Announcing March’s Fitness Theme!

This isn’t cuddly panda mode or cute little fuzzy kitten mode. This is BEAST MODE, baby!!

“Beast mode is where the magic happens.”

But what exactly is this magic I speak of?

It’s the magic that YOU create and make happen every single day when you step out of your comfort zone to do the things that are guaranteed to transform your body. You did know you can guarantee your own fitness success, right?

It’s where fat melting is in full swing and you can feel your muscles burn through strength training. It’s where healthy eating takes a front seat, you’re getting enough sleep and doing all the other things you know dang well needs to be done for your own fitness-good.

Although everyone’s Beast Mode level is different, it always involves more sweat, more fitness funk and more consistency. Everything has gotta go up a notch. No more comfortable workouts. No more barely breaking a sweat. And no food sabotage (although that part does take practice).

So what’s it gonna be? You can either continue in Cuddly Panda Mode or get your booty into Beast Mode, pronto!

If you volunteer for Beast Mode, please raise your hands. I need to see hands raised.

Side note: If for any reason you feel yourself slipping into Rabid Deer Mode, please consult with your physician, because that’s not my department. I don’t handle that.


  1. Miz says:


  2. Angel S says:

    I’m usually more of a lurker than a responder, but I’m in for this one! Thanks for motivating me and making me laugh:) …. Rabid deer mode …. Smh … Hee hee.

  3. Heather says:

    raising my hand!

  4. KayPee says:

    BEASTMODE=ON!!!!! Got to step Up My Game, Cuddly Panda Mode=OFF!!!!!!

    Thanks for the Motov….

  5. Emma says:

    *hands up in the air* BEAST MODE in full swing grrrrrrrr!!!!!

  6. Kelly O-ski says:

    Raising my hand hiiiigh! Attempting a 16-mile run today. It’s been a while… haha. Get it, girl!

  7. Reinaldo says:


  8. Melinda says:

    Waves hand…I’m in

  9. @somerskys says:

    josie,(pausing while my stomach does backflips! yuck! rabid deer mode! yick,yuck,blaah,:{, anywazz, i am starting to be like ur friend,Reinaldo i am so {{{afraid}}}}} to click on links in ur blog, for fear of what i might see, eye bleach or stuff like that, but!! i click anyway, cause it could also be something that make me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!! MOST OF THE TIME that is what happens oooh heck ALL! OF THE TIME UR LINKS MAKE ME LAUGH!!!!! O.K. GIRL u are sooo right! HANDS RAISED! I’M N BEAST MODE!! YIPEEEEEEEEE! I’M PLAY-N IN THIS REINDEER GAME

  10. Sherry says:

    Beastie Girl reporting for duty!

  11. Belinda M says:

    Woot Woot!!! I’m in!!!

  12. Chi Chi says:

    I’m raising everything I have! I am definitely going to be in beast mode with you!

  13. Dana Pinapfel says:

    Lol. I love it cousin! 

  14. Geosomin says:

    I’m in.
    Beast was a scientist you know.
    Just sayin”… 

  15. Beast Mode here – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Angela Pea says:

    I’m in.  Proof?  A stupid photo of me pressing a 26 lb kettle bell. Because another web buddy wanted proof that my arms aren’t flapping [too much] any more.

    Oh. And I pressed that stupid bell 40 times today…on each arm. Shoot.  I shoud have done an extra 20 just to make an even 100. 

  17. Beast mode engaged! Would raise my hand but I’m too sore.

  18. merri says:

    i love xmen!

  19. Molly Nitka says:

    BOTH HANDS RAISED! I want to be in the 170’s by the end of the month. Leggoooooo!

  20. Barbara says:

    I’m sidelined from Beast mode right now but I’m gonna put something on it in March for sure. I’m gonna reverse things….In like a lamb…..but OUT LIKE A LION!!! :)

  21. bossygirl says:

    count me in!!! You’ve been in beastmode for a while! 

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