Craptastic Fitness Demands a Spring Cleaning

I was bitchy. Moody. Even feeling a little evil. Almost had a meltdown, too.

“Well, what the hell was your freaking problem, Josie?”

Thank you for asking. It turns out my fitness was staring into the face of Craptastic. I wasn’t getting enough sleep awhile back, and it was causing me all sorts of problems.

I wanted to slap somebody, starting with all the stupid people. I wanted to drop kick the ice cream man in the throat for not driving down my street. I wanted to tell the husband, “wash your own damn clothes!” (might still do that), and I started to slightly not give a damn if I ate too much popcorn and other forms of tantalizing carbohydrates.

Did I mention I almost had a meltdown? All because I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

That’s Craptastic Fitness, ya’ll. You ever teeter on the lines of Craptastic?

I do possess a magical solution that healed me of this ailment. Spring Cleaning! You know, clear out the fitness cobwebs — get rid of shoddy tactics that aren’t working, but you haven’t changed yet. Spruce up the place a bit. Bring some freshness into your fitness so it doesn’t suffer instead. When summer gets here I don’t wanna hear you boo-hooing because your Craptastic ratio is still elevated.

Craptastic Fitness includes but is not limited to…

  • Not enough sleep.
  • No change in fitness routine to keep the body guessing.
  • Not pushing yourself to the next level.
  • Too lazy to commit to anything beyond easy.
  • Lack of improved food choices (at some point, you just gotta start doing better).
  • Other people/things/situations always taking precedence over YOU.
  • Other Craptastic stuff my brain cells can’t think of right now.

Got any fitness cobwebs hanging? Craptastic is NOT the hot look for summer, so take care of it right now while there’s still plenty of time. If you’re desperate for spring cleaning supplies I’ve got a crusty mop out back you can rent.


  1. Reinado says:

    Had one of those days too. Bad day at work, bad nom noms at work… then laziness for everything workouthy (yes, it’s a word), and more bad nom noms…

    The cure? I just allowed myself for one day of sensitive bad nom noms, a day of rest from all things made from iron, and just watched anime on Netflix until I puked rainbows. There.

    Tomorrow, we start again… Tomorrow, I’ll yell to every single one of my cells: CHILL THE F**K OUT! I’M TELLING YOU, I GOT THIS!!!!

  2. skippymom says:

    I have really kept up with my exercising since I got out of the hospital but boy-o I am sore in the evening.  That’s what 4 months of being in bed will do to a body. No muscle tone what so ever. But with the weather so beautiful here it is impossible not to want to be outside and walk.
    It is too early for me to change it up or go to the next level, but I am already looking forward to more. It helps to have you inspiring us Josie. Thanks.

  3. LOL!! Lack of sleep is a killer for me and same deal…it’s all too easy for that to snowball. First eating slips, then workouts, relationships, work….ack. I always feel like my life is balanced on the head of a pin with family/work/training. It doesn’t take much to set the whole thing into chaos.

    Get some sleep (melatonin rocks if needed!!)

  4. Miz says:

    ahhh the sleep gets me every time.

  5. Anna from Boston says:

    Have I told you lately that I super-love your blog?  You always get me smiling, sometimes get me laughing out loud and ALWAYS are an inspiration.  Thanks for sharing your craptastic revelations with us!

  6. Brittany says:

    Body shock at it’s finest. Shock that sexy booty with a new routine! 

  7. cassandre says:

    lack of sleep is my enemy… but i’m making it work and staying committed.. the biggest one for me is “not having enough time” which is the crappiest of excuses and i have learned how to make time in the time of no time..

  8. Sleep – hormones attack! 😉

  9. I definitely haven’t been getting enough sleep lately and don’t feel like I’ll be able to be very productive today…I will definitely be trying to do some cleaning later (after a nice walk outside–it’s gorgeous today, so that might pick me up a bit too)!

  10. Dawn says:

    Spring cleaning? I think I may need the team from Hoarders to come help me out of the crap hole I dug myself into…the good news is I feel like I can finally wiggle a little bit out of the crap hole and once I am free (very soon) WATCH OUT!

  11. merri says:

    yup, lack of sleep, that’s me. i’m a night owl, and my office cube lifestyle does not fit with my inate sleep patterns, hence i’m ALWAYS suffering from lack of sleep. yuk.

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