Lame Excuse Awareness Week

Look at poor Nicole. She can’t workout today because……

  • Her goose giblets are on the stove and require careful cooking.
  • She deserves a third nap before the kids gets home.
  • The corn on her picky toe is acting up again.
  • Husband will be home in an hour. She can’t let ’em see her sweat.
  • Her rollers are not properly anchored to her skull.
  • She  has an appointment with Ben & Jerry.

What lame excuses have YOU used to NOT workout (even if it was yesterday)? How did you overcome it?

Don’t be Lame. If you REALLY can’t workout, let it be for a very good reason. Make it a good week.



  1. hahah i love your caption “look at poor nicole..”

    my excuses usually go something like “well my ive been in my pjs all day, i guess there’s no point in getting out of them to go run when it’s already 6pm”

  2. tj says:

    Love it! I got no excuses! I went to the pool today & got my workout on! :)

  3. oh nicole….get up off that chair!

    My most recent lame excuse? I needed to catch up on my blogging. (Yes, the irony since I write a fitness blog)

    Thanks for the kick in the pants Nicole—I’m not going to let that happen again! :)

  4. Reinaldo says:

    My excuse is always “I slept too little, one day off wont do me no harm”

  5. hahaha…I found many excuses for myself. The top is “looks like cloudy out there, better stay at home…”

  6. Marisa says:

    My favourite excuse – I deserve to rest after a day at work. :-)

  7. Miz says:

    you know me :)
    I ok with the workingout it just seems lately the REST OF MY LIFE is fraught with excuses….

  8. It’s raining. I’m tired. I have too much to do.

    Hmm…I still use these excuses…lol.

  9. I didn’t work out two days in a row last week! GASP! But I was a sickyface (as my dad would say!)

  10. Kevin says:

    My lame excuse is that I haven’t been sleeping lately because of stress. I am so exhausted from lack of sleep that I can’t drag myself outside to exercise. Of course, exercising would probably help me sleep so the excuse is even more lame than most.

  11. She-Fit says:

    Love the pictures :)
    My excuse is always that I have to be up at 4:30 and I just worked a 12 hour shift… no time for a workout. I just started a workout class that doesn’t let me go home so it makes it easier to get to the gym after work.

  12. Erin says:

    I got doctors orders now. I’ll miss working out but if I have to sit on my ass for the health of my baby I guess I can manage for a month.

  13. Hungry Jenny says:

    I went for a shorter run than usual this morning because I wanted to have enough time to wash and dry my hair properly before work! Hungry Jenny x

  14. LaShaune says:

    Cute. My lame-ass excuse was yesterday (actually it’s a two-fer). I didn’t go to the gym because I just got a puppy over the weekend and had to leave her couped up all day while I was at work. So I didn’t feel good about leaving her again for an hour. Plus, the thunder was really loud and I hate driving in torrential downpours (it never did rain until well after I went to bed).

    But in my defense, I did do 21s, lat and front raises, and triceps at work on my break!

  15. Ha ha!!! Well said. There’s always an excuse, isn’t there?

  16. Eunice says:

    My latest excuse (this morning): Shaun T kicked my booty last night. Can’t move. Need sleep. Snooze.

  17. Joe says:

    I freakin love Goose Giblets. Best excuse for not running: The wind may give me an ear ache.

  18. Josie, you know me.. I never make an excuse not to exercise. I love the feeling of accomplishment & I LOVE muscles! :-)

  19. Katherine says:

    OK, yesterday. I will admit. “It’s raining and I don’t want to get struck by lightening!” OK in my defense, the day BEFORE that a woman IN OUR AREA was walking in the rain and got struck by lightening. But I would have done something in the house. I sure made up for it today though with a big workout!

  20. merri says:

    My excuses for skipping a workout are never lame to me.. I only skip if I think I have a good reason. Tuesday I skipped because it was my best friend’s birthday and I had to bake him a cake and go to his birthday dinner. I find that definitely un-lame. I guess the lamest thing is that I don’t work out on weekends at all. I don’t even think to schedule the time. Because weekends are for rest and fun. So I guess that’s sorta lazy and lame of me.

  21. Is that Lazywear she’s donning? LMFAO! 


    My excuse, I will do it tomorrow. LOL..

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