Final Results of my Shakeology Experiment (fashion photo included)

Greenberry Shakeology fashion photo shoot.

I started the 90-day experiment with the basic idea that I would just lose some weight and report back to you on how I did it. I had no idea that I would end up feeling differently, thinking differently, and loving myself more than ever. This is what happened….(err, besides the fashion photo, of course).

Weight Loss and Body Composition

I lost 7.4 pounds during the experiment. That may not seem like impressive poundage until you consider that I barely did any cardio. My workouts consisted of about 25% pure cardio. For the remaining 75% of my workouts, I stuck to what I love most: Yoga, Pilates and weight training (including body weight exercises).

Although I didn’t purposely avoid cardio for the sake of the experiment, a 7.4 pound weight loss in the virtual absence of cardio is beyond not too shabby. I started at 172.8 pounds and have been holding steady at 165.4 for the past two weeks. This non-movement in the scale does NOT bother me, because in these past two weeks my body composition continues to take shape. The lean-slimming of my body has not stalled at all. Sure, there are those notable areas in my arms and stomach, but what really sticks out is my thighs and knees.

First off, I didn’t even know my knee-area put on weight until I noticed the fatty parts disappearing in these last 90-days. I freaking LOVE my knees! As for my thighs, the slimming and definition is almost scary. I feel like my body is morphing into what it was before I had children – but only better, because now there is a true focus on fitness like there was NOT in my early twenties.

The final seal of sexy-body approval came from Health-hater husband. He gave me a “you’re looking good, honey!” body compliment while I was getting dressed in the morning (chicka-bow-wow!).

Eating Habits: I love, love, love not being hungry all the damn time. My days no longer center around how to manage hunger with mastermind plots of 5-6 small meal a day or lack of concentration because I’m hungry like the wolf. Sure, I still get hungry (that’s my cue that it’s time to eat), but it’s a controlled, non-ravenous kind of hunger. I recently chatted with a reader about what a typical eating day looks like for me. This is what I shared with her based on what I was eating that particular weekday:

  • 8:45am Breakfast: Greenberry Shakeology (made with almond milk and frozen strawberries)
  • Optional mid-morning snacktime: Clementine. I’m not necessarily hungry mid-morning, but fruit is still important.
  • 1:30 pm Lunch: Grilled Veggie sammich with pesto, plus side of sweet potato fries.
  • 4:00 pm Snack: Green tea or half of a P90X protein bar (But not everyday. Some days I’m still full from lunch, so I pass on the snack. I only eat midday snack if I’m truly hungry.)
  • 6:30pm Dinner: Whatever hubby makes – tonight it’s roasted chicken with broccoli.
  • 10:00pm Night snack: Chobani Greek Yogurt or bowl of healthy cereal.

On most weekdays I do skip the morning snack, so I go from 8:45am to 1:30pm without the dire need to chew. This obviously limits my calorie intake for the day. I typically use Shakeology 5 days per week, not 7 days, so my monthly supply actually lasts longer than 30-days.

Gung-ho, Postive Attitude: My Shakeology Experiment page details key info on two Shakeology ingredients for boosting mood and combating depression: Camu Camu and Sacha Inchi. Although information on these natural Peruvian ingredients is interesting, I didn’t feel it pertained to me too much, because I’m already a happy person. But then something happened. I felt compelled to start lifting up others. It was like a motivational fire lit inside that I had to share with the world – and it’s still burning right now. This is evidenced by the non-typical Yum Yucky stuff I started posting about, like It’s Time to Crawl Out of Your Cocoon Now and Do You Have the Balls to Take Action.

Feedback From Peeps About Shakeology

Throughout these 90 days I shared my enthusiasm for Shakeology with a ton of fantastic people via Email, Facebook and Twitter. I also gave out samples. It’s been a fabulous time that will no doubt continue. There are a handful of people (about 15%) who sampled Shakeology and did not like it. But that is totally okay! Is there any food in this world that 100% of all people enjoy? Nope – not one, so I do not that that personally. Some gave feedback of a colon cleansing affect. Many loved the taste, but most prefer Chocolate over Greenberry flavor. Some are now Beachbody coaches on Team Yum Yucky, enjoying their own monthly supplies.

Product pricing is a thorny area with some folks. A 30-day supply is $119.95 for non-coaches and $89.96 for coaches. When I became a Beachbody Coach the pricing felt thorny, indeed. It took me five long weeks to embrace the cost and actually make my first purchase. Yet now, considering the price breakdown, it’s really not all that expensive. Non-coach pricing breaks down to $4/shake. Coach pricing breaks down to $3/shake. It’s so easy to spend that kind of money (or even more) on a crappy meal or Starbucks slurping-fest.

The overall feedback suggests that Shakeology is NOT for everyone, and I do agree. It’s all about deciding what’s right for you, what your needs are and the actions you’re willing to take. Based on the results of my experiment, if you primarily need to lose weight or take control of your eating habits, you need to be doing your own Shakeology experiment. Other areas Shakeology will help with is mood, menopause, sexual dysfunction and cholesterol, to name a few. What’s wonderful about Beachbody is that you can use Shakeology for a full 30 days (use up the ENTIRE bag!) and then request a refund if you aren’t happy with the results. How’s THAT for a money back guarantee?

But as for me? Shakeology is no longer an experiment. It is a lifestyle.

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  1. Carissa says:

    I have been exceedingly curious about shakeology as my husband and I are doing p90x and I know a few beachbody coaches from Sparkpeople. I’m glad to read more good things about it. I may have to try it soon. And I’m amazed at how little you eat all day. But I do understand the idea of battling hunger. Daily occurence over here. My metabolism is a MACHINE. ERRRGGH. Good for you though, congrats on the loss and learning to love new things!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! HOWEVER…I’d like to suggest that you lost the weight BECAUSE you focused on weight training and NOT cardio. I’m a big believer that the metabolic change caused by weight training is far superior to cardio for weight loss.

    By the way, thanks for the chocolate Shakeology sample you sent me. That was pretty darned yummy!
    dragonmamma/naomi recently posted..Routine-Breakers- Month Two Review

  3. JourneyBeyondSurvival says:

    I mean.

    I mean.


  4. Karen says:

    Great results! I found it interesting to see what you eat each day, especially since you are not even hungry for snacks between meals all the time! That never happens to me!
    Karen recently posted..Specifically Speaking

  5. HCGWillpower says:

    Yep your rocking girl. The other night the little guy in his sleep told me I need some green stuff. The Hubby just started to laugh because if he were awake it would most likely be the chocolaty he wants. 
    HCGWillpower recently posted..ONE YEAR AGO I STARTED THIS HCG

  6. skippymom says:

    Nicely done Josie.  Drinking those and eating well Рthat it is awesome that you lost that amount of weight.

    I like smoothies myself – easy ingredients to have on hand [even in the winter] easy to drink, easy on my stomach and healthy for me. I don’t know if they are cheaper – but they are yummy and a difference from yogurt and oatmeal or toast and cereal for breakfast.
    skippymom recently posted..You Pick the Color

  7. Kerri O says:

    LOVE shakeology. Especially the chocolate. mmmmm
    Kerri O recently posted..Fitbook Giveaway!

  8. Very impressive Josie! Question with the less cardio, were your overall calories less per day during this experiment vs. prior & by how many if yes which would lead to weight loss if you were eating fewer calories per day than before the test. Not saying that the feeling you get on Shakeolgy is not worth the benefit.. just curious about the weight loss vs. less cardio. I love that you are feeling so much better! Very cool!

    As for those knees, enjoy them now cause when you get to my age, they do what they want no matter how much you exercise & eat well! Damn this age thing! ūüėČ

    The cost does put me off. I know many that say they pay for food & things like that cause it is worth it & I agree BUT when there are bills & no extra 44, well, we have to sometimes not be able to buy what we really want to. I have been curious about this because you wrote about it & I have actually been contacted by many other Beach Body people to join but I don’t have the dollars right now & the bills got to be paid…

    Very interesting though!
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted..Teach &amp Lead by Example

    • yumyucky says:

      Hey Jody. I was already eating clean before the experiment and barely any sugary crap. Also, I significantly reduced my carbs, including pizza eating before the experiment. So that’s where I was at before I started.

      During the experiment, I soon stopped eating those must-have mid-morning and afternoon snacks because my cravings were finally under control. Snacking was either optional because I felt like being greedy OR because I did a really, really hard workout and listened to my body’s cues to take in extra calories through snacking – but it would snack on something like steamed broccoli or Chobani.

      Due to not getting hungry until later in the day (because of a later lunchtime) I also stopped getting ravenously hungry right after work and no longer felt compelled to eat “a little something” before dinner, which always turned out to be more than I needed – and it was always crap food – always!

      So based on all those factors, I probably shaved 300-400 calories off my day simply from not grazing all day long.

      Shakeology definitely helped control my hunger and cravings, which caused me to eat less, then causing me to lose some weight. And I’m at the point now where my body is so accustomed to eating like am I now, that even if I miss 2 or so days of Shakeology, it’s as if my mind in now trained to stay in control anyway. It’s a great feeling.

      I sincerely understand the “bills got to be paid” thing. As a coach, there is a income generating aspect to it, so if you ever just want to learn more about it (with no pressure to join), I can fill you in on that. Just email me! Both my husband and I are coaches, so that’s TWO Shakeology orders every month, but my monthly earnings exceed the cost of the shakes, so it’s more than covering the cost! :)

  9. Sagan says:

    Awesome review! Shakeology sounds really neat. And I’m so glad that it worked well for you :)

    Giggling about the knees – isn’t it funny how we accumulate (and lose) fat in the weirdest places?
    Sagan recently posted..What’s in your dish liquid giveaway!

  10. charlotte says:

    Ok, this is the third comment I’ve left (your sites hates me today!) so hopefully it doesn’t show up 3 times…. Anyhow, I’m SO interested in this. Esp. in regards to the cravings. Sugar cravings are my downfall and that it helped you with those is huge. Is there anywhere I can get a free trial? Just like 1 day’s worth? Would I be able to see a difference in a day? (me impatient?? Never!) And congrats on the great results!!
    charlotte recently posted..How Far Does a Parents Example Go When It Comes to Food Michelle Obama is not fat!


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