive clinical testing behind it. The company even has EPA registration and regulation of some of their topical colloidal silver products.” 

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The topic presented is for informational purposes. I am not a medical professional and will not be held liable for any natural health remedy you venture into. m’kay? xo


  1. Miz says:

    I need to read more about this, kids and JRA.
    thank you!!!
    Miz recently posted..Om wearing BLAKE BRODY yoga shoes…

  2. Barbara says:

    I need to look into this! I’ve always wondered about it at the health food store.
    Barbara recently posted..End Of An Era

  3. I was introduced to silver when I got Lyme disease. My naturopath gave me a “nanosilver” product called Smart Silver product to help keep my immune system boosted during the treatment I received (which was homeopathic, not antibiotic). I keep a bottle of the stuff around at all times!
    KCLAnderson (Karen) recently posted..Knowing Myself

    • Thomas says:

      Why not make the nano CS yourself, I do. Simply aerate the process with a small aquarium pump. The nasty (lifegiving) CO2 does the trick. Set PPM to max. Takes baout 6-8 hours for a liter. I use the Colloidal Master. I have 2 machines, one in Thailand, where I live most of the year, and one in Europe, as it is illegal to take in a CS amchine or CS into the corrupt EU.

  4. mimi says:

    Yes, colloidal silver has good uses! Why do you think moms used to put a silver dollar in the bottom of the milk pitcher, and not have to worry about the milk going bad, back in the days before refrigeration?

  5. Barbara says:

    Updating to say that I went up to the hippie store and bought a bottle of Sovereign Silver in a glass bottle. It might help my swollen gums around my cracked tooth. :)
    Barbara recently posted..End Of An Era

  6. Humans have been using colloidal silver for a long time. It’s been tested thousands of times in labs and universities all around the world with definitive results (yeah, we’ve done our own testing too). It’s becoming more and more mainstream everyday and it’s flying off the shelves of health food stores.

    How many people use colloidal silver? I’d bet that more people use it than you’d think. Truth is over 10 million people use colloidal silver just in the United States alone. Who knows how many that would make across the world.
    At 3600 PPM, NutraSilver is 180 times more powerful drop for drop than a common 20 ppm colloidal silver solution.

    What does that mean to you? It means everything. Especially for peace of mind when fighting nasty infections and lowering your overall costs.

    You might be thinking, “Wow, 3600 ppm is just too much.” If you were to take it straight, for some things it could be. But you don’t have to use it at that concentration. The secret is that you can dilute NutraSilver as much as you want without losing effectiveness for typical household uses, you can’t do that with a 10 or 20 ppm colloidal silver.

    So what if you or your loved one is suffering… with a horrible viral infection, one that antibiotics can’t touch (antibiotics don’t work for viruses at all, NutraSilver does). If you try and treat the infection with a normal 10 ppm or 20 ppm colloidal silver solution, you’re almost guaranteed to reach a point of desperation as more time passes, the pain never subsides, and nothing deters the viral infection as it rages on.

    We set out to make sure that doesn’t happen to you or your loved one. That’s a situation nobody wants to be in… watching a loved one suffer without being able to help them with a product that you can’t trust will work.

    The problem there isn’t the colloidal silver. It’s the concentration of it, or the ppm. The lack of results in this case doesn’t necessarily mean that the colloidal silver you used hasn’t been working at all. If you have colloidal silver in your body, it’s killing the virus, but it’s just so diluted that it’s not killing the virus fast enough in order to overpower its rate of reproduction and kill it.

    The common dilemma is that with a few spoonfuls of your every day 10 or 20 ppm colloidal silver it gets too diluted in your body after it spreads throughout your blood stream. The 10, 20, or even 100 ppm colloidal silvers aren’t concentrated enough to kill billions of virus cells quickly enough to overpower the reproductive rate of the virus… so you don’t get the results and it seems like the silver isn’t working.

    • Jeret Lendman says:

      I have to agree here, that if one takes 10 – 20ppm silver in a teaspoon, this gets very diluted in 1.3 gallons of blood (the average for an adult). My wife was taking small dosages, but still ended up with pneumonia, and going to the hospital. 3 out of 4 people in my family got the same infection. I drank 16oz of 15ppm silver, that I made, every morning for about a week, and did not get the infection. You need to get the concentration in your blood up to about 10ppm to be effective. Teaspoons a day is a good preventative. Colloidal Silver works, but you have to do it right.

      • yumyucky says:

        silver is amazing. I’m still experimenting proper dosages when the kids when they’re sick. Might need to up their dosages next time around, although it worked great for me. Didn’t get sick.

    • Thomas says:

      It sure ain’t flying of the shelves in Europe, it FLEW off when they banned CS, the machine, even the spare silver electrodes. Nasty scum the EIU big-pharma funded/ corrupted dictators.

    • Russell, you make some good points there, but without actual research data to back it up it is hard to determine what concentration of colloidal silver should one be using. In laboratory testing the concentration of silver that has been found to work best is between 10 ppm and 50 ppm, depending on the size of the nanoparticles of silver of course (I talk more about the size below).
      Before I talk about the size I want to address one problem with colloidal silver:
      One of the biggest problems with colloidal silver is that there are too many manufacturers making all kinds of nano silver but most of them including Nutrasilver, Sovereign Silver and ASAP, do not actually make colloidal silver just nano silver.
      Let me explain here what colloidal silver is and what is not so everyone here can make an educated decision before buying any brand.
      Colloidal silver is a colloid which consists of nanoparticles of silver between 5 nm and 100 nm in size. It has a color, between light yellow to intense red depending on the size and concentration of the silver nanoparticles. The nanoparticles of silver have a like-electric charge thus they remain suspended. Colloidal silver nanoparticles are ions regardless of their size (5 nm-100 nm), since a charged nanoparticle of any metal is a cation which is an ion with a positive charge.
      What colloidal silver is not, is a clear colorless solution. It does not have the smallest nanoparticles possible or atoms. It is not a cure all either and it does not kill 650 organisms (that is silver but not colloidal silver).
      Currently laboratories which manufacture colloidal silver the right way (look up Nanocomposix or Sigma Aldrich among other few), do not experiment with the smallest nanoparticles of silver possible since they understand that the size of the nanomaterial affects the behavior of the material. The same is the case of nano silver. The smallest nanoparticles possible or silver atoms behave entirely different making them lethal even to human cells. It works but at the expense of causing silver toxicity when consumed over long periods of time or in large quantities (which 3600 ppm is too much of the toxic nanosilver).
      Colloidal silver is hard to make, the make at home kits make nanoparticles which are too large that can cause Argyria (a discoloration of soft tissue caused by the accumulation of silver) The blue man is just one example of what can happen when its made at home and consumed in large quantities. Even in small quantities they do accumulate in the soft tissue and in the long run can cause Argyria as well. Argyria happens when the body cannot get rid of the nanoparticles of silver which are bigger than 100 nm.
      If you do not agree with this then look up any research paper and see what nanoparticle size they use to research new cures. They do not use anything bigger than 100 nm or smaller than 5 nm because they understand that only within that window the nanoparticles are safer to use.
      For everyone here looking for the right kind of colloidal silver, look for a light yellow colloidal silver with a concentration of about 15 ppm that shows the Super Tyndall Effect. If it does not then it is not true colloidal silver.
      Another thing, one of the reasons why colloidal silver is not an OTC drug anymore is because when manufacturers of colloidal silver were called to backup their claims about it being a cure all, 650, etc. They could not come up with consistent data to proof the efficacy of their products, a reason being they were all manufacturing all sorts of nanoparticles of silver which in turn meant not having a well regulated product when it came to its manufacturing and characteristics. Of course the ruling stated that only properly manufactured colloidal silver (as it was before 1938) could be sold as such. Since none of these many manufacturers were making colloidal silver the right way none could apply for the grandfather ruling and opt to sell it as a mineral supplement (nothing wrong there except they do not make colloidal silver the right way).
      If one reads the literature from before 1938 one finds many manufacturers too just as today, but the main product was the red colloidal silver at high ppm concentrations which is the hardest to make because it entitles very expensive equipment and very precise calculations.

      So to anyone out there who is looking for colloidal silver manufactured the right way, look for the Super Tyndall Effect colloidal silver, any colloidal silver with those characteristic I have mentioned will be a good and safe colloidal silver.

      • Andrew says:

        @Silver living Tech:
        I make clear CS. I use a simple aquarium style air pump to agitate the water during production (this is why it’s clear.) I also use .9999 Silver and a simple 24V 500mA cellphone-style batter charger as my power supply. Yellow CS is an indicator of poor quality larger size particles (agglomeration,) exactly what happens to my CS when I DONT AGITATE the water.

        As is the case with any homemade CS using electrolysis, You’re going to end up with both Ionic Silver (a sliver atom with a missing electron) and silver “nano” particles. The Tyndal effect proves the presence of these “colloidal silver” particles because the Tyndal effect doesn’t reveal Ionic Silver. The tyndal effect is what happens when you shine a laser-beam through your solution. As the concentration of colloidal silver particles increases the more noticeable the effect. (It’s a clearly visible “line” of laser beam that reflects off the silver particles.)

        So if clear CS doesn’t have particles as you suggest. Or, is comprised of only Ions, then how come I get such a pronounced Tyndal effect? It’s funny how many divergent opinions and misinformation is out there. This stuff really isn’t all that complicated, and you CAN make superior “colloidal silver” at home with a simple system.

  7. Joy Bingham says:

    My daughter, Brooke Jones, has introduced me to your blog. I have now Liked your FB page and subscribed to your Youtube channel. Years ago my husband brought home a small bottle of colloidal silver that a researcher engineer friend, Daryl Tichy, had made. I was SKEPTICAL and RESISTANT. I just didn’t believe a human should consume silver! I have learned different. Daryl formulates for the company: Solutions IE in Provo, UT. I have a high level of confidence in Daryl.

    My personal choice, however, would be to use essential oils. I use the doTERRA brand. Wonderful burn protocol. I would invite you to Like our page at Joyfull Innerprizes doterra to learn a bit more about me and my husband.

    PS I also drink Shakeolgy. It is my protein shake of choice. I’ve gotten it from Brooke, but need to sign up under her. That would make you my upline, huh?

    Thanks for your research and article. Very thorough…….Joy

  8. Need to come back & read more thoroughly – not enough time right now.. THX for sharing your knowledge!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted..What Words Describe YOU?

  9. Ty says:

    Thanks for the info. My dad is diabetic and had a slow healing wound, and finally he was given pads with sliver in them (usually saved for burn victims at our local health care facility), and the infection cleared up in two weeks. Witnessing this made me curious, but I had not yet had time to do my own research, so again thank you.

  10. Layla says:

    Awesome, thank you for this!

  11. Stacy says:

    I’ve always been a curious about the powers of silver and at the same time reluctant to become the color of that poor little gum chewy girl on Willy Wonka.
    I think you may have just pushed me past my fears, and considering the ridiculously wicked illnesses everyone is passing around these days – I think I’ll head to the store.
    Stacy recently posted..It just hurts so damn bad

  12. LP says:

    Every time my kids have an ear infection, which is rare, I give 1/2 tsp ionic silver orally and a couple drops in the ear and overnight it cures the ear. I love it.

  13. mykie says:

    Where can I buy ionic silver?

  14. brooklynbl says:

    But you NEVER state what the dosage should be. What is the sense of the entire article? Stupid. Makes me think it’s all bogus.

    • yumyucky says:

      Thanks for pointing out about needing dosage info. I’ve updated the article to include the dosages I personally use for me & my family. You should refer to the bottle of silver brand that you purchase for their recommended dosing. I put this and other natural health articles out because I care about people and desire to show them other alternatives that are out there, and much safer than Big Pharma meds. There is nothing stupid or bogus about that.

  15. Hope says:

    Great article! Totally agree with you about big Pharma!
    Hope recently posted..Action Expresses Priorities …blogging break

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  21. Tom says:

    I’ve been taking Colloidal Silver 1 tsp per day for 2 mos. should I keep taking it everyday or periodically and if so how offen.?

  22. Jamie says:

    WOWZA! We have been hit with a nasty sinus infection around here. First my son, then my husband. Really fun feature- the gross stuff starts oozing out of your eyes. Good times. I thought I was going to escape unscathed, but my left eye turned a nasty shade of red this morning and I’ve been congested and head achey the past few days. I read your article, ordered Amazon same day delivery and I already feel better after a few drops in the eye and a rinse of my sinus with the product you recommend here. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

    • yumyucky says:

      Hi Jamie. I’m so happy to hear this was helpful to you. I had to use colloidal in my ear the other day for a painful ear infection. 3 doses cleared it up in less than 24 hours! We have been putting the drops in our kid’s ear whenever they have a cough or runny nose. This prevents it from becoming a full blown sinus infection. Here’s to your health!


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