Fast Food Evolution to Make The Stomach Grow Flatter

Huh? I said flatter, not FAT-er, so please don’t develop a nervous condition with dry itchy rash and chewed nails.

If your hungry eating is still filled with fast food shenanigans, it’s time to cut that sh!t out. Sure, you might be watching what you eat and keeping the fast food choices to the lower caloric selections, but if you’re really going to make serious strides towards your fitness goals, there comes a time when you’ll have to stop immersing yourself in the fast food murky waters.

It doesn’t matter if a McDonald’s cheeseburger is only 300 calories, or if the Arby’s small curly fries (338 calories) are screaming your name. They’re still a piece of crap.

But I’m not forcing asking you to go cold turkey, here. Even my own fast foodie ways was a transition that evolved. I went from chewing on any kinda fast food imaginable, to selecting the low calorie options only (that’s how the cheat sheets were born), to banning entire restaurants altogether (screw you, Burger King!). Until now? I don’t eat from those places at all, except for the rare event of a Wendy’s sour cream & chive baked potato (320 calories). That’s it.

I’d rather put off lunch than go for fast food if that’s the only option available. Yep. I’ve done it before.

Translation? I’d rather starve (temporarily) than eat fast food immediately.

You will NOT reach your fitness goals if fast food is still infesting your weekly eating habits.

So where are YOU at in your fast food evolution? Is it time for you to re-evaluate the situation and take a few more steps away from fast food? Or have you already conquered that bastard?



  1. KCLAnderson (Karen) says:

    Oh I am so with you on this!! I haven’t eaten such food (well, except for Subway) in YEARS and I tell you that it’s a good part of why I don’t crave crap any more. When you stop eating the processed stuff, you don’t want it any more. And it’s funny how the the chemical taste of this type of food makes you want more…it’s because it really doesn’t taste all that good and so you eat more in some sort of weird hope that you’ll be more satisfied and in the end all you feel is sick.

    • Josie says:

      I’ve been food poisoned by both Taco Bell AND McDonald’s, yet I still kept eating for years.You’re right, Karen. The food really is nasty. You just don’t realize it until its out of your taste buds system. Eeek!

  2. amanda says:

    I don’t eat fast food hardly ever. I seriously don’t even know when the last time I have had McD’s. Anyway, when I do go out to eat I try to make healthier food choices.

  3. I don’t eat fast food at all, unless you count Panera? I remember being so pissed when my parents wouldn’t let us get happy meals as kids. We got them maybe 1-2 times a year. Those were the best days ever. Little did I know… :)

  4. I confess. There are times when I still need to use fast foodedness. Hospital trips for 7 hours. Traveling to family.

    However, lately I’ve returned to my processed ways. Not to the chronic levels I’ve been known to grovel in in the past. Something is going on.

    You pointed me to those higher abstract philosophical ways.

    You also pointed me to a source of that inspiration: Chickadee. Mommahood. Spousedom. I want to be healthy so I can be nicer to them more easily. So I can have better relationships.

    Crap does NOT help me with that. I can do that.

    Thank you your YumYuckiness. I <3 you.

    • Josie says:

      You do have the extra challenges there with the road trips, but just consider that this evolution is really one step at a time. I certainly can’t preach to someone to quit cold turkey when I didn’t do that myself. So maybe if you cut out one fast food stop (and packed) instead of doing 2 stops withing a 7-hour trip, you’re still moving in the right direction.

      I <3 you too!

  5. Brandy says:

    I have pretty much been making the right choices because I can’t afford the bad ones. lol Hopefully when things change for me I will continue with the good habits that I have established.

  6. FatFighterTV says:

    Confession: once in awhile, I will get a bean burrito from Taco Bell. And by once in awhile, I mean maybe once or twice a year. That’s it. Other than that, I really don’t eat fast food.

  7. Madame Cur says:

    I want to say I went cold turkey because when I decided to take control, I cut out so much fast food, but I have had the lighter stuff at Taco Bell a few times. The fresco steak burrito to be exact. I began getting fit 2 years ago and I’ve had that steak burrito maybe 3 times since then. Even in a rush, you don’t have to go with fast food. Now I look for a wal mart or grocery store to buy a piece of fruit and maybe a protein bar or something else healthy. I would love to cut out all the processed stuff, but getting enough protein is a challenge for me and bars do tend to make it into my diet.

  8. Julie says:

    I don’t normally eat fast food, but I have to wonder what really counts as fast food? What about ordering a pizza?
    What about Starbucks? I often feel that the options at Starbucks are not very healthy, and they do have a drive through!

  9. Allywan says:

    I actually don’t eat at fast food restaurants that ofen. It’s been a long while. But I have been known to have chicken nugget cravings.I even liked them before they were all white meat. For shame!

  10. DareToBecome says:

    Another awesome post – I liken eating at fast food restaurants the same as eating out of trash can. In fact, save yourself some money and just go straight for the garbage can.

  11. lisa says:

    i dont eat fast food, either. I havent since middle school. I dont care if its 200 or 400 calories, or “made with real cheese”- it’s still probably CHOCK full of preservatives, fillers and other things id rather not eat. 
    id rather splurge at the Whole Foods Hot Food Bar :)

  12. DAMN I love your attitude. Do delicious, non-chain sandwiches have to be eliminated too?

    • Josie says:

      Hey Laura! Nah, my thinking is pretty much along the lines of the basic nasty-greasy places like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC. Sammich shops, even a local pizza shop I don’t mind. I’m talking more about the big chain offenders that people flock to.

      • @Josie,

        I agree, that stuff is the worst. Once you kick it out of your system for awhile, you realize that not only do you stop craving it, but it really doesn’t even taste that good anymore. Although I can’t lie….a few bites of McDonald’s fries once in a blue moon can be kinda…rebelliously tasty.

        I’m so glad you didn’t banish pizza 😀

  13. Leashieloo says:

    I feel like I’ve conquered that beast. I’ve managed to convince myself that the food they serve is greasy, icky, and overly processed (ahem, McDonalds). When I do end up at a fast food place, I go with salad or Wendy’s and Subway (I’ve convinced myself they are fresh).

  14. Amen to that. Cutting down is the first step. The second step is to avoid whenever possible. Plan ahead, and take food with you–it really helps.

    Josie, did you really censor yourself on your own blog by writing “sh!t”? What’sup with that? hahaha

  15. Josie, I know some of those places have “options” but like you, I don’t eat there no matter what. I usually try to have something with me I can eat if I know I will be out & about but I just don’t eat at FF places & honestly, I don’t trust what goes on behind the scenes!

    • cher says:

      @Jody – Fit at 53, taking the time to prepare things, and keeping them with you is key. when we go grocery shopping, the first thing I do is get out the ziplock baggies and cut/prepare/divide the on-the-go snacks, and with the baby on the way, it’s going to be even more important!

  16. Sheri says:

    I love this article! I just shared it on Facebook, its a must read! I haven’t touched the stuff since 2008 nor do I plan to either.

  17. RickGetsFit says:

    I love the Wendy’s picture. Awesome. You’re right about fast food and how the industry is taking us down. Cheers!

  18. I have not eaten at a McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell or any other fast food place (unless you count Qdoba, Chipotle, Panera, or Jimmy John’s as fast food) in at least 8 years. I too would rather starve (temporarily) than eat anywhere like that. Being a vegetarian has it’s advantages because there are no or next to no options for me at those places anyway. Good for you for making sure that we all understand that even the “low cal” options are still sh!t when it comes to fast food!

  19. Fauxtographer says:

    I don’t eat meat, which means even if I wanted to go to fast food places, they wouldn’t have much to offer. But, I do go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee at least once a week, and sometimes I get a muffin to go with it. I know it’s stupid. Those things have at least 500 calories!

    I also patronize those not-quite-fast-food-but-sorta places like Panera, Chipotle and Subway. Panera actually has some reasonably low-fat, low-cal soups, though, and Chipotle, while certainly not low-cal, does use real food without all the preservatives. They even make an effort to use organic produce. I have to save up calories all day if I think it’s going to be a Chipotle day, but I don’t feel bad about eating there.

    Needless to say, Chipotle burritos and Dunkin Donuts muffins don’t happen on the same day.

  20. cher says:

    I am a sucker for the Taco Del Mar that’s 2 blocks away. I love it, and have to have it at LEAST twice a month. Their slogan is “There’s nothing fast food about it except that it’s FAST and it’s FOOD!” Food is prepared fresh, and right there in front of you. Kind of like the Subway of taco/burrito world!!

  21. Trish @I_am_Succeeding says:

    I am still in the process…but doing better.

  22. Coco says:

    McD’s is still a go-to breakfast place when we are travelling (Egg McMuffin), but I prefer Starbucks (low-fat turkey, bacon and egg sandwich or oatmeal). Otherwise I don’t do fast food either – it just leaves me feeling gross.

  23. Jessie says:

    So true! I ate bucket- and Happy-Meal-shaped-carton-loads of fast food when I was a tot, but I won’t touch most of the traditional fast foods nowadays. I wanna know what’s in the food I eat!

  24. Geosomin says:

    When we travel most fast food places don’t tempt me anymore. I tend to stick to a pita place or a subway. I’d rather whip up something quick myself or have pizza if I have to give in…

  25. I haven’t eaten from a single fast food place since January of last year! Don’t miss it one little bit!

    PS…I seriously love this blog! Soooo funny!

  26. Rob Dyess says:

    Yeah… I will just say that I don’t ALWAYS steer clear, but feel so much better when I do.

    Are wings and beer considered fast food?? Oh, you know what, I think Wendy’s has wings now… but not beer.

    Thanks! Love that sign!!

  27. Sagan says:

    “I’d rather put off lunch than go for fast food if that’s the only option available. Yep. I’ve done it before.

    Translation? I’d rather starve (temporarily) than eat fast food immediately.”

    Me too! Fast food was one of the first things I got rid of when I started my healthy journey a few years ago. That and soft drinks. There’s just no nutritional value in that junk and I found that (for me), I was able to get rid of them fairly easily without too much fuss.

    I sometimes eat other things with next to no nutritional value (chocolate cake! champagne!), but they’re definite treats. And I think it’s important to figure out what you don’t care much about (for me, fast food), and eliminate that so that you CAN occasionally incorporate other things (for me, chocolate cake).

  28. Rog Law says:

    Oh Josie, I love you for this post as it bypasses my heart and speaks straight to my soul! Not many know this, but I used to be a fast food junkie. And I don’t mean “I have a few fries a couple of times a week” junkie, but an “I’ll eat pretty much nothing but fast food for days and weeks on end. This went on for severals years and after several attempts of trying to ween myself off the fast food teet, I followed my own advice, made a decision to stop eating it cold turkey, and have stuck to it ever since. In 4 days I’ll be a month clean completely and I’m never looking back.

  29. That bastard is conquered. It really helps being a vegetarian. My options are limited to fries, soda & iceburg lettuce with various forms of fat on top. Besides, it’s just as fast to go to a grocery store or deli and get a sandwich. My stomach cannot digest fast food anyway. The last 3 times I had it, I would be down for the rest of the day, clutching my stomach and alternating between whining “why me” and berating myself for eating something that I knew would try to destroy me. 

  30. I hate to say it but I’m not anywhere near kicking fast food to the curb. Not that I really WANT it, but when I’m in a bind and need, well, FAST FOOD, I tend to hit the drive-thru. Meh.

  31. I am slowly backing away…down to once a week…lol…Chik Fil A calls my name!

  32. Ashley says:

    Last night, I so did not want to cook (kitchen is a hot mess and I’d have to wash dishes before using them), so hubs and I toyed with the idea of grabbing something from a fast food joint. We both kinda stopped and was like NO EFFIN WAY! We did the dishes and had brinner. MUCH better than fast food :)

  33. Wifey says:

    I can proudly say I’ve ALMOST fully kicked the habit. I rarely eat anything fast food unless I feel like I might eat one of my children instead. Seriously, I’m much better about planning so I don’t find myself caught out there in the fast food line. It’s made a HUGE difference in my waistline.

    Winks & Smiles,

  34. Lisa says:

    Why, why, why, did an old childhood friend call me a couple of weeks ago FROM A FAST FOOD DRIVE THRU, to tell me that she got gastric bypass, and continued to explain that she can still eat McD’s as long as she gets a kids meal and cuts the burger into quarters? WTF? I am NOT making this up!!

  35. soul + food says:

    I have to shamefully admit that I’ve been in the Wendys drive thru a couple times during the fast few weeks…I know its bad for me, but I’m trying to shake my chicken club sandwich addiction – pray for me.

  36. merri says:

    Yes, I would rather just go hungry than eat fast food as well. Its gross and makes me feel gross. I used to eat a ton of it at one point in my life when I was poor & drank a lot lol, but as soon as I quit I could never go back! I cheated on my fast food rule in feb to try the fabled in and out burger/fries & get a full california experience, back in feb and was NOT impressed. And I still felt blah tummy ache after. I’d rather have a real burger from a real place. But ya, ever since I read fast food nation and saw super size me, maybe five yrs ago ish, I stopped eating this stuff and never looked back!


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