Clean Eating Lunchtime Combo (it’s easy to do ya’ll)

Lunchtime a la Josie

Check out my homemade, clean eating lunchtime combo: Seasoned, roasted chicken breast and a lightly salted, baked sweet potato.

…because I’m pseudo-fancy like that — not all the way fancy, because I forgot to sprinkle cinnamon onto the ‘tater.

But anyways, I prepared everything the night before and packed it up to feed my stomachs for lunch. It’s a protein/fiber powerhouse that’ll keep you full and energized, and your sexy bawwdy on the lean side. And yep, this combo is only around 375 calories, so I had room left over for a fist-full of popcorn (I have Hulk-sized fists, just take a look for yourself) and a tasty Shakeology Cookie. As if I’d skip out on dessert?

Clean eating makes me feel all powerful ‘n stuff.

It’s easy to eat this way and keep your fatty parts on meltdown when you plan ahead. Food planning is super important to your weight loss goals, so don’t you be lollygagging about pre-planning your meals.

Plan those meals, or else!!!

Don’t make me come after you if you’re failing to plan. I possess stalker-vision and will most certainly use it. O_0


  1. angela says:

    That looks awesome! I’m coming to steal your lunch!!!

  2. Geosomin says:

    mmm…I’ve been addicted to sweet potatoes lately. That looks really good…
    I was talking about this kind of thing today with a coworker. They comment on the healthy food I bring and say how hard must be to do…I just shake my head. It’s just a bit of planning. I am so worth that extra 10 minutes :)

  3. I love sweet potatoes and often eat them as an afternoon snack. Yum.

  4. skippymom says:

    Just the act of packing your own lunch will immediately save you calories AND money. Double bonus!  It’s so easy. I do it every night for the family while I am picking up the kitchen [and the fridge and tupperware cabinet are open!]  And you are so right about the energy you are going to get from that one simple meal you made Josie.  So much better than a candy bar sugar rush from the vending machine or a soda pop hit.  Good job!

  5. LOVE that meal – looks familiar! 😉 YES, PLAN!!! Otherwise it may be a “fail”. We got to help ourselves by planning!

  6. Kim Grabert says:

    Sweet Potatoes are my go to for lunch almost every day in the office. I grab one, throw it in a plastic bag and nuke it for about 8 minutes. Alll that fiber keeps me going through the day and I swear every time I stick to my sweet potatoes I lose weight!

  7. cassandre says:

    ironically, i am eating lunch that i brought from home at my desk and decided to come to your site.. i am not consistent about bringing lunch, trying to get better about it.. this post definitely reminded me why i need to be better about brining my lunch.. thanks for the reminder..side note, sweet potatoes are a clean eaters best friend..

  8. lisa says:

    not going to lie, that sweet potato looks AMAZING. little butter and cinnamon….nom. and so healthy! :)

  9. merri says:

    i spend so much time lately looking up new recipes online from all the food planning from my part time vegetarianism and using csa and skipping sugar, etc. i havent tried a sweet potato since i was a kid and didnt like it but i wonder if my taste buds changed.

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