The Calorie Game: Peanut M&M's Rewards System

  • Four weeks ago I was Peanut M&M-free.
  • Three weeks ago I ate Peanut M&M's at the movies.
  • Two weeks ago I ate a Peanut M&M's at work.
  • One week ago I ate another pack at work. Huh?
  • Then today I bought MORE.

I was just about to inhale this latest package when the reasonable part of my brain came alive to inform me that a greedy habit was brewing. 

I could (A) keep feeding the habit in it's pubescent stage until it was a full grown monster, or I could (B) not eat anymore and wither away in temptation.

But I didn't do either. I concocted a way to get my Peanut M&M's to love me back.

How to Eat Candy Guilt Free

I'm like a canine who does tricks for doggy snacks. And I'm all about the office stairwell climb. Today I climbed a high a record high 1,200 steps in one work day. I conquered this feat in 4 sets of 300 stairs (it only takes a few minutes).

So here's the Reward. Every time I conquered 200 steps, I earned one doggy snack Peanut M&M.    

1,200 steps climbed = 6 M&M's into my Food Trap. This is way better than eating the entire 250 calorie package.

I found a way to practice moderation and squash a potential M&M's addiction. And the stairwell climb had me breathing harder than I did on my last run from the police.

Do YOU have a greedy habit brewing? Whatcha gonna do about it?


  1. […]      If you take the findings of this study to its extreme conclusion, between American Idol, Youtube and World of Warcraft, we are all gonna die! But it doesn’t have to be that way at all. As long as you have at least once functioning limb, there are always options for movement, even during a busy work schedule. Take for instance my friend Josie who, instead of sitting down all day while on the job, took to the stairwell throughout the day to repeatedly show them who the boss was. You can check out her hilarious telling of this account here. […]

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