Bikini Body Challenge: I Dare You (and Me) To Do It

manbikini Bikini Body Challenge: I Dare You (and Me) To Do ItVladimir is ready for bikini season. Now it’s your turn.

UPDATE 7/4/11: The Challenge is over! Go here to view my “after” pic and stayed tuned this week for the announcement of the Challenge winner!

I must be half-crazy for deciding to do this, but it starts right now and I dare you to get on board.

If you want to look sexy like Vladimir this summer, you have to start NOW, not in June when all the magazines come out with their “Tone Your Booty for the Beach” articles. Hellooo! It’s too late by then.

You have to start toning and cardioing and abdominaling and eating well right NOW to be bikini ready for summer.


Commit to being bikini-ready by July 1, 2011, but YOU define what bikini-ready means. It can mean getting to an actual bikini, slipping into a one-piece with confidence, or finally heading to the beach in shorts and a tank top instead of covering your entire body while you sweat in the summer heat. Bikini is a very loose term here. But for me? It means an actual bikini. (GASP!)


1) This is about body transformation, NOT weight loss numbers so (no offense), but I don’t care how much you weigh. You will not be asked to report pounds lost, so feel free to abandon your scale during this challenge. Body transformation is what counts!

2) Commit to the challenge simply by leaving a comment, then actually follow through and put in the work to look sexy(er) and transformed by July 1st.


Bonus Commitment: Those who blog about the challenge with a recent picture (no old pictures!) as a point of reference for their soon-to-be body transformation will be entered to win a $200 cash prize (but, eh, I may up the ante later on). And remember to post your blog link in the comments!! The person with the most  ahhh-mazing body transformation gets the prize money. If it’s a close call, I will look to all of you to cast your votes for the most deserving whiner winner. **If you don’t have blog, you can Facebook your commitment or email me a recent pic instead. The “before” pic does NOT have to be taken in a bikini or mankini!

Cash prize winner will be selected within one week of the July 1st deadline.

bbodybutton Bikini Body Challenge: I Dare You (and Me) To Do ItTransforming your body to look great in a pair of jeans is one thing, but actually committing to transforming into bikini shape (remember, a loose term) is an entirely different ballsy game. This challenge is all about discipline, courage, commitment, accountability and finally pushing yourself to get to where you want to be. If you don’t possess those qualities, or aren’t willing to begin developing those qualities right this very second, this challenge is NOT for you.

So, uh, will you do it?

**please use the #bikinibody hashtag while Twittering so I can follow all your escapades. icon wink Bikini Body Challenge: I Dare You (and Me) To Do It


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