Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse: Everything You Need To Know

Yes, people. I did it. The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. I altered it ever so slightly from the formal cleansing directions, but just follow me here and I’ll tell you more. You can do this the formal way, where people report losing 3-8 pounds in 3-days. Or do it the Josie way. I lost 6 pounds in 2 days, and then lost one more pound on day 3 even though I wasn’t being as extra strict on the last day. If you’re learning about Shakeology for the first time, please check out the right sidebar of this blog for more info.

So here we go with everything you need to know about the cleanse with some Q & A.

“What is the goal of the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse?”

The cleanse is designed to help to you kick start your fitness journey, bust through an annoying plateau or drop some pounds quickly in a safe and healthy. You will remove harmful toxins from your body and flush the colon. Yup.

Shakeology is nutrient dense (check out the labels for Chocolate and Greenberry), so do not fear. You will still get adequate nutrition. You will not starve or feel emaciated with no energy. My energy levels remained the same. I went about my routine without feeling tired.

“But what are you really losing, Josie? Those 7 pounds you lost can’t all be from fat.”

Nope. You’re right. You will lose SOME fat because your calorie intake is lowered during the cleanse, but the majority of weight loss will come from water weight as the toxins flush out, plus whatever else has been stuck inside your colon for God knows how long.

“Will I have loose stools?”

Thank you for asking. You will not be like the guy in the colon blow scene in the Van Wilder movie, but if this is your first time using Shakeology, you may experience a heightened cleansing effect. Regular Shakeology users may notice little to no difference in “going” poo, because your digestive system has already been regulated. But peeing is an entirely different thing. If you do the cleanse properly, you will pee… a lot. So go on and rent that Porta-a-Potty right now and strap it to your back for convenience. All this peeing gets the toxins out, too.

“Will I get hungry during the cleanse?”

Shakeology is very filling, especially if you’re taking it three times a day, plus consuming the other foods/drinks as prescribed by the cleanse (water, fruit, salad, tea and one lean protein at dinnertime). I opted to take Shakeology twice per day (aka, the Josie way of cleansing), because I wasn’t hungry for my third serving in the evening. This is a perfect example of listening to your body. I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t force the 3rd shake in the evening. Regardless of this, I did experience normal hunger pangs before it was time for my next meal. I managed those mild pangs both by waiting for my next scheduled meal or sneaking in some extra fruit (there’s that Josie way again).

“Are there any problems or concerns that might arise during the cleanse?”

I wouldn’t so much call them problems as I would evil outside forces. While on the cleanse I still had to go about my normal routines. I grocery shopped. I cooked the family a delectable breakfast. This same greedy family also forced me to make them a special fried fish dinner that we only have once per year. And you know what? I couldn’t/didn’t eat any of it. That, my friends, was torture.

“What did you learn and what else did you experience?”

I’ll gotta be honest. I began the cleanse because I was curious about how much weight I could lose in comparison to other people who have done it. But I had it all wrong – that’s not even my style to be doing it for that reason. Doh!

Before the cleanse was over, it was NOT about weight loss anymore. I learned about harmful toxins that build up inside the body (I did some reading). I learned that excess water weight (that you probably don’t even realize you’re carrying) can be a heavy force on the scale. And I developed a greater sense of discipline. I wanted to succeed, so not even fried fish or fresh ‘n hot biscuits at breakfast could steer me from my goal of completing the cleanse. My success on the cleanse gave me a greater sense of empowerment to apply that discipline to other areas of my life.

Besides my 7-pounds loss, my face cleared up from some irritating adult pimps pimples that had been bugging me in the weeks prior. The loss of water weight also made my abs look as if a layer of fat had been peeled off. My abs appear flatter with more definition.

I feel very light and my energy is sustained. I also have NOT had a cup of coffee since the night before the cleanse began. I typically go into caffeine withdrawal if I do not get my coffee on a daily basis like clockwork, but as of this writing, I haven’t had a cup of Joe in 4-days and I’ve had absolutely NO withdrawn symptoms.

“I’m ready to cleanse? How do I do it?”

Click here for complete instructions on the formal cleanse, plus details on “Josie’s Way” modifications.


  1.’re my hero!!!, recently posted..Atlanta Peachtree Road RaceDid I get in!!

  2. Miz says:

    ahhhh I can barely CLEANSE my bathrooms and bedrooms these days.
    THAT SAID I loved when I saw you tweet you were cooking (ooh or FB? maybe FB) dinner for the fam and you could not even eat it since you were cleansing.

    THAT, oh YY, is LOVE.
    Miz recently posted..The box o’plenty

    • Josie says:

      That was soo hard to do. I didn’t know I had it in me. It’s so very interesting what we possess in strength and self control if we just let it come up to the surface. (and I’m glad I cooked for my family)

  3. Alex says:

    this was helpful and informative.  can’t wait to try it…thanks!

  4. Bonnie says:

    You are a crack up!  I keep considering another cleanse, when I did it last time I lost like 5 lbs over the 3 days.  I like that you modified it, and still lost!  I have 2 bags of the miracle powder, I should just do it, thanks for the inspiration!
    And P.S., were you really happy your fictional questionaires asking about “loose stools”?  Too funny!

  5. Sagan says:

    I’m on Day Three of my own four-day green shake fast! Completely agree with you about all the things to learn – discipline and getting rid of toxins etc. So far I’ve lost three pounds. YAY YOU for the cleanse, and I’m so glad you’ve documented it – this is good motivation for me to keep plugging away at my own!

    You are awesome.
    Sagan recently posted..Six-month adventure- part two- gluten-free and organic

  6. Always interested in reading when people do this but I have not had the “want” to try really.. and for now, fine where I am.. ask me at 55 years old! 😉

    Curious, when you went back to normal healthy eating, did you gain some water weight back?

    You are too funny about the torture part! You are a strong lady!!!
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted..Influencing Children MizFit &amp Fila

  7. charlotte says:

    One of my best gym buddies just finished this cleanse. She lost 5 pounds over the three days but she was a miserable wretch the entire time (I should know – I had to workout with her;)) For her, she said she starving the entire time and never felt full but I know it’s different for each person. I have another friend who’s done this cleanse several times and loves it. I really am curious about trying it… gonna click over now and see what the $$ damage is. 

    Oh, forgot to ask – do the shakes contain any stimulants?
    charlotte recently posted..Bringing Gymnastics Back to the Gym

  8. Fauxtographer says:

    “Heightened cleansing effect.” I love the euphemism there!

  9. I guess my questions are: is the loss sustainable? (ie how much is water that will reabsorb) and how much sugar is in the Shakeology? I know you are not a fan of sugar either and I wanna know!
    Foodie McBody recently posted..Yay Just YAY 30daychip

    • Josie says:

      Hey Foodie! I just jumped on the scale. I’m up only one pound. woohoo! This is excellent news. Since ending the cleanse, I’ve been careful to stay hydrated to prevent the water weight from creeping back up, I’ve eaten no processed (packaged) foods, and I’ve had a big focus on salads. The only sugary thing I’ve had was a bit of honey I smathered on some toast yesterday. My appearance (the tummy area) is still maintaining the same results the cleanse got me.

      I still haven’t had a cup of coffee (amazingly, I still don’t need the caffeine boost) and I kicked my nighttime cereal habit. Now there’s nothing wrong with cereal, but I was eating it “just because” at night.

      The shake has no refined or artificial sweeteners in it.

  10. Carli says:

    Yay! I just received my bag of Shakeology in the mail today! I had it for lunch. I absolutely LOVE this stuff! (I LOVE the chocolate, that is. The greenberry is N-A-S-T-Y!!!) I am going to start my cleanse on Monday. I wanted to start tomorrow, but doing a cleanse on an off day would be sooo difficult for me… I tend to eat out of boredom when I’m at home and don’t want to mess it up. Plus, my mom always makes a kickass dinner on Sunday nights. Sooo yeah. My only dilemma with being on the cleanse while working is HOW THE HECK am I going to make my shakes at work? Well, I guess I will have to take my blender with me. No other option. I’ll just have to wait until the break room is empty so I don’t annoy the hell out of some poor soul just trying to have a peaceful lunch break.

  11. Nicole says:

    I am on day 3 right now, and really wanting to cheat. I am pretty hungry, but it is time for the salad. And I also have not had the last shake of the day because it was too late, and I didn’t want it. So, I am glad I found this article. It will keep me on track today, and we will see what the scale says tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

    • yumyucky says:

      Hey Nicole! I hope the cleanse worked out well for you. Next time around, if you find yourself too hungry, feel free to add some additional fruits or veggies to your day. I’d love to hear about your results!

  12. Porchia says:

    Definitely gave me some great advice, I’m on day 24 of my insanity workout and just started shakeology 2days ago to see if I liked it, I started my 3day cleanse yesterday and might I say it’s definitely doing some major cleansing, but I feel much better with shakeology already, thanks for all the information, I needed it !!!!!!

    • yumyucky says:

      you’re welcome, Porchia! And keep going strong with Insanity. The fact that you’re on Day 24 is a HUGE deal! 😉

  13. Brenda says:

    Me and my sister are gonna try the 3 day cleanse. But we realized it would be the same just to buy the whole bag. Would regular shakeology work the same as the cleanse ? If we follow the same steps ? PLEASE ANSWER THIS IS IMPORTANT!

    • yumyucky says:

      Hi Brenda. If you do a price break down, the bulk bag is cheaper (opposed to the 9 individuals packets), considering the amount of servings you will get. Definitely enough for you and your sis, and then some! The bulk bag is the same exact Shakeology that’s used in the cleanse. Please visit my site at to purchase your Shakeology. Hit me up with any questions you have about the cleanse. Happy to help! Would also love to hear about your results. 😉 ~ Josie

  14. April says:

    The 3 day detox shakeology is not worth it. I just tried it. You still feel hungry and weak during the detox even after strictly following the steps for 3 days.

  15. Brook says:

    Can I sub coconut milk for water in the shake??

  16. bertha mcfall says:

    Sorry I am a BB coach. There is stevia in shakeology. Read the nutritional label.

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