Bikini Body Challenge: I Dare You (and Me) To Do It

Vladimir is ready for bikini season. Now it’s your turn.

UPDATE 7/4/11: The Challenge is over! Go here to view my “after” pic and stayed tuned this week for the announcement of the Challenge winner!

I must be half-crazy for deciding to do this, but it starts right now and I dare you to get on board.

If you want to look sexy like Vladimir this summer, you have to start NOW, not in June when all the magazines come out with their “Tone Your Booty for the Beach” articles. Hellooo! It’s too late by then.

You have to start toning and cardioing and abdominaling and eating well right NOW to be bikini ready for summer.


Commit to being bikini-ready by July 1, 2011, but YOU define what bikini-ready means. It can mean getting to an actual bikini, slipping into a one-piece with confidence, or finally heading to the beach in shorts and a tank top instead of covering your entire body while you sweat in the summer heat. Bikini is a very loose term here. But for me? It means an actual bikini. (GASP!)


1) This is about body transformation, NOT weight loss numbers so (no offense), but I don’t care how much you weigh. You will not be asked to report pounds lost, so feel free to abandon your scale during this challenge. Body transformation is what counts!

2) Commit to the challenge simply by leaving a comment, then actually follow through and put in the work to look sexy(er) and transformed by July 1st.


Bonus Commitment: Those who blog about the challenge with a recent picture (no old pictures!) as a point of reference for their soon-to-be body transformation will be entered to win a $200 cash prize (but, eh, I may up the ante later on). And remember to post your blog link in the comments!! The person with the most  ahhh-mazing body transformation gets the prize money. If it’s a close call, I will look to all of you to cast your votes for the most deserving whiner winner. **If you don’t have blog, you can Facebook your commitment or email me a recent pic instead. The “before” pic does NOT have to be taken in a bikini or mankini!

Cash prize winner will be selected within one week of the July 1st deadline.

Transforming your body to look great in a pair of jeans is one thing, but actually committing to transforming into bikini shape (remember, a loose term) is an entirely different ballsy game. This challenge is all about discipline, courage, commitment, accountability and finally pushing yourself to get to where you want to be. If you don’t possess those qualities, or aren’t willing to begin developing those qualities right this very second, this challenge is NOT for you.

So, uh, will you do it?

**please use the #bikinibody hashtag while Twittering so I can follow all your escapades. 😉


  1. OMG!!! I will do this..WOW.. Are you posting the pics??? I am shaking in my boots!!!!, recently posted..Yummy Wednesdays- Cuban Pork Chops!

  2. Kirsten says:

    what is seen, cannot be unseen. * ew *
    😉 great challenge. you go girl!

  3. OKay…so I just blogged about me taking on too many “diet challenges” BUT I LOVE the idea that this one does NOT involve a number on the scale.  I’ve been trying to focus on how I feel and look and wanting to focus on body fat % rather then that dang scale.  So, I am in!  Oh, and I happened to have taken 2 photos Feb 1st so I will send them, or post them on my blog if I get enough courage…
    Lynn~The Learning Curves Blogger recently posted..The Chronicdieter

  4. Count me in!!! I’ve eaten too many sugary carbs and need to tone up the bum, tum and legs.
    Nicci@NiftyEats recently posted..Snow Zombie No More

  5. In! First I need a booty to tone, then I will tone the heck out of it. Before pics will be posted tomorrow! 
    sharlaelizabeth recently posted..I’m moving

    • sharlaelizabeth says:

      Here’s the post:

  6. Reinaldo says:

    I’m in!!! But NOT in a bikini, because that would be… weird. Regular male bathing suite is alright?

  7. D.H. says:

    I actually started this challenge in January!! I decided that Summer 2011 was going to be bikini summer, whether I liked it or not! Which then of course meant that I had to start working out, and I’ve been doing really well.

    Bikini summer, here I come! =]

  8. skippymom says:

    Darling as lovely as this challenge is – and I would love the 200 dollars – my first born son made me ineligible.

    Little beast was almost a nine pounder. Enough said.

    I do look forward to this tho’ for your faithful and will be cheering them all on!! Awesome idea.

    [and you already look hawt in a psuedo bikini – so you too are ineligible. I call!]
    skippymom recently posted..You Pick the Color

    • Natsahs says:

      @skippymom, no excuses!  I had 15 pounds of baby and ballooned to 205 lbs — you can see how I destroyed my body and then destroyed my excuses in this post:

  9. Aiby36 says:

    I’m in!!! I was already planning on this being my bikini summer so the extra motivation is icing on the…. protein bar? I’ll be posting more pictures on my blog next month! 

    Countdown to short skirts, strapless dresses, and bikinis begins TO-day!!! Wohooo! 
    Aiby36 recently posted..Weekend Motivation- Five Random Things

  10. Miz says:

    I love that its about transforming and NOT numbers, yumyuck.
    that said, I still swim in old running shorts and a sports bra so…

    Miz recently posted..Blog Branding

  11. DEBRA says:

    I think I’ll do it. Even though I have no shame and will gladly throw on a bikini now and wonder the beach frightening small children and old men. I figure I don’t know these people so… so what.

    It’s more about keeping that motivation in gear than anything else. Goodbye belly!

  12. Coco says:

    At our old neighborhood pool there was a German man a bit older than Vladimir who wore a speedo. We really did try to cover the children’s eyes.
    Coco recently posted..Dear Blogger

  13. Cool Josie! Well, I have that pic on my blog from my 53rd bday & that is as close as I get to a bikini! I guess my goal is just to maintain this as I age. Since I am in decent shape, it would be hard to compete against those losing pounds & fat.. but like MIz said, I like that it is about the transformation & not the numbers as we all know you can look amazing but the scale weight can be higher! :-)
    Jody – Fit at 53 recently posted..Giveaway – fitbook Go Red-Heart Health! Happy Bday!

  14. Kerri O says:

    OK, I will spend all day trying to get that pic outta my head 😉 
    Kerri O recently posted..Fitbook Giveaway!

  15. Sagan says:

    I’m in!

    I don’t think I’d fit into last year’s bikini very well in my current condition. But four months from now, I will 😀
    Sagan recently posted..What’s in your dish liquid giveaway!

  16. auspisg32 says:

    This photo just turned a few of my hairs white. I will compose myself and read the post now.

  17. umm…first, i want to know HOW you got that picture of me. thaaaat’s right. there are all kindsa things that need to be signed; waivers, affadavids, releases, etc.
    what? which picture? DUH….the one with the ocean and the lovely bikini. sheesh. did you think i meant the one at the top? i’m in. now, if i can just get my wife to let me borrow her bikini…
    “vlad” @boutdrz recently posted..too far- too few

  18. Emma says:

    OMG!!! I am sooo in on this challenge!! I have been kicking butt with my fitness routine, but the eating DEFINITELY needs improvement. This kicked up my motivation into high gear. (please excuse me while I go rinse my eyeballs…)

  19. My eyes are on fire. I can only imagine the other images you were looking at in whatever search you used to find Vladimir.

    Was there text after the photo?
    Ryan @NoMoreBacon recently posted..Random Photos From My Phone

  20. God help me, I think I’m going to do this. Not wearing the mankini, though. Maybe next summer.
    Jeremy Logsdon recently posted..Veggie Dish 8 – Massaged Kale Salad

  21. Tamara says:

    I’ve been trying to get “summer dress ready,” ’cause I live in land-locked Indiana. It’s so refreshing that this challenge doesn’t have anything to do with weight, but is all about making yourself feel better. My goals have nothing to do with weight at all, but I’m trying to get two things by the time I don my sleeveless frocks: toned arms and clear skin!
    Tamara recently posted..25 Things You Dont Care To Know About Me

  22. Jennifer says:

    I’m in! String Bikini by June 1st not July 1st. :)
    Jennifer recently posted..News Update

  23. SOMERSKYS says:


  24. Donna says:

    I’m totally in! I will have to come back and put up a link after I have some time to do a blog post. Thanks for doing this, Josie. You inspire so many.

  25. Dang, girl, that doesn’t seem like much of a challenge for you. You posted pics in your undies not too long ago, and you already looked fantastic.

    I never owned a bikini even when I was young and nubile. I’m afraid my halogen-white skin will blind people.
    dragonmamma/naomi recently posted..Routine-Breakers- Month Two Review

  26. cassie says:

    OMG, i so love this challenge.. but scared to post pics, just had a baby and i’m not sure this body is ready to be seen in a bikini anytime now, but i’m thinking about :-)

  27. GiGi says:

    Hey lady!!! SO I am already in what I like to call my “bikini body” and as a matter of fact I am trying to GET ON THE COVER of FITNESS magazine, but I need your vote!! :) Please, I need all the love I can get and I am not getting ENOUGH cause I am ranked @ #40!!! GRRR! ha ha! The voting ends on Monday (27th) and everyone/anyone can vote EVERY DAY!!!

    But… now that I look @ the pic you have posted with your post… yea um, perhaps he should enter to be on the cover of Fitness magazine too cause he looks FINE! ha ha ha!

  28. Wifey says:

    OK, I’m in! I’ve already challenged myself to be in a bikini by my birthday … does my Project Me post count?


    Winks & Smiles,
    Wifey recently posted..Friday’s Confession- Too Much Fun with My Tutu

  29. KristieB says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this…. but I’m in.
    KristieB recently posted..I Must Like Ugly Food

  30. Tonda says:

    I’m in too! I was just looking for a body challenge so this is just in time! Besides I’m tired of the cover-ups (even tho I have some cute ones) when going out to water parks and what not.
    Tonda recently posted..Internet acronymsGTFOHWTBS

  31. I love, love, love the idea of it not being about weight but transformation. Great idea and challenge. I’m in!

  32. Geosomin says:

    Great idea…I was thinking about this this morning. How my butt is the final fronteir in this operation uberfrau business of mine. Instead of thinking about it – I’m in!Photo eh? Does the “now” photo have to be in a bikini? I am bikiniless…how about some lululemon pants and a cropped top?
    Geosomin recently posted..Brrrr

  33. Rog Law says:

    Rog Law has entered the ring!
    Rog Law recently posted..Why Being Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

  34. I am seriously thinking about joining you….sounds like a great challenge.

  35. Fauxtographer says:

    Okay, I’m in. Sort of. I don’t have a blog in which it would be appropriate to post bikini pics of myself, so I’m in in spirit. My core strength sucks and I figure anything I can do to work on that will probably also help with the belly flab.

    I’m turning the big 3-0 this year, and my goals were to run a 10k and be willing to be seen in public in a bikini by my birthday. I started out strong, but I’ve been slipping over the past two weeks. Thanks for the inspiration to get back into it.

  36. Do you have a thing for guys in thongs?

  37. Kelly O-ski says:

    I’m in, but I’ll probably go the tankini route. haha. Regardless, LET’S DO THIS!

  38. Todd says:

    Oh man, I have to bleach my eyes now that I’ve seen that picture. Thanks, Josie!
    Todd recently posted..Thoughts on Training Like a Powerlifter

  39. angela says:

    Wait? You want a before pic IN a bikini? I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that…. But I plan on transforming my body over the next however long it takes.  

    • yumyucky says:

      LOL! No, woman. Just a regular ‘ole before pic will do. 😉

      • angela says:

        That’s a relief! I’ll work on that. Maybe I can figure out how to get one of those hideous pictures they take of me when I play dance central. 😉

  40. FatFighterTV says:

    Where did you find that picture of the hot Vladimir? Oo la la!
    FatFighterTV recently posted..FatFighterTV highlights from the Arnold Fitness EXPO 2011

  41. angela says:

    Scary. But I’m fully in. Before pic is posted.

  42. Stryker says:

    Count me in. I actually just started the P90X program 3 days ago and tried my first Lemon Lime Crystal Light Pure Fitness during my Plyometrics workout last night. Thats how I came across your site, was looking for more info and saw your post on it. I don’t have a blog but will get one soon and come back and post the link.

    • yumyucky says:

      Hey Stryker! Way to go! Don’t let not having a blog stop you right now. I consider you IN the challenge and will add you to the Bikini Blog Roll. woohoo! But please do link back if/when you get the blog set up. It’ll be awesome to read about your progress. Enjoy the Pure Fitness!! (and those Plyometrics. Oooo)

  43. Hey, I know I’m a late-comer but count me in! I won’t be in ‘bikini’ shape by July 1, but I hope to have lost more weight by then… just gives me more motivation! btw, I’m doing a triathlon July 31 so it will give me more motivation to drop weight before my race!

  44. over a month later and I’m just NOW reading this. D’oh! I haven’t been in a bikini since i was like…7? yea…I don’t know if I’d ever have the confidence to wear a bikini in my adult life…I need a “self-esteem” challenge rather than a body challenge lol. That said, I’ll be joining this challenge in an unofficial way (is that a cop out?) – in other words, I’m all about trying to be in my best and happiest shape and will continue workin’ on it and hoping that by treating myself well I have more confidence by July 1st! And, again, thanks so much for the Bob Harper recommendation! lurve it!
    Annabel @ recently posted..The Runner’s Cult…Revisited

  45. Alex says:

    In.  At 5’11 I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted with little or no weight gain. Not to mention, I possess a healthy appetite and enjoy food–I would say I am a foodie, but am usually very conscientious about what I put in my mouth if it’s savory. But in the past few years, my diet has gone to *the birds*. I try to eat well instead of diet, but am constantly derailed…by sweets and dessert. Ice cream, cookies, cake, candy, you name it. I see it, if I want it, I’ll eat it. If I’m craving, I’ll even make a special late night trip for it. I “need” a sugar fix multiple times per day.

    Also, you can imagine my utter disappointment (or share my experience) in the side effects. I feel as though sugar has aged me.  Also, my metabolism has slowed significantly and it’s been increasingly difficult to lose pounds. I haven’t gained weight, but my inches have increase. My thighs look like supersized drumsticks, covered..and when not…well, cottage cheese lite. They’re absolutely huge. I suspect it’s the sugar. 

    I like my shape and certainly would never want to be a stick insect…but I would like to drop a few before it reaches crisis mode, eat better with more consistency (instead of desperately curbing into cravings) and nix the sugar.   

  46. Clarissa says:

    Ok, you know what? I’m going to do this.
    Clarissa recently posted..Friday 325

  47. Lisa says:

    I’m a little late, but consider me in for this challenge!!

  48. HCGWillpower says:

    So I must be nuts cause I want to do this too.

    Going to take a pic of the saggy tummy flab created from 10 pregnancies and I can tell there are going to have to be a lot of crunches over the next few months since thats where I would want to see tone and change. 

    Maybe I need this push.
    HCGWillpower recently posted..Working on an experiment !!!!!!!

    • yumyucky says:

      Let’s git it crackin’! The more weight I Iose, the saggier the very bottom half of my belly is looking. So in this I have a new challenge – to start accepting the deflated belly with loose skin. (and I just tried Shakeology today with honey in it. It was a little piece of heaven. Delectable.)

  49. Nichole says:

    I’m gonna do it too! Time to bring sexy back 😉

  50. 444Dad says:

    I was going to try the bikini challenge but I was intimidated by Vladimir in that awesome thong. Maybe next year. Good luck to all.


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