60-Second Video: Man Cleans Car Battery With Coca-Cola

Losing the soda is a quick way to drop some poundage. But, ohhh! Look what it can do for your car battery! And for all you diet soda drinkers who gulp without caloric-guilt, I’m sure “diet” would clean this battery just as well.

Thanks to @MichelleMyers24 for sharing this video link on Twitter.


  1. crap.
    I’m drinking diet pepsi right now.

    (and yet I still can’t stop!)


  2. Erin says:

    That is the MOST. DISGUSTING. THING. EVER. I saw this on Twitter a little bit ago and I retweeted it…

  3. amanda says:

    This is funny because when I was in the army and my coveralls were all greased up due to having to lube my truck all day. Anyway, I was told to dump a 2L of coke in my washing machine and wash the coveralls and than launder as normal. And it seriously worked and was gross. However, I will still drink the stuff just not as much as I did before.

  4. Angelia Sims says:

    I heard it cleans the toilet too. Thank GAWD he didn’t film that. :-O Have a coke and a smile. LOL.

  5. freak4fitness says:

    Great eye opening post. After a “victem” of too many caveties due to DIET SODA I give this post an A++++++++++++. Soda is awful stuff and doesn’t do anyone any good!

  6. Someone actually recently recommended I do this! My battery is corroding, so I was using some wire brush to scrape off the corrosion…and someone was like, just pour Coke on it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. I read about this a while back along with many other things Coke does… glad I don’t put it in my bod!

  8. Cyberpenguin says:

    Just one of the reasons I don’t drink soda. LOL.

  9. merri says:

    I used to work at dunkin donuts, and when I was training, do you know what they told us to use to clean the coffee burners, etc? mountain dew. And it WORKED! Pour a little on and it cleaned everything right away, all bubbly! I told that story to my friend the day before yesterday when I saw him drinking some..if it does that to metal and machinery what is it doing to your insides? Glad I don’t drink soda!


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