Ghetto Grillin’

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So let this be an example to ya. Whether it’s ghetto grillin’ or getting fit once and for all, if you want it bad enough you’ll find a way to get it done.

Raise those hands if you won’t let obstacles crush your fitness goals this week. Raise ’em high!!!!

(…on second thought, after careful consideration, this may not be ghetto grillin’. There’s too much green grass and some woods out back. Let’s call it hillbilly grillin’ instead.)


  1. Miz says:

    it is allll about wanting it enough.
    in everything.

  2. Mark says:

    That’s really thinking out of the box!

  3. Wow!!!!!! =)

  4. Emergefit says:

    It’s a whole different world below the Mason-Dixon line, yes….?

  5. 444 says:

    And drink your Mountain Dew straight from the bottle like a hillbilly drinking his moonshine. That completes the hill-ghetto grilling adventure!

  6. Erica says:

    I cannot believe that is real 😉

  7. Kerri O says:

    I agree, hillbilly grilling. Reminds me a little of my firepit out back…. 😉

  8. Josie, that’s one hell of a shopping trip. From market to grill.


  9. @somerskys says:

    luv luv this ghetto grillin article!! especially the quote “IF U WANT SOMETING BAD ENOUGH U WILL FIND!! A WAY TO GET IT DONE!!!!! yay!yaaah!

  10. YES! It is all about CHOICES!!!!

  11. Broken Toe, schmoken moe.

    Which means I’m finding a way to exercise, even with a broken toe.

  12. Coco says:

    Yep! Look for solutions not excuses!

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