Greedy Giveaway! Insanity Fast and Furious 20-min Workout DVD

In the spirit of kicking much booty and putting in the work to claim the body transformation you thirst for, welcome Shaun T’s Insanity Fast And Furious. I partnered with Yahoo! Shine as a Yahoo! Get It Guide Insider to share my thoughts on this 20-minute workout and offer you bad-asses the chance to win it for yourself. (Giveaway at the end of this post.)

I started doing Insanity last year. It’s the workout style I prefer most: high intensity in short time with maximum effort and maximum sweat for maximum results. It works for me. This is how I roll.

Equipment Needed: Your body, bottle of water, towel, mental toughness.

The Warm Up: Even the warm up is a little bit insane, so my advice is to allot 2-3 minutes for your own pre-warm-up time before you pop in the DVD. Because once you do, you’re headed right into a brisk jog in place, and the warm up only goes higher from there. Immediately following the warm up you’ll go into generous stretch that feels Oooo-ahhh-amazing.

Crux of the Workout: Delivering fantastic cueing with constant reminders to “keep good form” and “keep your core tight”, you’re in for one helluva ride, people. If you think 20-minutes is no big deal, just consider the plyometric-palooza that includes moves like high knee jog, moving push-ups, diamond jumps, mountain climbers, burpee push-up jacks, plank holds, and fast football feet, all set to epic rocker music. The fatty parts will begin to melt as you simultaneously build muscle. Your body WILL be changed. Isn’t that what you want?

Shaun T specifically cautions you to stay at your own pace and know your limits, so if you’re worried about not keeping up, just stop that right now. Even Shaun and his workout peeps in the background are taking unscheduled mini-breaks and scraping themselves up off the floor. Then it’s time to s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

This program is NOT for beginners or anyone with troubled knees, ankles, heart problems, whimpy attitude, etc. If you lack mental fortitude, you either need to go get some before doing this program or use Insanity Fast and Furious to start developing mental fortitude right now.

“I’m just a tool to get you to where you need to be. If you don’t wanna go there, that’s on you.” ~ Shaun T

Insanity Fast and Furious is a-buzz on the Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide

The Giveaway: Leave a comment and tell me why you’re bad ass. No, really. I wanna know how you’re pushing daily to achieve your fitness goals.

Your chance to win ends Tuesday, 1/24/12. Winner announced later this week. United States entries only. Totally null and void where prohibited.

Ready? Set. Get Insane!


  1. Mia says:

    My badassness is on the mend! I’m kicking but simply by carving out time to run each and every day

  2. Lydia G. says:

    Why am I a bad ass?  Because I am taking my life and fitness in my own hands.  I am done with the excuses and drop kicking them to the curb.  I know it will take hard work to even just develop and figure out a routine and schedule that will work for me.  But I welcome hard work with open arms (eventually they won’t be flabby arms!)  There are so many other obstacles that I have kicked through before…college, crappy jobs, financial hardships, relationships, and the list goes on.  Why should this be any different?  It won’t be.  I’m ready to sweat, be sore for days, and sometimes stay feeling a little hungry in order to achieve my goals!

  3. Tami says:

    I am a bad ass because it’s -6 outside and I am off to run a 16 mile race!!!!

  4. Whitney says:

    I’m a pretty hardcore badass to begin with and have already kicked a few goals off my list, but I’m working hard at the last few pounds (which Shaun T will certainly help with!) by eating well and working hard, and I’m also aiming to be able to do a few pullups in the next month or so. Hardcore arms are badass.

  5. Angel S says:

    I am a badass because rather then thinking and complaining about it, I am doing it. Despite what the naysayers say, despite the “you’re too old”, “you’re too big”, “don’t be selfish you’ve got a husband, job, and three kids” I am doing it. I’ve lost almost 70 lbs, have more to go, but get up EVERY morning at 5am to kick my own ass. I am a bad ass and I love it!

  6. Karen says:

    I’m badass because even though I’ve had several injuries of the last couple of years, each time I’ve tried to find any way I could to still do some sort of exercise while I healed.

  7. Coco says:

    I’m badass because I love burpees!

  8. Kate says:

    I’m badass because I’m up before 8am on a Sunday to take a spinning class. And I’m not going to phone it in. I got my heart rate monitor and I’m going to push it!

  9. Melinda says:

    I’m badass because: I have committed to a new me this year and every year afterwards. I have started leaving checks on the calendar in the bathroom so I can see the days I work out and give myself daily motivation. Heck, I thought I was badass enough today to take on the 12 minute challenge….still picking myself up off the floor :-)

  10. Donna says:

    I’m badass because I have been working to change mind & body. I recently started doing 2 workouts a day & for my mind studying for a career change!

  11. Tara says:

    I’m badass because I quietly made it my mission to work out this year for mental clarity and I REGULARLY beat the employees to the gym. Ha! They need to just give me a key. #Justsayin.

  12. I’m badass, because in addition to my exercise routine, I’ve gone VEGAN for the last 21 days and plan to continue.  This was 21 days without PASTA for a single meal as well so I’m trying to avoid too much of the veganjunkfood that makes some vegans, FAT vegans.  I’m a carnivore…for fargin’ sure, but I’m also a junkfood carnivore and need to have even greater dietary structure to keep on the straight and narrow.

  13. I am badass because I have stuck with my new plan for 5 weeks now…I have tracked every day, worked out at lest 4-6 times a week and I’m showing my body who’s boss.

    Also..I’m a secret superhero 😉

  14. Elvira says:

    I’m bad ass because I’ve said Yes!!! to badassness in every aspect of my life!!

  15. I’m a bad ass because I have completely changed my eating habits and now only eat clean foods. I was very lax with my eating habits in the past which stalled my results for years even though I love to work out. I also love kick-ass short workouts.

  16. Im bad ass bc i put my elliptical in the living room to workout and annoy my room mates at the same time. win, win!

  17. Alexandra says:

    Why am I so bad ass? I mean you have to ask?? I’m so bad ass because I’ll do whatever it takes to take care of my child regardless of the roadblocks that I face/ I’m bad ass because I cant stop, wont stop. I strive for greatness and know that it’ll take time, but I make small steps everyday. I’m so badass because when everyone thought I would fail, I’m now looking back and saying, “look at me now!”

  18. I’m a badass because once upon a time I ran half-marathon and I so intend on finding that girl again!

  19. Callie says:

    I’m a badass b/c I’ve moved from sunny NC to cold snowy NYC—which involved finding a new job, selling half our furniture, renting our home, finding an apartment, selling our cars–and I did it all over the holidays with only 5 weeks advanced notice.

    But… with all that going on, I’ve slipped a bit in the fitness realm since early December. I’m getting married this year and I could really use insanity to help kick me back into gear!

  20. Cellabella says:

    I’m a badass because I take my dog for a 5-6 mile run every morning.  But I think I’d be even more of a badass if I added some Insanity into the mix too 😉

  21. Sara says:

    I am a badass because I’m nursing 10 month old twins, haven’t gotten more than 4 hours sleep in a row since they were born, and I STILL make it to the gym!

  22. Estefanie Wienke says:

    I’m a bad ass because I already lost 25 pounds taking control of what I eat and exercising 5 to 6 days a week, no more excuses and no more limits. Since I’m looking into changing my body,I need to change my workout and now that i got in shape insanity sounds like the next step to take. Time to get insanely fit!

  23. Ashley H. says:

    I’m a bad ass because I am not slacking on my resolution to get in shape. I have been pushing myself to get toned and fit.

  24. Tamara says:

    I am BadAss because no matter how tired I may be I do my Turbo Fire workouts everyday. I am pressing to win this time no matter what! So lazy ass is a no go for me. My workouts are very hard, intense, and they ALWAYS push me to do more and and be my best mentally and physcically!!!!

  25. @somerskys says:


  26. Kelly O-ski says:

    I’m training for my first marathon through hilly Pittsburgh, and I’m hoping to not destroy myself in the process! haha.

  27. nylse says:

    i did insanity and survived…i felt like a bad a$$$ just for sticking it out.
    insanity works and i would love this fast and furious DVD

  28. ElliA says:

    I go all the way every time. There’s a limit that you hit when you’re pushing it hard and you feel like giving in. Everything around you tells you to quit. “It hurts” ” I can’t do it” ” I’ll never get fit”….the phrases fill your mind with each step and every rep. When every muscle in your body is yelling at you in pain though….that’s when you listen to the muscle in your soul.
    The body is only as strong as your mind, so when it gets tough and it hurts, I go harder….and the walls come down.
    That’s hard.core.

  29. Laura Loving Life says:

    I’m a badass because I never give up. I once went caving with two expert cavers while (secretly, because I didn’t want them to say I couldn’t go) 8 weeks pregnant and about a hundred pounds overweight. It was the hardest 4 miles I’ve ever crawled. And I’ve only gotten more badass since then.

  30. Tara K says:

    I’m badass because I’m 44 years old and have had 4 babies but I’m in better shape now than I was at 24! I never thought the day would come when I’d pass up a shopping trip because it would make me miss Turbokick but it actually happened on Friday! Insanity is clearly now my middle name!

  31. Jessica-Rae says:

    I’m badass because I recently started Crossfit. It’s pushed me to my absolute limits, and now I can do things I never thought I could! However, once I’m out of school I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up the gym dues. So the Insanity DVD will be a great way to keep up the insanity without insane gym dues!

  32. Nikki says:

    I am badass because I am getting married this year! I am taking a walk on the wild side. I hope to be super fit by the time October rolls around.

  33. Heather says:

    I’m a badass because I am getting healthy for me and not because of what anybody else thinks about me…except maybe my kids. I am the good example for them to follow!

  34. K. Rock says:

    I’m a badass b/c I run for fun! And I have 2 little girls that think the world of me. I have to keep the badassness up for them so they can get to badass status too.

  35. mary a. says:

    First of all, props to Sara! (and everyone else). I quit my job, went back to school, and began a new career at 50. I am also training for my first half marathon as well as a weight lifting competition. Doesn’t seem as bad as most of the comments, but what can I say.

  36. Missy says:

    lol, I ran 10 miles for the first time last weekend and felt terrific! I couldn’t help but feel a bit badass after that despite my modest self. :-)

  37. Doris says:

    To achieve my fitness goal after 3 children, I will be getting back on the treadmill and watching what I eat. I will try to limit the ice cream!

  38. Eric says:

    I am resuming my running routine to get back into fitness.

  39. Tameika says:

    I’m a badass because I refuse to contribute to a genetic predisposition to hypertension and diabetes. Also I one day want to be a fit and active mother. No time like the present to maintain and improve my fitness in preparation.

  40. Rose says:

    Because I can run marathons and beyond, past 70 miles

  41. Amanda says:

    I’m a badass because for 5 years I suffered from anorexia and excessive compulsive exercise. But I graduated college, now live on my own and have a very good job. Even though now I have Lupus and another autoimmune disease, I get up and do my best to shake my groove thang! No doubt I still struggle daily, but I don’t let it keep me from living my life! 

  42. lisa says:

    I’m a badass bc I exercised 365 of the 365 days of the year in 2011, and plan on doing it again in 2012 (the very few “rest” days were gentler exercise, like bike ride or walking). WOO!!

  43. Sierra says:

    I’m a badass because I lift heavy and sweat hard

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