Will You Follow?

Following your heart — your goals and life’s passion (those things you feel you are meant to achieve, to be and to do)  — can feel uncertain, scary, uncomfortable, far-fetched and downright insensible by “normal” standards.

I am feeling all of these things right now, but gonna go for it anyway.

Wherever you’re headed, don’t shortchange yourself. Don’t skimp out on your potential of what “could be” if you would just go for it and not doubt. Follow your heart.




  1. lisa says:

    yea josie!!! always follow your heart and intuition, if not you are only cheating yourself! :)

  2. Emergefit says:

    Your heart speaks in the only language your ears can understand. Go for it.

  3. Donna says:

    Yep, that’s been my motto for a while now. Trying to make it happen. Some days it’s very discouraging, but I know it will be worth it in the end. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Miz says:

    always always.

  5. Go, Josie, go!

  6. Lori says:

    With you! A little bit ago I strayed from this for a moment….got caught up in what others were doing. Back to me now.

    • Yum Yucky says:

      Lori, sometimes I get distracted and caught up by what’s others are doing as well. But this fire in me is too strong to ignore. Gotta follow it. I’m glad you’re back to yourself as well!

  7. Geosomin says:

    Sometimes it takes a bit for all the things to settle in and figure out what I need…I think I’m bumbling there slowly with everyone’s help and encouragement!

  8. Wow. This is so true. In December 2011, I opted to resign from a club where I had worked for 15 years. I was tapped out. Loved the gym, but definitely needed a change. It was scary as he**. I decided that I would leave and start my own personal training business. I also started writing again and submitting articles to fitness publications.

    My husband had faith in me, although I know he was very worried about what would happen. Huge leap of faith.

    6 weeks later, I have 16 loyal personal training clients, and this is growing. I also am working on an “aside” marketing business that enables me to write, design, etc for small businesses.

    So important to take the chance. If you feel it in your heart and you work for it (which I have no doubt you will do, simply by reading all you have accomplished personally) you can make it happen!

    It’s the best decision I have ever made. Hands down.
    Best of luck! Sorry for the long winded response!

  9. Wrong website on above response. I launched a website for Aspire Fitness too! :)

  10. Wow Josie, the timing of this post was perfect. Short and sweet, it really spoke to me, as I just took a huge risk of my own after spending days debating whether I was good enough to achieve it. Thanks for that!

  11. @somerskys says:

    yes! @Yumyucky! josie! i will follow my heart and work out when i dont feel like it. like ,aftah work.:( wah-wah-wahhhh. but anyway, ” i’ll have what you’er having”. :’) stay focused

  12. I do.. I always try! I may have to put this on a back burner for now though as I wrote in a post not too long ago due to money issues & at 54 & 59 for hubby, we don’t have time to make up for the money loss from the economy… maybe I will be a 75 year old internet queen… 😉

  13. Excellent advice. And happy belated birthday! :)

  14. Erin says:

    Sometimes, you just have to swallow your fear and jump. Kinda like jumping out of an airplane, not 100% sure if your parachute is going to work properly. But once it opens, it was worth the risk, right?!

  15. Cassie says:

    this so hits home for me.. as i get older *turning 35 next month* i keep having this fear that there are so many things that i want to accomplish and i am afraid i may not get to do them and i just don’t want that to be the case… following your passion is so important and i so desire that at this point in my life.. praying that sooner then later i will be able to follow my passion..

  16. I feel like this letter was written to me and I love it. I will not give up and I will continue to do what I think I was meant to do in life!! That being said, Josie, you better go check out my premiere episode! :)

  17. Alan says:

    I will follow :)

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