Not Doing These 8 Things? Your Fitness Will Suffer (warning: eye bleach not included)


Disclaimer: My advice is good, but I can NOT undo the image of the fabulous Tayshawwn Jones that you have gazed upon. You’re just gonna have to deal. If you now require eye bleach, no complaining in the comments.

Now please git to it with doing item’s 1 thru 8. They’re all important to your fitness. None should be left undone.


  1. skippymom says:

    Great list.  I especially like #6 – but wish I could master #1.  What is this ellusive sleep you speak of fitness witch?
    And Tayshawn doesn’t even touch some of those you have posted in these hallowed halls.  I’ll take him over some of the others. Although his eyes ARE a little freaky.

  2. Geosomin says:

    He looks like a lemur…with no irises. Does that mean he has laser eyes? Laser lemur eyes?
    Inquiring minds want to know…

  3. Anna says:

    Rocking it once again, Miss Josie.

  4. @somerskys says:

    great list!! josie, but ummm..hummm that dude! whelp, he got our attention to read the list, but well, josie, tayshawwn needs a new doo-rag!!! tell him nas has them on sale. PLAN AHEAD IS A GREAT ONE THO!:’) kinda puts me to mind of D.R. dontcha think???

  5. Great list… pretty much all of these I do “sometimes,” except for “Make yourself a priority.” I’m getting MUCH better at that in this 2012, The Year of Guiltfree for me. Plus, my childspawns are becoming more autonomous (7 and 4.5yrs), so I can do things without them literally clinging onto my legs… sometimes. 

    Everything else though is sometimes on, sometimes off. I think that’s just the way life goes. 

  6. Evelyn says:

    Nice list!

    Lately I haven’t been getting enough sleep or drinking enough water. Must do better!!

    Take care,


  7. Portia says:

    Is Tayshawn from RuPaul’s Drag Race (looove this show!) because he looks mighty familiar…. Seriously, great list. Plan ahead is the one I continually need to work on.

    • Yum Yucky says:

      Girl. you spelled his name wrong. It’s Tayshawwn with a double w. Don’t get it twisted, because he’s such a drama queen about his name, yo.

  8. Says it all Josie!

  9. Amen! To the whole list! Can we add, “Respect your aches and pains?”

    I HATE seeing people lift through pain. YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU SOMETHING!

  10. Bahaha, always making me crack up! I was definitely in beast mode yesterday when I was running up the giant hills in Valley Forge Park. Hopefully I can get this image out of my head stat though because that dude is creeptastic!

  11. Here’s another one:

    Don’t always be the one in charge!

    Take someone’s class, train with a friend and let them design the workout, steal someone else’s Workout of the Day from their blog.  Relinquishing control of the workout to someone else guarantees that you’ll be pushed harder than if you’re in control, you’ll vary your routine beyond what is normal and comfortable, and you’ll do at least some of the stuff you hate to do because you suck at it!

  12. Brittany says:

    That is the most frightening picture I have seen all day. PLEASE give me eye bleach…but yes..the tips you share are indeed amazing. I plan to do 1-8 in fear of Tayshawwn finding me and looking at me with those eyes.  

  13. Well because that dude says so, I will take your advice!!! But if it was ANY OTHER DUDE… forget about it!!! LMFAO!

  14. I can’t deny, Tayshawwn is absolutely a fabulous human being, that picture just proves it more.lols Yikes, I’m missing on a couple of things on that list, I really should sign up for yoga stat.

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