Yum Yucky Style: Do What You Love

New feature, everybody! The more fit I get, the more awesome and confident I feel on the inside & out. Don’t you feel the same? This new-found freedom makes me wanna get all swaggerrific ‘n stuff. Here’s the first of many-to-come Style Sets for your viewing pleasure. The theme is “Do What You Love”.

Nike 6.0 Legacy Bikini Swim Top: I’ve been shopping for swim tops recently. I have 2 so far, but this one right here is the sexiest I’ve seen yet. I put in a demand to get it as one of my mother’s day gifts. Oh yeah! I’m gonna have it! 

K-Swiss Women’s Tubes Run 100: These were on my feet and felt delicious. I was *this close* to owning them, but they didn’t have my perfect size. Maybe you’ll have better luck? There’s different colors to suit your style. Go try a pair.

Gymboss Interval Timer: It’s an important part of my every workout and has been pivotal in my weight loss. It challenges me, keeps me from slacking, and pushes me to not quit until the interval sets are done. Life without my Gymboss would be like life without large slices of chocolate cake. I require both, of course.

Danskin Now Women’s Mesh Shorts: Stylish booty shorts for less than $10. ‘Nuff said.

Hemp Rope & Leather Bracelet: This style of bracelet has flexible material, and you can easily adjust for looseness while you’re doing those burpees and squat jacks. Right? Say it with me one time: “Burpeeees and Squat Jaaaacks”  

Here’s one of my favorite high energy tunes to pair with my workouts. It’s called, “I Gotta Get Through This”, which is major inspiration when I’m going hard on those speed rope intervals. Take a listen to the clip:


Now get on out there and Do What You Love!! xo


  1. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    WHOA those shorts are only $7!!!! I’m ordering a pair 😀 Thanks for this list!

  2. New shoes! That’s what I need. Maybe I’ll move closer to running the half marathon if my shoes are cuter. :)

  3. Portia says:

    Loooove the bikini top! Extra motivation for me to work my arms, back and delts. I think I’ll steal this and put it on my list in time for my SC beach vacation this summer. I don’t own an interval timer but you’ve written about it so much that I think I need to just go ahead and get one to help me fire up my workouts. Great resources!

    • Yum Yucky says:

      You will LOVE the timer, Portia. Takes a short bit to get used to programming the intervals you want, but it’s a breeze after that. 😉

  4. @somerskys says:

    af-ta-noon 2 ya, buddy! this is a good post yet again! i just looked at the tubes running shoes, they look good and the reviews are good, soooo this means i MUST purchase these, like right now, this is the story i am sticking with to inform my yummy hubs when he sees the boxes on the porch. I LOVE IT WHEN I HAVE order boxes on the porch waiting for me when i get home from work. i am also gonna tell the hubs YOU! Josie said I MUST GET THESE SHOES ( n all colors)! for hotness maintenance :’)

  5. merri says:

    i like that bikini top. and the bracelet too yay etsy! Bracelets usually fall off of my wrist, so i dont usually get to get them. that is a super cute gym outfit all together. i generally throw on some old shirt and yoga pants, but so does everyone else at the gym, so i dont feel grimy.

  6. Erica says:

    I want those shorts!

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