If You Had To Do It Naked…

Excuse me, but if this is your gym, don’t even think about asking me to join. My breasts and booty need semi-proper coverage.

So anyway, how do you deal with going naked? As in, “naked” without your regular routine; without your regular fitness tools or fitness programs; without your favorite supplements or healthy foods?

Sometimes I screw up and end up naked.

Naked because I overslept. Naked because I can’t find my medicine ball. Naked because I misplaced a workout DVD. Naked because I’m running late or naked because, “where the hell is that sports bra?”

Is your own nakedness a free pass to do nothing at all?

I think hell naw.

When you’re caught with your fitness pants down and unprepared, don’t just eff it all. Unless your name is Perfection, being unprepared is gonna happen from time to time. I suggest some “bob & weave” action moves to improvise and make it work anyway.

Recently, my most repetitive nakedness has been oversleeping (gah!). And this means my pre-planned workout needs to be changed on the fly. I have to think fast, because if I don’t, I’ll lose whatever precious times remains in my morning to workout.

Last week I overslept and totally missed my chance for a 45-minute PUMP session, but I still had 20 minutes left in my morning to spare. So instead of laying around drowsy for second longer, I quickly decided on the Body By Burpees workout. It was short, sweaty and effective.

So do you get what I’m saying? Don’t let whatever kind of nakedness you’re experiencing to totally negate your opportunity for a healthy day. If you find yourself naked, just think fast and come up with an alternate solution. Improvise on the fly! It can be done.

And I already told you. I’m NOT joining your naked gym, so quit asking.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Excellent question. I feel like I’m naked all the time now that I can’t run. It’s like there are other outfits out there, but I don’t know what to wear or if it will fit or if it’s flattering . . . I’m shopping around for things that will work given my injury, but I’m trying not to make the injury an excuse. Yes to resting and healing, but no to being lazy when I can do some things (yoga) that give me some amount of exercise and keep my fitness higher than 0!

  2. My girls need a super sports bra or I’m in some serious pain, so no naked gym for me either! I’m not always great at getting some naked workouts in, but I’m finding that my half marathon training plan has been helping me stay on track! Although sometimes life gets in the way, I do a better job fitting the runs in because I know that 13.1 miles are coming my way!

  3. Lisa says:

    Interesting! I actually DID go “naked” for several months. I had to send my heart rate monitor in to get a new battery and be resealed to make it water proof (since I’m a swimmer it’s a must). It was SO weird at first to workout without it. I was so reliant on it. I looked at it throughout my whole workout to monitor my heart rate, am I in the “zone” and how many calories I burned. It was nerve-wracking to not know how many calories I burned. After a few weeks I got used to it and it was okay. It wasn’t as scary as I thought!

  4. Cameo says:

    Great points! I agree, a little of something will always be better than a whole lot of naked.

    I am about to go for 12 days overseas on a job training assignment and my lawd but if I am not scared sh*less about being away from my healthy food and my exercise class. But I am going to pack healthy snacks galore, resistance bands and a good attitude. 20 min in my hotel room here, an hour there, a scoop of protein powder between meals, abstaining from too much drinking with the team…this will all ensure I return home in my same sized jeans!

  5. Ugg, I’m a total excuse maker… I do it anyway, but I complain the entire time. This made me laugh.. I guess I’d better cut the crap and get it done 😉

  6. Geosomin says:

    Lately I’ve tried having a few workouts in my phone gives me a few options when I don’t know what to do or life throws me a loop. It actually helps me workout by having to get up early and go in to workout. i figure since I made it all the way in I have to make it worth missing all that precious sleep :) After getting back into it after a holiday break and knee issue I don’t want to slack off again…

    There is no way you would get me into a naked gym -I wouldn’t care so much if people saw me, I just wouldn’t want to touch anything! Ew…

    • Yum Yucky says:

      Re: naked gym. Some of the pics I found on the internet were just too much to be posting here. Full frontal of naked tiddays sagging on the weight machine, etc, etc. I can’t post that stuff here.

  7. You sure know how to title a post! 😉

    With you Josie – I don’t like being naked without my normal stuff BUT that will not stop me from doing something – anything! :-)

  8. I usually work it out! I’ve packed my bag to attend a lifting class after work to find that I left my sneakers… :( Thankfully, I wore flats that day…But, of course, that day all the spots in the back of the class were full…So, I was in the front of the class! Ready for work from the ankles down…ankles up ready for the gym. The teacher gave me props for still working out anyway. Embarrassingly late to class and called out on it by the teacher – done it. Forgot my sports bra and have to hold my girls down with my arm and look inconspicuous – done it.

    AND, I had totally forgot about that Naked Gym Story! LOL. My favorite part of the story was that the gym didn’t take off like they thought it would with the town nudists…

  9. Jennifer says:

    This is something I struggle with. I will have to say that last month I packed a different right shoe than the left when I went to the gym. It was a funny mistake. Usually, if there is an excuse to be made, I make it. This is something I need to work on.
    Hope you are doing well. Your tweets are gangbusters! Way to get those burpees done!

  10. Julie says:

    Great post :) I can get derailed easily when plans change and feel “naked” without my routine.
    When I saw that picture..I thought “is that for real??” so I actually googled it! LOL I’m just getting back to the gym and for a long time felt so intimidated. If THEY’RE not intimidated..surely I can put on a pair of yoga pants and a t shirt and do my thing! LOL Oh dear…

  11. merri says:

    Ew to that gym in the photo LOL!! I’ve had to work out in partial work clothes a couple times before because I forgot to pack my correct gym ones.. but my biggest thing lately is, I didn’t expect to injure my knee worse a couple weeks ago and been having to alter my workout plans accordingly, but there was NO WAY that I was gonna just give up and not workout at all!! I can’t even imagine! By the way, I love the yoga dvd you recommended! I’ve only managed to do it once (don’t worry, I’ve been doing other workouts instead lol) but I especially loved the back stretching one! And it felt much more peaceful than most of my other live in person yoga classes I’ve been to. Thanks!!

  12. I went naked this morning!!

    Actually – I did a completely new workout this morning and I might as well have been naked because I felt like a fool. :) But I pushed through and by the end I sort of knew what those TurboFire moves were!

    And please don’t send me any naked gym invites – I don’t really like being naked in the shower!! 😆

  13. Coco says:

    Where’s the Lysol and the Chlorox wipes?

    I am missing my Rodney Yee (my DVD player is kaput) but “made do” when I discovered a yoga class at work. It’s not as convenient but it is good.

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