Beware the Time Squashers


Never mind the crappy camera phone quality. Greedy Baby’s plastic-bowl-on-head snarkyness speaks loud and clear. She is the proud & official spokesperson for EVERYTHING that screws with your fitness routine.

Greedy Baby is a Time Squasher.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Greedy Baby of your own. It’s whatever time-squashes your quest for fitness and tempts you to say, “to hell with it!” out of sheer frustration.

But be careful. Attempts to manage your Time Squashers to fit in fitness versus hanging on lazy excuses is totally different.

Josie’s (real) Time Squasher scenario:

Five-minutes into Josie’s morning workout, Greedy Baby wakes up way ahead of schedule with irritating shrieks and demands for juice. Josie should:

A) Ignore Baby ’cause it’s too early to be shrieking like that.

B) Tend to child’s needs & get back to exercising, even if there’s only 15 minutes to spare.

C) Say, “screw it!”, then bitch a lot and eat large cookies for snack.

D) Ditch the morning workout, then do something alternative, like office stairwell climbing.

If you picked A, B, C or D, Josie has done them all, but I only ignored the Shrieker for like 2 minutes. I swear it.

Choices B and D are obviously correct. Squeeze in the workout with what time you have or find another way to make it work. Still, some days it just doesn’t work out at all; there’s too much crap going on, and that’s normal, because that’s life.

Stay in control and manage your Time Squashers well. Otherwise, the Squashers will morph into lazy excuses you’ll rest your azz on.

As for those office stairwell steps, my all-time records is 1,082 steps climbed in one day.

Give us some tips. How do YOU manage your Time Squashers?

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